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FirstGiving Fundraising Bootcamp week 3

FirstGiving Fundraising Bootcamp week 3






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    FirstGiving Fundraising Bootcamp week 3 FirstGiving Fundraising Bootcamp week 3 Presentation Transcript

    • FirstGiving    Fundraising  Bootcamp:  Week  3     Presented  by  Debra  Askanase,     Community  Organizer  2.0  
    • How this webinar works •  A link to the slides and a recording will be sent after the webinar•  If you’d like to ask a question during the webinar, you can type it in the box on the right side of your screen•  Use the hashtag #fgwebinars to tweet about this webinar
    • FirstGiving: Online Fundraising Solutions Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages and Event Registrations Online Direct Donations Personal Support for your nonprofit, donors, and fundraisers Easy, tested, and secure transaction processes for the donor
    • About  the  Presenter  Debra  Askanase,  @askdebra  Digital  Engagement  Strategist  Community  Organizer  2.0  hFp://communityorganizer20.com  debra@communityorganizer20.com  
    • Fundraising  Bootcamp:  Overview  Fundraising  bootcamp:  what’s  it  all  about   -­‐  Four  weeks  of  discussion,  learning,  and  tesMng:   -­‐  The  donate  now  buFon   -­‐  The  fundraising  landing  page   -­‐  Driving  donors  to  the  website   -­‐  The  plan  for  Giving  Tuesday!  Plus…  Answering  your  quesMons  Peer-­‐supported  Facebook  Group  (lots  of  discussion!)  hFps://www.facebook.com/groups/337397103024397/  Follow-­‐up  videos  and  content  
    • Online  Fundraising  for  Nonprofits:   Facebook  Group     Join  the  group!   hFps://www.facebook.com/groups/337397103024397/     Purpose:  discuss  your  challenges,  share   successes,  ask  quesMons  online  fundraising    
    • Week  3:  Driving  donors   to  your  giving  page!   Brief  review  of  weeks  1  and  2   6  steps  for  driving  donors  to  your  website   What  is  your  biggest  success  thus  far?   Check-­‐in  on  Giving  Tuesday  projects      
    • Week  1  review:    DonaIon  BuJon  
    • DonaIons  through  Facebook:    hFp://donatetab.firstgiving.com/  
    • Week  2  review:    OpImizing  Landing  Pages  
    • OpImized,  and  always  1-­‐click  away  
    • Types  of  donaMons    
    • Show  impact,  preferred     type  of  donaMon  
    • Most  direct  donors  give  in  $25,  $50,   and  $100  amounts   Total  number  of  direct  donaIons   35%   top  3  donaMon  amounts   other  donaMon  amounts   65%  
    • Breakdown  of  common  donaMon   amounts  from  $101  to  $1,000   DonaIons  $101  -­‐  $1,000    16000  14000  12000  10000   8000   2007   6000   2008   4000   2009   2000   2010   0  
    • Giving  amounts  based  on  what  you   need  
    • DonaMon  amount  takeaways  •  Encourage  fundraisers  to  ask  for  specific   donaMon  amounts  of  $25,  $50,  and  $100    •  Consider  secng  up  projects  that  can  be   funded  for  these  amounts  ($50  buys  a  week’s   worth  of  food  for  one  person)  •  Don’t  be  afraid  to  ask  for  higher  amounts:   $200  is  the  most  popular  amount  over  $100  
    • Bootcamp  Challenge   Polls  1.  Are  you  running  a  Giving  Tuesday  campaign?  What  is  it?  2.  Have  you  made  any  changes  to  your  online  giving  buFon,   or  donaMon  page,  as  a  result  of  this  bootcamp  series?      
    • Most  common  quesIons  from  YOU   -­‐What  is  Giving  Tuesday  and  what  is  FirstGiving  doing  for  it?*   -­‐How  do  you  opMmize  the  donate  buFon,  page,  and  giving   levels?*   -­‐Is  there  a  way  to  donate  through  Facebook?*   -­‐How  should  we  effecMvely  drive  donors  to  the  website  to   donate?*   -­‐What  is  the  best  way  to  drive  donors  to  make  donaMons?   -­‐How  many  Mmes  should  you  ask  for  donaMons?*        
    • Driving  Donors  to  your  site:  6  steps  
