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Production diary new

  1. 1. Production LogDate What I Did18.02.13 For my final major project I have decided I am going to design afashion magazine. I will create a front cover, contents and adouble page spread with a fashion story. The first thing I had todo was create a production schedule of the time I have tocomplete this project. I outlined what task was involvedseparately in pre-production, production and post-production. Istarted by creating a mind map on what different types ofmagazine I could do. I also wrote what else is included in thosetypes of magazines, such as competitions, reviews and articles.I looked at 2 fashion magazines and compared them both andput it all into a PowerPoint. It’s an analysis of what goes in tothe front covers of magazines and if they were different, similar,and what I would do with my own. I then had to create acontents page analysis of a magazine, and see whatcharacteristics that has. It’s all about exploring what works andwhat doesn’t, and using complimentary colours and styles.04.03.13 After I had done the comparisons, I was then put in a group andwe had to produce a survey to find out what sort of audiencesbuy what magazine, and this was to help us decide what type ofdemographic we were going to aim our magazine at. I had tocome up with a name for it, and explore fonts suing twodifferent sources. I used Adobe Illustrator and, Ithen picked my chosen logo, and decided this based on whichone I thought looked best.11.03.13 I bought some fashion magazines from my local shop to get anidea of some of the layouts in which I would set my magazineout. I wanted to gather some examples because I’m creating adouble page spread article, so it’s good to see what type oflayouts are being used already.18.03.13 For part of the assignment, we have to take our own photos andinclude them in the magazine. So I organised a shoot, to takesome photos that I will use in my magazine. I took around 30pictures, which were then ready for me to sort out after half
  2. 2. term.03.04.13 I went through my shoot photos and picked the 4 that I liked themost. I then had to edit all 4 and show the process by printscreening my actions. I created a PowerPoint and included thewhole process in there.04.04.13 I written a draft of my magazine article, I had to come up withsome questions and link it all to my proposal, as it all combinesas one big story. I found it a bit difficult trying to come up withquestions and answers, trying to be doing 2 different people, soI just did this quick for now.08.04.13 Today ii filled out the proposal form in which would help mewrite my actual proposal. I have written my proposal for myassignment which outlined what I was doing for my final majorproject piece. It’s a brief summary of everything and it cametogether really well. I also blogged all my completed work up tonow.15.04.13 I recorded my pitch through a voice recorder which is basicallymy proposal spoken out loud, but to my teacher. This was reallynerve racking as I’m not confident speaking out loudwhatsoever, so I figured this would be the best way to publish itin my own confident way.22.04.13 I had to make a PowerPoint presentation to go with my pitch,and this is just a selection of mages such as magazine layoutsand inspirations in fashion and celebrities,10.05.13 Today I made a start on designing my layout plans on AdobeIllustrator for each page that I’m producing. I started with thefront cover, then contents and article. I used boxes to indicatewhere I am going to put text and pictures and any other littledetails that need to be included, such as date and page number.I also chosen the colours that I’m going to use throughout thepages, and I’m really pleased with how the plans look.13.05.13 I started to create my double page spread, the first thing I’vedone is scaled the size of the text boxes on the first page to thesize I want. I then added my first picture to the top left hand
  3. 3. corner. What I wanted to do was have the picture blend out so itdidn’t just look stuck there, so I used the blur and smudge toolsto create this effect. I think it looks really good and fits in withthe page really well. I added the name of the artist next to thepicture, sort of over lapping. This was done in a large font andin a purple colour; it really stands out and looks great.I went on to the front cover after doing that because I figured itwould be easier. The picture I used on the front cover had ayellow/brown back ground, and I wasn’t sure whether I wantedto keep it. I started to erase the back ground and I preferred itso much that way. I had to zoom in and erase carefully aroundthe edges, and I’m glad I made that decision. I added themagazine logo, and enlarged it slightly to fit the top part of thepage, I added a date to it, and found a barcode14.05.13 I finished the front cover, I just needed to fill the space and addsome other cover lines.I then went on to continuing with the double page spread. Istarted to create text boxes for the columns and began puttingmy article in to them. I did this with all 6 columns where I wasouting the text. I added some extra text as I was going along tomake it closer to the 1000 word mark. After I tweaked thearticle, I positioned them properly, and I was left with a fewspaces. I thought it would be good to add larger pieces of textin quotation marks to highlight some important things in thearticle. I then added the last image on to the second page andsorted the name out at the top and it was done.I double checked through all the pages of my magazine to makesure I hadn’t missed any bits out. I uploaded it all to my blog asmy finished final major project.The last thing I wanted to do was create an updated productionschedule. At the beginning of the assignment, I was unsure asto what I was doing. Since I’ve progressed throughout it all, I’vemade a lot of changes so I backtracked everything I had done,and it’s all worked out to plan.