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Big data Hadoop course @ First CADD, Jayanagar , Bangalore
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Big data Hadoop course @ First CADD, Jayanagar , Bangalore


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First CADD is an education and training company, promoted by Engineers/MBAs who have experience in the CAD industry for more than a decade. …

First CADD is an education and training company, promoted by Engineers/MBAs who have experience in the CAD industry for more than a decade.
First CADD conducts Auto CAD courses under the following Engineering disciplines:
 Mechanical CAD
 Civil CAD
 Architectural CAD
 Electrical & Electronics CAD

We also offer the following courses
 Project Management Principles (PMP)
 MS Project
 Primavera Course
 Business Analyst
 Big Data Analytics (Hadoop)

We offer all these courses through our centres in Bangalore, Chennai and Trichy. You can learn under the aegis of well qualified and experienced faculty.

Placement Assistance for successful candidates is also provided by us.

What are you waiting for???

Talk to our student counselors and enroll today!!!!!

First CADD

Mobile : 99167 45959

Email :

Website :

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. A division of Winningways Disclaimers/Copyrights: Images, text & data used in this presentation are collected from internet and bears copyright and courtesyof their respective owners,Winning ways does not have any responsibility BIG DATA HADOOP COURSES
  • 2. A division of Winningways Year of Establishment - 2010 Industry - Education & Training Courses Category - 1. Project Management Courses 2. CAD / CAM / CAE Courses 3. Business Analyst Course 4. Big Data –Hadoop Course Website & COMPANY SNAP SHOT
  • 3. A division of Winningways BIG DATA – HADOOP COURSE Big Data-Hadoop Course
  • 4. A division of Winningways BIG DATA– HADOOP COURSE MODULE Duration – 44 Hrs •Module-I 1. Virtual Box/VM Ware- Basics, Installations, Backups, Snapshots. 2. Linux- Basics, Installations, Commands. 3.Hadoop- Why Hadoop?, Scaling, Distributed Framework, Hadoop v/s RDBMS, Brief history of hadoop, Problems with traditional large-scale systems, Requirements for a new approach, Anatomy of a Hadoop Cluster, Other Hadoop Ecosystem Components. •Module-II 1. HDFS- Hadoop distributed File System- HDFS Design and Architecture, HDFS Concepts, Interacting HDFS using command line, Interacting HDFS using Java APIs, Dataflow, Blocks, Replica. 2. Hadoop Processes- Name node, Secondary name node, Job tracker, Task tracker, Data node.
  • 5. A division of Winningways BIG DATA– HADOOP COURSE MODULE •Module-III 1. Map Reduce- Developing Map Reduce Application, Phases in Map Reduce Framework, Map Reduce Input and Output Formats, Advanced Concepts, Sample Applications, Combiner. 2. Writing a MapReduce Program- The MapReduce Flow, Examining a Sample MapReduce Program, Basic MapReduce API Concepts, The Driver Code, The Mapper, The Reducer, Hadoop’s Streaming API, Using Eclipse for Rapid Development, Hands-on exercise, The New MapReduce API. 3. Common MapReduce Algorithms- Sorting and Searching, Indexing, Machine Learning, Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency, Word Co-Occurrence, Hands- On Exercise. •Module-IV Hadoop Programming Languages- 1. HIVE - Introduction, Installation and Configuration, Interacting HDFS using HIVE, Map Reduce Programs through HIVE, HIVE Commands, Loading, Filtering, Grouping, Data types, Operators, Joins, Groups, Sample programs in HIVE. 2. PIG - Basics, Installation and Configurations, Commands. 3. HBASE - What is HBase?, HBase Architecture, HBase API, Managing large data sets with HBase, Using HBase in Hadoop applications, Working Hive With Hbase(Integration), Sqoop Exports and Imports, Hands-on exercise.
  • 6. A division of Winningways BIG DATA– HADOOP COURSE MODULE •Module –V Project Work - Towards the end of the course, you will be working on a project which will be a large dataset and you will be using PIG, HIVE, HBase and Map Reduce to perform Big Data analytics. The final project is a real life business case on some open data set. There is not one but a large number of datasets which are a part of the Big Data and Hadoop Program.In addition, you can choose your own dataset and create a project around that as well.
  • 7. A division of Winningways Opportunities for Hadoopers are infinite - from a Hadoop Developer, to a Hadoop Tester or a Hadoop Architect, and so on. If cracking and managing BIG Data is your passion in life, think no more and Join our course today and carve a niche for yourself! Opportunities For Hadoopers
  • 8. A division of Winningways TIME SLOTS BATCH MODE TIME 01 MORNING BATCH EVENING BATCH PART TIME 07.OO AM TO 09.00 AM 06.00 PM TO 08.00 PM 02 FULL DAY BATCH FULL TIME 09.15 AM TO 05.45 PM 03 HALF DAY BATCH PART TIME 09.15 AM TO 01.15 PM 01.45 PM TO 05.45 PM 04 WEEK END BATCH PART TIME 10.00 AM TO 02.00 PM 02.00 PM TO 06.00 PM BATCH TIME SLOTS
  • 9. A division of Winningways One On One Training Passion for Quality and Performance Under One Roof CAD / CAM / CAE COURSE PROJECT MANAGEMENT COURSES BUSINESS ANALYST COURSE BIG DATA HADOOP COURSES Highly Qualified & Experienced Faculty Wide Network of our Own Centres and Franchisee’s Centres Our Strength
  • 10. A division of Winningways Bangalore Centre BIIT Centre 257, (Opp – Upahara Darshini),9th A Main Jayanagar -3 rd Block Bangalore Karnataka, India Mobile: 99167 45959 E-mail – Enroll Today