    • Step  1:  Develop  your  assets  •  Grow  your  email  list  •  IdenMfy  one  to  two  social  media  spaces  and   nurture  fans  in  those  spaces  •  IdenMfy  your  online  and  offline  superfans  and   plan  to  culMvate  them  •  Assess  your  email  communicaMons  –  are  they   effecMve?  
    • Step  2:  Build  relaMonships  with  fans  one  by   one   Importance of identifying key action takers and influencers online http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/5330/Lead-Nurturing-Lessons-from-the- eNonprofit-Benchmarks-Study.aspx
    • Step  3:  Create  an  online  donaMon   campaign  plan  
    • Your  online  donaMon  plan  •  Set  a  goal  for  the  number  of  donaMons,  types   of  donaMons,  total  amount,  number  of  new  vs.   returning  donors  •  Crak  the  story  •  Develop  the  communicaMons  strategy  (iniMal,   campaign,  post-­‐campaign/donaMon)  •  Cross-­‐promoMon  •  Start  talking  about  your  campaign  3  months   ahead  of  Mme    
    • Step  4:  Crak  the  story  
    • Step  5:  Cross-­‐promote:  socially  
    • Use  Facebook  to  promote,  do  it   engagingly  
    • Email  +  social  sharing  =  higher  CTRs  Study  from  GetResponse:    “NewsleFers  that  included  social  sharing  buFons…had  an  average  click-­‐through-­‐rate  (CTR)  115%  higher.”   hFp://blog.getresponse.com/social-­‐sharing-­‐boosts-­‐email-­‐ctr-­‐up-­‐to-­‐115.html  
    • CTRs  for  emails  shared  on  social   networks  
    • Fundraisers  using  social  media  raise   more:  40%  increase  
    • Email  +  social  takeaways  •  Use  social  media  sharing  icons  in  your  email   messages  and  calls  to  acMon  •  Enable  donors  to  share  their  donaMons   socially  •  Encourage  social  sharing  of  the  online   campaign  
    • Step  6:  Thank  your  donors  >>    Front  Row  FoundaMon  
    • Donor  thank-­‐you  ideas  •  Personalized  thank-­‐you  notes  (think  hand-­‐ wriFen!)  •  Segmented  email  thank  you  •  Shout-­‐outs  in  your  social  spaces  •  Create  a  thank-­‐you  tab  on  Facebook  •  Create  a  thank-­‐you  video:  hFp:// www.youtube.com/user/charitywaterthanks  •  Pick  up  the  phone  
    • Orchids  of  Light:  Team  Camino   hFp://orchidsoflight.org/the-­‐ odd-­‐couple-­‐team-­‐camino/  
    • Pucng  it  all  together:  Orchids  of  Light   www.orchidsoflight.org  •  Raised  $20,000  in  small  donaMons  in  first  9   months,  35%  of  it  online  •  Developed  3  specific  campaigns,  each  with  a   story  •  Have  about  100  engaged  sponsors  (called   “roots”)  •  To  date,  relaMonship-­‐based  giving  •  A  LOT  of  cross-­‐promoMon  on  social  media  
    • Orchids  of  Light:  Giving  Tuesday  
    • Orchids  #GivingTuesday  projects  
    • Orchids  of  Light:  Giving  Tuesday  
    • GivingTuesday.org  
    • Week  4:  It’s  all   about  YOU!  Brief  review  of  weeks  1,  2,  &  3  How  many  Mmes  should  you  ask  for  donaMons?    Bootcamp  stories:      -­‐  what  you  put  into  acMon    -­‐  what  you  sMll  want  to  learn  Report-­‐backs  from  your  Giving  Tuesday  campaigns      
    • Week  4  Bootcamp   Challenges  –  share   your  story:  1.  Have  you  made  any  changes  to  your  online  giving  buFon,  or   donaMon  page,  as  a  result  of  this  bootcamp  series?    Post  to  the  Facebook  Group  what  you’ve  changes  or    opMmized  as  a  result  of  this  bootcamp  series  –  add  photos,    links,  before/aker  photos.    2.  What  did  you  do  for  #GivingTuesday?   Share  your  GivingTuesday  project  to  the  FB  group.  Be  sure  to   include  a  link,  what  you  did,  and  share  how  it  went!          
    • Connect with us through our social communities! Facebook: facebook.com/firstgiving Twitter: @FirstGiving Online Fundraising blog: http://blog.firstgiving.comOnline Fundraising for Nonprofits Facebook Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/337397103024397/
    • Thank you! Interested in learning more about FirstGiving? Contact: sales@firstgiving.comNonprofit customer of FirstGiving with questions? Contact: nonprofits@firstgiving.com