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Capitalizing on End of Year Giving: Strategies for Ending 2011 on a High Note
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Capitalizing on End of Year Giving: Strategies for Ending 2011 on a High Note


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  • “Raising funds online is not about technology, any more than raising funds through the mail is about paper” -- NFG Online Giving StudyGiving – whether online or offline – is about relationships
  • And that doesn’t start in Dec or Nov or even Oct. You make the most of December starting in January – with year-round engagement and cultivation So, Depending on donor relations work so far this year, you’ve either got a lot of catching up to do or you’ve already started laying the groundwork for a strong EOY campaign
  • Even if you haven’t started getting ready for EOY fundraising push, you’ve still got time to prepare. But you’ve got to start now!Because it takes months of list building, donor relations, testing, and evaluating your results to make the most of your year-end fundraising push.So the earlier you start, the better. And if there are recommendations in this webinar that you aren’t able to implement this year, think about making them part of your plan for next year.
  • When we talk about online giving, we’re talking about more than online transactions. We’re talking about everything you do online that results in people giving (or not giving) – whether they end up giving that gift by mail, phone, online, whatever... So, all these strategies have a ripple effect on the rest of your fundraising -- whether you’re donors are online, offline or both
  • People who write checks will still go to your website beforehand
  • And people who get something in the mail will go online to give
  • Integration is ultimate goal – must be clear to donors that everyone is singing the same song. Even if different people or depts coordinate functions. To your donors, it’s all the same organization and so it needs to look like part of a broader whole.
  • The Importance of December-- prepare for attack of the statistics
  • 33% of all online donations are made in December
  • 10-20% are made just in the last two days of December
  • On Dec 31st, online giving peak is 10-6pm in all time zones
  • December is not only when most gifts are given, but also larger gifts
  • Donors who give their 1st gift in Dec give 52% more over the following three years than those who give their first gifts at any other point in the year
  • Acquisition is expensive & online communication is cheapCosts up to 10X more…
  • Make sure supporters aren’t only hearing from you when you want something
  • Thank your supporters for past gifts throughout the year….. esp before EOY push beginsTell them the difference their past gifts have madeIf you’re going to be trying to bring volunteers and activists over as donors, thank them too for all they’ve done.
  • Don’t forget about personal calls and notesThis is still the gold standard for saying TY
  • Welcome new supporters who give between now and when end-of-year campaign begins – recent donors are more likely to give again than someone who hasn’t given in almost a year
  • Building your list, expanding your network, broadening your circle
  •  Have 2-3 collection tools on your home page like on this websiteGet updates, breaking news, etcFeatured action to takeQuizzes, polls, surveysFeature a way to sign up on every page – above the fold!
  • Splash screen for home page urging people to join some latest, greatest effortCan also use this as a way to promote giving as year-end campaign enters last week (more on that later)
  • Promote on social networks – offer compelling reasons to sign up
  • Always give Forward to Friend option, and make it easy to share
  • Add sign-up link to your email signature
  • Give offline donors a reason to give you their email addressAnyone who calls – ask for email address to keep in touchPromote in print newsletters and in direct mailPromote at eventsBut have something to offer – exclusive online content, being first to know something, etc.
  • Prominent DONATE button –or give or contribute (BUT not “support”)Big, colorful and above the foldOn every page, not just home page
  • Can I understand what you do and why I should care in 2-3 seconds?
  • Clear where money goes and that donations are critical to success
  • Photos and stories that connect with visitors emotionally
  • Convey impact, track record of success
  • Multiple links to donate
  • Navigation -- clean, simple, easy to use
  • One clear ask/call to actionBrief, compelling reminder on donation form emphasizing urgent, critical need
  • Have a “Why Donate” page you can link to the Donation pageSuggestion for improving this one --- Remove all other navigation options from donate page except link back to home page and to why donate page
  • Make sure it’s clear that it’s a form, some of fields must be above the fold
  • Only one-page forms!This is obviously too small to see but I wanted to give you a sense of the length. It’s short and all on one page.Don’t ask for any info you don’t need right away – the more info requested, the higher the abandon rate. So ask them about why they’re giving, what issues they care about, etc, LATER.
  • Don’t require creation of an account
  • Include your mailing address, phone and email on donation pageThird party endorsementsSecurity seal
  • Test your donation formsDo they all work? Test all ways to give – your website, FB, any giving portals like guidestar, etc.
  • Test drive errors too. What happens if a required field is left blank?Make sure all info doesn’t have to be re-entered.
  • Test different versions of your form over the next couple of months to see if gift completion rates increase or decrease based on change – only test one change at time!Include gift string or open-ended fieldHigh to low or low to high gift stringVertical or horizontal?Sustainer ask on form? ………………………
  • 2 columns vs oneLength of time for testing each will depend on site traffic
  • Branded vs generic giving pagesGiving is stronger and donors are more loyal when online gifts are given through a charity-branded sitesAnd here’s one example of how a branded giving page could look
  • People giving on branded site – and here is another example –Give larger gifts to startandIncrease their gifts by 38% more over two years
  • This – on the other hand – is an example of a generic giving page. One that isn’t branded. It just has the contact info for the organization. It looks totally different from their own website. Breaks connection with cause, take visitors away from your site, and some supporters could think they’re in the wrong place.Loyalty for donors acquired through generic giving pages is 66.7% lower than charity-branded sitesIt can cost more to set up a branded site but it’s worth it. The investment will pay for itself.
  • Let’s move on to talking about what happens after people push SEND on their donation page.
