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China's Tea: Trends and Growth 2012-2013
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China's Tea: Trends and Growth 2012-2013


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It's no secret the tea industry is growing. How is China faring in all the changes? Will she be able to stay on top as a leader in the industry? Read this tend and analysis report from Firsd Tea to …

It's no secret the tea industry is growing. How is China faring in all the changes? Will she be able to stay on top as a leader in the industry? Read this tend and analysis report from Firsd Tea to get the facts!

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Trend Analysis of the Chinese Tea Industry 2012-2013 By L.M. of Zhejiang Tea Group, Firsd Tea
  • 2. World Tea Production and Sales Overview For the past 10 years, global tea production has increased 3.75% annually. Tea consumption has increased 3.45% annually
  • 3. China, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Vietnam are the leading tea producers. Tea plant area(thousand hectares) 2113 578 188 China India Sri Lanka 188 128 Kenya Vietnam China and India produce 60% of the world’s tea production. ( Data source: ITC )
  • 4. China’s ranking in 2012 compared to the world: • • • • • Plant Area: 2,113,000 hectares Tea Output: 1,623,000 tons Tea Export: 1,623,000 Average Export Price: $1.25/lb. Consumption: 1,233,000 tons Source: ITC, Taiwan excluded • • • • • No. 1 No. 1 No. 2 No. 9 No. 1
  • 5. With 36.8% of total world tea output and 30% of total world tea consumption, China has a huge influence over the worldwide tea industry. Tea output(thousand tons) 1623 988 378 China India 329 178 Kenya Vietnam Sri Lanka
  • 6. Future Global Tea Trends Green tea production is forecast to increase over 7%, and shows great potential for increase in export and consumption Black tea will continue to be the most consumed tea
  • 7. Development Strategy of China • Implement modern techniques to further develop tea extracts • Support and expand organic tea programs • Promote consumption through advocacy and encouraging research on the health benefits of drinking tea
  • 8. 2012 Tea Production and Sales in China • Total output volume and business revenue have increased from all tea varieties produced – Black tea has grown the most • $ sales have increased in spite of the great recession – This is due to the increase in quantity and improved quality – Also, high-end tea is growing in demand
  • 9. Tea Plantations 6% increase rate of expansion of tea plantations. However, the production yield per plantation has decreased by an annual rate of 3.8%
  • 10. Improvement is Necessary The quality of plantations has been affected as production increases. Management of farming operations is critical – proper irrigation, soil fertility and the appropriate tea pruning and plucking times should be implemented to guarantee a high quality tea production.
  • 11. Organic Production • Organic Tea plantation area has reached 22,330,000 mu – An increase of 8.2% from 2011 Organic Tea Plantation (million mu) 35.78 22.33 Organic Tea Production Total area ( Data source:MOA ) 15 MU = 1 HA
  • 12. Clone Production Clone Tea Plantation 35.78 17.98 Total area Clone breed ( Data source:MOA ) • Clone tea planation area has reached 17.98 million MU – An increase of 15.7% since 2011 – Clone tea plantation area now accounts for 51% of the total tea production
  • 13. Tea Production • The output of semi-finished dry tea reached 1.761 million tons (a 10% increase) Tea production from 2007-2012 (thousand tons) 2000 1500 1000 500 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 • Tea production in all provinces (expect Hainan) experienced substantial increases ( Data source:MOA )
  • 14. Tea Varieties • The 6 major tea varieties have all increased in production. • Many plantations are making great efforts to adjust their tea production to meet the demands for black tea. Production growth of major six tea categories in 2012 32.2% 24.8% 16.3% 10% 8% 6% Average Green Oolong Black tea tea tea 6.2% Dark tea White Yellow tea tea
  • 15. Conclusion Tea plantation expansion will slow down and the growth of future tea production will rely more on the improvement of yield per capita. Share this presentation!
  • 16. Looking Forward • China tea production for 2013 is expected to reach 1,800,000 tons (8% greater than last year) • This is due to: – Expansion of Tea Plantations – Development of Cultivation Management – Agriculture improvement and Share this presentation! mechanization
  • 17. Set Backs • However, there was an unexpected heat wave and drought that destroyed many plants, depleting some of the 2013 crop. • In Zhejiang Province, a 20% decrease in production is expected. Share this presentation!
  • 18. Export will Continue to Increase • In 2012, Kenya exported the greatest amount of tea Tea export Export volume (thousand tons) Country/Area China was a close second, and continues to export large volumes each year 1 Kenya 2 China 421 3 Sri Lanka 301 190 143 4 India 5 Vietnam 323 Share this presentation!
  • 19. Recommendations • Further expand the tea market by focusing on the advocacy of tea and public health • Moderately control the tea plantation expansion, enhance cultivation management • Strengthen tea quality safety awareness, develop and implement traceability systems to control quality, safety and sustainable development of the industry • Develop and advocate technology advances to enhance standardization management.
  • 20. Thanks! Want more details and information on tea news and trends? Sign up for our newsletter here! Questions or comments? email us! Share this presentation!