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No Event? No Problem: The Power of Grassroots Fundraising
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No Event? No Problem: The Power of Grassroots Fundraising


Published on

This webinar features new and innovative ways to raise money through grassroots fundraising. …

This webinar features new and innovative ways to raise money through grassroots fundraising.

In this free interactive webinar, you will learn about:

- Proven fundraising methods outside official events

- Easy ways to attract new donors by tapping into your supporters' existing networks

- Methods used by YMCA Metropolitan Dallas to raise thousands online.

Guest speaker: Sharon Bradley, Camp Grady Spruce, YMCA Metropolitan Dallas

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. Welcome to Firstgiving’s Webinar
    • The webinar will begin shortly
    • Please be sure you are able to hear audio
      • Call: (616) 883-8055
      • Access code: 597-456-616
    If you are having any trouble with the above number, please call 888-387-8686 Enter 1935301 and press #
  • 2. Presented by: Susannah Richardson, Firstgiving Hannah Greenfield, Firstgiving Sharon Bradley, YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas No Event? No Problem: The Power of Grassroots Fundraising Call: (616) 883-8055 Access code: 597-456-616
  • 3. Agenda
    • Person-to-person online fundraising
    • What is grassroots fundraising?
    • YMCA case study
    • How to implement
    • Demonstration
    • Firstgiving account types
      • Call: (616) 883-8055 Access code: 597-456-616
  • 4. What is Person-to-Person Fundraising? Potential Donors
    • Your supporters making personalized appeals to friends and family for your cause
    • Allowing your supporters to leverage their social network to make a difference
    • Giving power to the people who want to do more than make a simple donation
    • Call: (616) 883-8055 Access code: 597-456-616
    Your Supporters Your Nonprofit
  • 5. What is a Fundraising Page?
    • It puts a face to your nonprofit organization
    • Eliminates “fear of asking”
    • Convenient : give by credit or debit card
    • Fun for the individual!
    • Automatically generates donation receipt , for tax purposes
    Progress thermometer Personal appeal Donations and comments
  • 6. Donors Give and Leave a Comment “ Good luck with your recovery, I admire you more than you know!!!” “Glad to help! H.S. classmate of your dad.” “I am so proud of you!” “ Better late than never” “You are an inspiration” “ We can all help in some small way”
  • 7. What is Grassroots Fundraising?
    • Grassroots Movement*:
    • driven by the constituents
    • natural and spontaneous
    • focus on community
    • raising money through small donors
    • cost effective
  • 8. How Does it Work?
    • Grassroots fundraising is like a modern-day chain letter
      • After created, appeals are passed on again and again by email, blogs, social networks, and more
  • 9. Fact #1: This Applies to You!
    • Ignoring it is like leaving money on the table
      • It gets your organization in touch with people you can’t easily reach in other ways
    • Your supporters want to help, they may just not know what’s available
      • Grassroots efforts help your cause as much, if not more, than donating, volunteering, etc.
    • Less emphasis on monetary size
      • Instead of chasing and fighting over big donors, get support from a variety of small donors
  • 10. Fact #2: Expand Your Donor Database
    • By definition, grassroots efforts spread your cause to new audiences
    • Your supporters ask their networks for you
    • Free advertising
    • Grassroots = more donors
  • 11. #3: Every Dollar Counts Example: Pixie’s Page has already raised over $30,000 Breakdown of last 100 donations by amount: Note: 88% of donations were $25 or less!
  • 12.
    • Fundraising for Camp Grady Spruce with Firstgiving
    • Sharon Bradley May 2008
    Please welcome Sharon Bradley
  • 13. What is Camp Grady Spruce?
    • Branch of the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas.
    • Has a 70 year legacy as THE residential camp for the Dallas YMCA.
    • Year-round Offerings:
      • Summer Camp
      • Outdoor Education
      • Conferences
      • Retreats
      • Teambuilding for families, churches, businesses and Y-Guides
    • Mission: To deliver exceptional outdoor programs that inspire, build and strengthen relationships with God, His creation and each other.
  • 14. My Roles With CGS
    • Then (70s/80s)
      • 2 nd Generation Camper
      • Summer Staff
    • Now
      • Board of Management (Volunteer)
      • Partners’ Campaign chairperson on the Rainmaker Fundraising Committee
  • 15. Goals for Online Fundraising for 1Q-08
    • Expand online fundraising as a new tool to accompany the traditional person-to-person, snail mail, phone call and e-mail fundraising tools.
