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King Codices - His Plan, His Purpose, His Power


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This Codices displays God Plan, Purpose, and Power concerning the passover, unleaven bread, and first fruits.

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King Codices - His Plan, His Purpose, His Power

  1. 1. Passover Unleavened Bread First Fruits The Plan The Purpose God’s Plan for a God’s Purpose for a God’s Power through The Power fallen Man Redemptive Man the risen Man Lev 23:9 NLT - Then the Lev 23:6 NIV - On the LORD told Moses fifteenth day of that month the LORDs Feast of Lev 23:10 NLT - to give Unleavened Bread begins; these instructions to the for seven days you must Israelites: "When you eat bread made without arrive in the land I am yeast. giving you and you harvest your first crops, Mat 28:1 NIV - After theExd 12:3 NIV - Tell the bring the priest some grain Sabbath, at dawn on thewhole community of from the first portion of first day of the week,Israel that on the tenth day your grain harvest. Mary Magdalene and theof this month each man is other Mary went to look atto take a lamb for his Lev 23:11 NLT - On the the, one for each day after the Sabbath, thehousehold. priest will lift it up before Jhn 20:17 NIV - Jesus the LORD so it may be said, "Do not hold on toExd 12:6 NIV - Take care accepted on your behalf. me, for I have not yetof them until the returned to the Father. Gofourteenth day of the instead to my brothers andmonth, when all the Lev 23:7 NIV - On the tell them, I am returningpeople of the community first day hold a sacred to my Father and yourof Israel must slaughter assembly and do no Father, to my God andthem at twilight. regular work. your God.Exd 12:8 NIV - That same Lev 23:8 NIV - For seven 1Cr 5:7 NIV - Get rid ofnight they are to eat the days present an offering the old yeast that you maymeat roasted over the fire, made to the LORD by fire. be a new batch withoutalong with bitter herbs, And on the seventh day yeast--as you really are.and bread made without hold a sacred assembly For Christ, our Passoveryeast. and do no regular work. lamb, has been sacrificed.
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