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Personal statement

  1. 1. I am currently studying Creative Media at Eccles College and I have found that the course isfull of opportunities for me to progress further into at university. I am particularlyinterested in Photography as well as media production, as it is such a creative, inspiringpart of media that allows you to put your stamp on work that you make your own. I takepictures of most things and it makes me happy when Ive took a good photograph, mainly ofpeople and family, especially my nephew. I enjoy film and media production too as I have donemany projects in my time at college on my course, such as producing advertisements forclients, creating a short film and music video production too. Being involved in theproduction of films that I have created has given me a better understanding of time managementand how important it is to meet deadlines and stick to schedules, and also thorough planning ofthe task ahead. The main aspect of film production I like is the editing and using greatprogrammers such as Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe after Effects. The filming process is fun toobecause there is so much you can learn. These projects allow me to put my stamp on work thatIve produced by exploring the extensive range of programs they have to offer, to help methrough post production.I have had a taste of what media production involves when I took part in some work experienceat Media City UK in Salford Quays. I spent the whole day there shadowing one of the runnersand experienced what it was like to be in such a professional demanding area of work andbusiness. It really opened my eyes to what i could expect or be expected to do if i was inthat line of work and I found it really interesting to be part of. I also volunteer to takepart and complete work for The Reporters Academy which is a production company, who work withSalford City College, and they allow young people such as myself to be involved in reporting,filming and pre and post production of events based around sport locally. In doing so, I hadthe opportunity to go along to the Rugby League Final between England and France at SalfordCity Stadium, to do some filming and reporting on what fans and the England rugby playersthink about the Rugby League World Cup next year. It was something different as I had neverbeen in that sort of environment before and the atmosphere was amazing. I think its importantto raise awareness of what great sporting events are happening in our country, and TheReporters Academy has allowed me to do this, and it has also gained me more experience usingthe post production programs such as Adobe Premier to put the reports together.As well as attending college full time I have a part-time job, which I have had for nearly 2years. My job has allowed me to grow from being a very shy girl to gaining lots of confidencein myself and in talking to others. I like to spend time with my family, go out with myfriends, go to the cinema and frequently go on days out with my mum and dad. My main interestsare music and also I have recently just taught myself how to do acrylic nails. Being sointerested in music, it opens me up to so many different styles, artists, and genres andbecause of this I really enjoy going to concerts and gigs. I find it a way of expressingmyself in the music I like. I decided to start doing acrylic nails as I had previously donebeauty therapy at a college before I came to Eccles, so I had an idea of what would beinvolved and what I needed to buy. I enjoy it because it allows me to be creative and it wasvery easy to learn. I think that when you teach yourself something, that way becomes your wayso it makes your technique individual and unique. I think Photography and the production ofmedia and film allows me to act in this way greatly and also allows me to create work that inever in myself thought it could do. This is why I want to progress into further education andhave a broader outlook on the media industry.