      • Above provided by our 118 year old city-wide organization with approximately 25 branches
    • Encourage a handful of established campaigners to use Firstgiving pages and provide feedback
  • 16. Why’d we chose Firstgiving?
    • Individual fundraisers create their own pages, tell their own stories and manage their own donor relationships
      • Our campaign is based on approximately 100 volunteers raising between $500 - $20k each.
      • Firstgiving’s individual fundraiser pages were a perfect fit for the way our association traditionally manages our campaign
    • Reasonably priced
      • Firstgiving’s pricing fit within our budget
    • Teams
      • Our fundraisers are broken into 3 teams to stimulate friendly competition.
      • Firstgiving supported this concept “to a T”
    • Portable data
    • Customer Service
      • Responsive, courteous, professional
  • 17. 2008 Results to Date
    • Money Raised $13,320
    • Average Gift $140
    • # of Donations 94
    • # of Active Fundraising Pages 13
    • # of First Time Donors 39
    • # of Prior year Donors 28
    • # of Increased gifts from 21 Prior year Donors
  • 18. Grassroots in Action: Making Lemonade out of Lemons
    • At the family’s request, a page was established to collect memorials in honor of our friend and former staff member, Scott Woodle
    • $3,500 has been raised to date
    • Met the instantaneous need of people to “do something now” to honor him
  • 19. Thank you, Sharon!
    • Next:
    • How to Implement Grassroots Fundraising
  • 20. Tip: Give Ideas
    • Give supporters reasons to make pages so they find one that’s right for them
      • Start an appeal
        • e.g. 2008 fund for new equipment, send Tim to summer camp
      • Anniversaries/Milestones
        • e.g. The day you were diagnosed or officially disease-free, the day you adopted your dog
      • In memory/In honor
        • e.g. In memory of my best friend, please donate to cancer research
      • Awareness months
        • e.g. April is autism awareness month
  • 21. More Ideas!
      • In lieu of birthday or wedding gifts
        • Instead of birthday gifts, please help me celebrate by donating to my favorite cause
      • Local events
        • Encourage people to fundraise for you online when participating in events: e.g. walkathons, marathons or 5ks
      • Organize an office casual day
        • Coordinate with your office so donors may wear jeans for the day
  • 22. Tip: Lead by Example
    • Familiarize yourself with the tools and make your own fundraising page
    • Start a staff competition to see who can raise the most
    • Ask each board member to set up a page as part of your annual appeal
  • 23. Tip: Make the Commitment
    • If you don’t adopt it, neither will your supporters!
      • Give clear directions and multiple ideas
      • Promote on your website and all correspondence
  • 24. Tip: Hold a Virtual Event
    • Treat it like a regular event!
      • Registration
      • Teams
      • Competition and prizes
    Note: all above virtual events hosted by Firstgiving!
  • 25. Tip: Give a Timeframe
    • When there’s no deadline, it’s easy to procrastinate
    • Everyone is used to end dates—fundraising is no exception
    • Instigate a countdown to evoke a sense of urgency
  • 26. Tip: Give Your Supporters Multiple Calls to Action
    • Tell ‘em, tell ‘em, and tell ‘em again!
    • Supporters can…
    • Make a fundraising page and collect donations
    • Donate to the fundraising page made by you (the nonprofit)
    • Forward the page on to others
      • The internet is viral—make the most of it and ask everyone to forward it, post it on their blog, etc.
      • If people can’t donate, they can still help by forwarding the page on to friends and family
  • 27. Next: Demo The Firstgiving Experience
  • 28. Cost
    • Creating a fundraising page and making a donation are free
    • We deduct a 7.35% transaction fee from donations
    • Credit card processing charges are included in fee
  • 29. Example Start Pages Premium Start Page: Start Page:
  • 30. Firstgiving Nonprofit Accounts
    • Nonprofit Account
    • Cost: Free
    • Start Page
    • Unlimited fundraising pages
    • Online reports: fundraiser and donor contact details
    • Premium Nonprofit Account
    • Cost: $300/annually
    • Branded Start Page
      • Branded fundraising pages with your logos and banner
    • Includes:
      • Event registration
      • Event reports
      • Team functionality
  • 31. Premium Start Page Organization and/or event description Total raised online Easy call to action for fundraisers Your banner Top Teams Top Fundraisers Nonprofit Resource Center Up to 3 custom Images
  • 32.
    • Interested in learning more?
      • Visit our website
      • Sign up for a nonprofit account today
      • Email [email_address]
    Thank You For Joining Us