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  • According to the Millennial Impact report
  • Setting up your page: blog post: http://blog.firstgiving.com/back-to-basics-how-to-set-up-a-facebook-fan-page-for-your-nonprofit/
  • -Provide fundraising information within your registrant packets.-Waive the registration fee if an enforced fundraising minimum is reached.-Provide incentives, like free T-shirts or guaranteed numbers in a race to top fundraisers.-If your organization uses FirstGiving’s online event registration, we’ve done the work for you! We guarantee 60% of your registrants will fundraise.
  • These should be present on your nonprofit website as well as your nonprofit fundraising pagehttp://blog.firstgiving.com/10-must-haves-for-your-nonprofits-fundraising-page/ (follow up content)
  • Between 2007 and 2010, fundraisers who created their own grassroots fundraising pages on FirstGiving received higher average donations than those who participated in official nonprofit events. Grassroots fundraisers are tailored to the passion and energy of the individual fundraisers, which, are more likely to inspire friends, family members and colleagues to give more. All of this because of the personal nature of the donation appeal.
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    1. 1. 5 Ways to Expand Your Network of Fundraisers and Donors Presented by FirstGiving’s Joseph LoPresti Sales Executive
    2. 2. Who is FirstGiving?
    3. 3. Online Fundraising Solutions Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages and Event Registrations Online Direct Donations Personal Support for your nonprofit, donors, and fundraisers Easy, tested, and secure transaction processes for the donor
    4. 4. Email Messaging Facebook Branding Event RegistrationGrassroots Fundraising
    5. 5. Email is the most effective way for you and your fundraisers to ask for donations.
    6. 6. 3 Steps to a Successful Email Campaign
    7. 7. Email Messaging Step 1: Identify what type of email you want to send Event Fundraising Donation/ Thank you post Post eventAnnouncement Update Fundraising Ask donation/event donation ask
    8. 8. Email Messaging Step 2: Identify your network and segment your audience Extended Friends Family Colleagues Networks 1st time donors/ Long-time Annual Event Grassroots fundraisers fundraisers Donors Participants fundraisers
    9. 9. Email Messaging Step 3: Compose your email 350 words Donation Contact/Event Personalize Video/Pictures or less options information
    10. 10. Online Email Tools
    11. 11. Social media fundraising is the future.Your nonprofit needs a presence on Facebook.
    12. 12. Nurture your Millennials Donors between 18-30 92% of past donors “liked” Nonprofit’s Facebook page 2/3 interact with Nonprofit on Facebook regularly The Millennial Impact Report
    13. 13. Set up your Nonprofit Facebook Page.
    14. 14. Make it unique.
    15. 15. Make good use of your cover photo.
    16. 16. Engage with your fans.
    17. 17. Timing is everything. Morning Lunch Evening/Late Night 4:30-6pm 8-9am 12-1pm 9:30-11pm
    18. 18. Take donations directly on yourNonprofit Facebook page.
    19. 19. Turn your event participants intofundraisers during registration.
    20. 20. 60% of event registrants choose to fundraise for theevent in which they are participating on FirstGiving. “But how?” -Provide fundraising packets -Enforce minimums and waive registration fees -Offer incentive to top fundraisers
    21. 21. Benefits of online registration • Save time on event day with pre-registration • Easily collect and access contact info and answers to custom registration questions online • Export data into Excel to import into your donor database • Allow the option to register offline
    22. 22. Online event registration on FirstGiving.
    23. 23. Coming soon: Embedded Registration
    24. 24. Coming soon: Embedded Registration
    25. 25. Your cause is your brand.Keep it consistent.
    26. 26. 10 must haves for your brand. Logo, Donation and brand theme fundraising options Mission Thank you Statement messages Captivating Email messaging photos strategy Storytelling Social media video presence Personal story Clear contact or connection information
    27. 27. Incorporate imagery that represents yourbrand and mission.
    28. 28. Be creative.
    29. 29. Customize.
    30. 30. You don’t need a fundraising event toFundraise online.
    31. 31. Grassroots fundraisers receive higher donationsthan those fundraising for an official event.
    32. 32. Weddings, anniversaries, christenings, and treksreceive the highest average donations.
    33. 33. Weddings, anniversaries, christenings, and treksreceive the highest average donations.
    34. 34. Chris Snell fundraised for his 150 milerun across the Sahara desert.
    35. 35. Howard Kreiwitz fundraised in memory ofhis father, Jack.
    36. 36. Email Messaging Facebook Branding Event RegistrationGrassroots Fundraising
    37. 37. Questions?
    38. 38. Be a part of the FirstGiving Community Facebook: facebook.com/firstgiving Twitter: @firstgiving Online Fundraising blog: http://blog.firstgiving.com
    39. 39. Interested in learning more about FirstGiving?Contact our Online Fundraising Consultants: Email: sales@firstgiving.com Telephone: 617-542-0010 x 4