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Me and my movies presentation

  1. 1. Me & My MoviesComedy GenreRebecca Doyle
  2. 2. StepbrothersDirector - Adam McKayYear of Production - 2008A story of two middle aged losers who are bothstill living at home. They are forced to becomeroommates when their parents meet, fall in loveand decide to get married, which is then theybecome stepbrothers. It’s a real clash ofpersonalities and it takes time for Dale (John CReilly) and Brennan (Will Ferrell) to adjust to lifetogether, sharing the same home and bedroom.They seem to find sharing their parents hard to,and throughout most of the film, they are incompetition, and purposely annoy one another.
  3. 3. The HangoverDirector – Todd PhillipsYear of Production - 2009Three groomsmen take their best friend Doug(Justin Bartha): who is due to get married in 2days, to Vegas for his last night of freedom.Things get out of hand when Alan (ZackGalifianakis) spikes their drinks without telling,and they lose Doug somewhere throughout thenight. They’ve no recollection of what happenedand have to retrace their steps to find him, throughreceipts and people who might have seen them.
  4. 4. Knocked UpDirector – Judd ApatowYear of Production - 2007When party animal Ben Stone (Seth Rogan) goes out onhis usual drunken antics, he gets more than he expectedwhen he wakes up from a one night stand, in bed with agirl he met called Alison (Katherine Heigl). He gets asurprise visit on his doorstep eight weeks later, only tofind out he’s going to be a dad. They face repercussionsin trying to get to know each other better, and haveconstant arguments, but it is laughable at the same time.They also try to not stand in the way of each other, asshe has a media personality job to focus on too.
  5. 5. Why Comedy?The three things that most attract me to the comedy genre are the stars, stories and thetrailers/previews which determine how good they look before you watch it. I watchendless films because I’ve become familiar with certain comedy actors and because of theactors qualities I enjoy the film more. Not only this but I enjoy the story of the film too,I’m always excited to watch a comedy film I’ve never seen, and if the story soundsappealing then ill watch it. Stepbrothers for example, is one of the funniest films I’ve seenin my opinion, and no matter how many times I watch it, it still makes me laugh the same.The story of becoming stepbrothers, and the combination of Will Ferrell and John CReilly together is what makes this film what it is. Star Theory could be considered herewhen an audience watches a film because of the people that are in it. It makes you curiousas to what role they pull off and whether you still like the film in the end after theirperformance. They’re very charismatic and their relationship is amazingly funny. I’m veryeasily amused, and not only do they make me laugh but they can cheer me up and makeme happy by watching them. I think it’s good that films like this can lift your mood sohigh. On the other hand, there are films where I only watch them for the storyline andbased on the trailer., and an example of this is The Hangover. I watched this the first timepurely based on the trailer I had seen in the cinema. It was very different to what had beendone before and it did so well. I hadn’t really heard of any of the actors, so I found thisexciting as part of the audience to watch it and see what it had to offer.