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Mobile technology for insurance survey results vfinalshare


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FirstBest Systems found that the commercial …

FirstBest Systems found that the commercial
insurance sector is poised to make extensive use
of mobile technologies while away from the
office. FirstBest’s 2011 survey conducted at the
MarketScout Entrepreneurial Insurance
Symposium reported 85% would benefit from
mobile access and 75% feel mobile would help
provide faster responses and be􀆩er service to
customers. 67% would like to prevent work
buildup while out of the office. The following
pages provide further details of the survey

Published in: Technology

  • Great points - thanks for commenting! Check out our latest mobile survey results from 2013 at In that survey we also found that found that more than three quarters of carriers believe that mobile will allow them to provide better and faster service to customers. Respondents equally selected accessing information from any place and providing better service and faster responses to my customers – which both received 82% as the top two selections.
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  • My opinion is that insurance companies require a customer oriented approach that guarantees quick response to rapidly changing life conditions. Competition among insurance companies is intense so they must be fully equipped with modern technologies to remain competitive. Mobile apps are a must-have means to not only show contact information, but also involve clients in the complete insurance process allowing them to calculate insurance rates, order quotes and get feedback quickly. More:
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  • 1. Mobile Technology forInsuranceSurvey ResultsFall 2011© Copyright 2011‐2013 FirstBest Systems, Inc.    
  • 2. Mobile Technology for Insurance Survey Results   There is no doubt we live in a mobile age, but  where does the insurance industry stand with   regard to real‐life business applica on of the  technology?  How does the industry want to use  it in the future?   FirstBest explores the commercial insurance sector to examine the demand and applicability of mobile technology as it relates to their business FirstBest Systems found that the commercial   insurance sector is poised to make extensive use  of mobile technologies while away from the  office. FirstBest’s 2011 survey conducted at the   MarketScout Entrepreneurial  Insurance   Symposium reported  85% would benefit from  mobile access and 75% feel mobile would help  provide faster responses and be er service to  customers.  67% would like to prevent work  buildup while out of the office.  The following  pages provide further details of the survey   findings. Mobile Technology for Insurance Survey Results    2   © 2011‐2013 FirstBest Systems, Inc. 
  • 3. The Survey FirstBest surveyed P&C commercial insurers To gain insight and assess the impact of mobile technology on the insurance industry  and the ways that insurance professionals would like to use mobile technologies,  FirstBest surveyed insurers while at the MarketScout Entrepreneurial Insurance   Symposium in September, 2011.  FirstBest received over 100 survey responses repre‐ sen ng more than 95 organiza ons.   The survey ques ons encompassed more than  an assessment of device usage including insight to the an cipated benefits.   Mobile Technology for Insurance Survey Results    3   © 2011‐2013 FirstBest Systems, Inc. 
  • 4. CARRIER/MGAResponses 4© Copyright 20123 FirstBest Systems, Inc.    
  • 5. Carrier: Top Mobile TasksTasks You Would Like to Perform on the Mobile Device*The tasks most indicated among the eleven op ons were:   Look up customer informa on from anywhere (83%)    Check the status of an applica on (75%)    Show informa on to my client (75%)      *Respondents asked to choose up to 3  Mobile Technology for Insurance Survey Results    5   © 2011‐2013 FirstBest Systems, Inc. 
  • 6. Carrier: Top Utilization TimesTimes You are Most Likely to Use the Mobile Device When Away FromYour Desk?*The  me most likely to use a mobile device indicated among the seven op ons were:   While traveling for business (80%)    While at home (64%)    While visi ng a client (60%)      *Respondents asked to choose up to 3  Mobile Technology for Insurance Survey Results    6   © 2011‐2013 FirstBest Systems, Inc. 
  • 7. Carrier: Device Preferences Device On Which You Would Prefer to Perform Tasks (other than phone calls)  46% prefer a tablet   34% prefer a smartphone   23% prefer a laptop     Mobile Technology for Insurance Survey Results    7   © 2011‐2013 FirstBest Systems, Inc. 
  • 8. Download the Complete Report WWW.FIRSTBEST.COM 8
  • 9. The FirstBest Front Office Suite™ The patented FirstBest Front Office Suite™ brings together agents and underwriters in a collabora ve underwri ng process that  helps them to rapidly and efficiently submit, evaluate, quote and close business.  In the office or on the road, the Suite addresses  your  underwri ng and collabora ve business challenges through an innova ve underwri ng desktop and na ve mobile func on‐ ality.  The Suite benefits insurance carriers and the distribu on channel alike:      Carriers – Global insurance carriers can provide be er service that makes them the carriers of choice while   increasing efficiency; lower the loss ra o by leveraging complete underwri ng informa on, knowledge and rules; and scale  the business with greater agility.    The distribu on channel ‐ Agents, brokers, MGAs and MGUs gain greater produc vity, increased responsiveness, and a higher  win rate through the Suite’s upload, STP, collabora on, and transparency features.  The modular Suite includes:  FirstBest FirstBest FirstBest FirstBest UMS™ UMS™ Mobile Agent™ App Reader™ Underwri ng   Underwri ng   Transac onal  Agency Connec vity  Worksta on  Apple iPad App  Agent/Broker Portal            FirstBest’s flagship solu on   FirstBest UMS Mobile empowers  A complete transac onal agent  An agency connec vity applica on  combines a next‐genera on   rapid decision making from   portal that facilitates new business  for agent and underwriter form/ underwri ng  worksta on and a  anywhere, at any me. Working  and renewals, and provides rich  image conversion to ACORD XML  business analyst worksta on with a  directly from their Apple iPads in  func onality for increased   and instant upload to carrier   Web 2.0 agent portal for   real‐ me, underwri ng staff can  carrier‐agency communica on,  systems, regardless of agency   comprehensive underwri ng work‐ stay on top of tasks and quickly see  including dynamic supplemental  management system, and without  flow and real‐ me carrier‐agency   whats new in their book of   data, shared documents, notes, and  proprietary networks or   collabora on.   business.  email no fica ons.  transac on fees.        Mobile Technology for Insurance Survey Results    9   © 2011‐2013 FirstBest Systems, Inc. 
  • 10. Register TodayLearn More about Mobile Underwriting 10
  • 11. WWW.FIRSTBEST.COMFirstBest is a registered trademark of FirstBest Systems, Inc. FirstBest UMS, Underwri ng Management System, FirstBest Agent, FirstBest AppReader,  and FirstBest Front‐Office Suite are trademarks of FirstBest Systems, Inc.  All other trademarks are property of their respec ve owners.  © 2011‐2013  11