The Servant of God


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This document contains the bible verses in the book of Isaiah which identify the Messiah Yeshua. Written by Mark Barbee.

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The Servant of God

  1. 1. The Servant of God<br />By Mark Barbee<br />Characteristics from Isaiah 42-53<br />These chapters contain the four servant songs that describe the Messiah at times as the prophet for the people of Israel; but by far the greatest number of references is to God himself coming as a servant and what would take place:<br />42: 1-7 He is not a conqueror, but one who would encourage the weak<br />He will delight the Lord and be filled with the Holy Spirit<br />He will bring justice and hope<br />He will become a covenant for the people (Jews ) and light for Gentiles.<br />He will open blind eyes and free captives from prison and darkness.<br />49: 1-7He was called before he was born and His name was mentioned<br />Mouth like a sharpened sword<br />Like an arrow concealed in a quiver (Old Testament)<br />Will bring Jacob back to the Lord<br />A light to the Gentiles<br />Honored by kings and princes<br />50: 4-10He has an instructed tongue and a listening ear, the Servant is not identified as the speaker until verse 10.<br /> He will teach what God gives Him.<br />He will not draw back from those who beat Him, pluck out His beard, mock and spit on Him.<br />He will set His face like flint and trust in the Lord’s vindication.<br />52:13-53:12- In these verses the servant is wise and successful, despite being disfigured and marred; these passages are a study of contrasts and seeming contradictions. <br />He is the arm of Yahweh.<br />It will seem unbelievable- He will have no (earthly) beauty or majesty to attract anyone to Him.<br />He would be despised, rejected, a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering; He carried our infirmities and our sorrows, even though we considered Him stricken by God.<br />Pierced for our transgression and crushed for our iniquities<br />Punishment that brought us peace was upon Him<br />By His wounds, we are healed<br />Oppressed and afflicted<br />Silent like a lamb before the shearers<br />Cut off from the land of the living<br />Assigned a grave with the wicked<br />Buried with the rich in His death<br />The Lord’s ( Yahweh’s) will to crush Him and make Him a guilt offering.<br />He will see His offspring and prolong His days.<br />After suffering He will see the light of life and be satisfied.<br />