  • Personal auto-responders – make them special
  • Offer next steps on donation confirmation page that pops up after the gift is submittedTake actionTell your friendsShare on FB, etc
  • Send another thank you a day or two laterPersonal, no Dear SupporterSigned by someone at organizationSpecific to appeal, reinforce what gift is forWelcome email for 1st time supporters
  • Report back in few months on impact of donation (before next ask!)Give your donors credit for what you achieved – it’s not about you/your org
  • Let volunteers, beneficiaries of your services, program staff, other donors, etc, thank supporters too
  • Find three people who aren’t familiar with your siteAsk them each to (not all at the same time, separately):Go to your siteTake an action/sign-up for enewsMake a gift
  • Have them each walk you through their train of thought as they’re navigating your site, why are they doing what they’re doing
  • Video tape or have someone else take detailed notesAsk for feedback, suggested changesThis should identify vast majority of issues
  • Learn from Current Behavior
  •  Where are people going? What pages?What are they clicking, reading?How much time are they spending on certain pages?Are they taking some kind of action – giving, signing up, etc?Through what pages are they getting to Donate button/page?Are they finishing donation process?
  • How are people finding your site? Who or what is driving your traffic? Focus on these!
  • Develop plan for full EOY push – all components, channels, piecesInclude communications that aren’t asks -- send updates on progress, etc
  • Decide on segmentation and different messages for each – current, recent, lapsed, volunteers who have never given, etc, etc.
  • Start backwards and put everything on timeline starting with what will happen on Dec 31stBuild in testing time
  • For each component, figure out:Launch dateTheme/storySignerAction desiredSegmentationEsp filtering out those who already gave if needed
  • Coordination with social media
  • Coordination with offline communications
  • Here’s an idea of how the timeline of a campaign like this could look…
  • Transcript

    • 1. Capitalize on
      End of Year Giving:
      Strategies to End 2011 on a High Note
    • 2. How this webinar works
      • A link to the slides and a recording will be sent after the webinar
      • 3. If you’d like to ask a question during the webinar, you can type it in the box on the right side of your screen
      • 4. Use the hashtag#fgwebinarto tweet about this webinar
    • About the presenters
      Chris Dumas
      Product Manager,
      Tina Cincotti
      Owner and Principal Consultant,
      Funding Change
    • 5. Who is FirstGiving?
    • 6. Fundraising solutions
      Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages
      and Event Registration
      Donor Analytics and Market Research
      Online Donations
      Personal Support for your nonprofit, donors, and fundraisers
      Easy, tested, and secure transaction processes for the donor
    • 7. “Raising funds online is not about technology any more than raising funds through the mail is about paper.”
      ~ Online Giving Study, Network for Good
    • 8. January!
    • 9. Start now!
    • 10.
    • 11.
    • 12.
    • 14. What’s so special about December anyway?
    • 15. December = 33%
    • 16. 30th& 31st = 10-20%
    • 17. 10am – 6pm
    • 18. December = $$$$
    • 19. December = 52%
    • 20. So, what do I do now?
    • 21. #1: Cultivation
    • 22.
    • 23.
    • 24. You made the difference!
    • 25.
    • 26.
    • 27. #2: Build your list
    • 28.
    • 29.
    • 30. Sign up!
      Sign up!
      Sign up!
      Sign up!
      Sign up!
      Sign up!
      Sign up!
      Sign up!
    • 31.
    • 32.
    • 33.
    • 34. #3: Optimize home page
    • 35.
    • 36.
    • 37.
    • 38.
    • 39.
    • 40.
    • 41.
    • 42. #4: Optimize giving page
    • 43.
    • 44.
    • 45.
    • 46.
    • 47.
    • 48.
    • 49.
    • 50.
    • 51. Testing, testing, 1…2…3…
    • 52.
    • 53. Branded is better!
    • 54. 38% more
    • 55. 66.7% less
    • 56. #5: Perfect your manners
    • 57. Boooooring!
    • 58.
    • 61.
    • 62.
    • 63. #6: Find others to test site
    • 64.
      • Go to your site
      • 65. Take action/sign-up
      • 66. Make a donation
    • 67.
    • 68. #7: Investigate user behavior
    • 69.
    • 70.
    • 71. #8: Write campaign plan
    • 72. Are you using the same messages for everyone?
    • 73.
    • 74. Decide on your…
    • 79.
    • 80. Sample Timeline
      Email teaser hits
      Appeal letter hits
      Email appeal hits
      Progress update hits
      Last chance email hits
      Follow-up email hits
      Still time email hits
    • 81. How to take Donations
    • 82. Starting Considerations
      • What does it need to do?
      • 83. Where does it need to go?
      • 84. How does data/money flow?
      • 85. Cost of transactions
      • 86. Cost of usability
      • 87. Cost of administration
    • Donations From Website
    • DIY Donation Pages
      • Higher investment to set up and run
      • 93. Requires more skilled resources
      • 94. Higher security requirements
      • More payment options
      • 95. More control over the experience
      • 96. Recurring donations
      • 97. Optimization
    • What You’ll Need
      Merchant Account
      Merchant ID
      Payment Gateway
      Web developer
    • 98. Donation Forms
    • 99. Do It Yourself
    • 100. Paypal Example
    • 101.
    • 102.
    • 103.
    • 104.
    • 105.
    • 106.
    • 107.
    • 108. Reporting
    • 109. QR Code
    • 110. Responsive Design
    • 111. Want more free fundraising & communications advice?
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    • 112. Thank you for spending your valuable time with me today!
      Please stay in touch. -- Tina
      Twitter: @TinaFCC
    • 113. Upcoming webinars
      Thursday, October 20th
      All webinars are 1pm EST/ 10am PST
      Soliciting Corporate Sponsors: Steps to Successful Partnerships
      Presented by: Vivanista’sFounder and Chief Evangelist, LyneGray
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    • 115. Thank you!
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