Firmex case study - hunter wise


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Firmex case study - hunter wise

  1. 1. CUSTOMER SUCCESS Hunter Wise Business Challenge Hunter Wise is an investment banking firm which provides both corporate finance and M&A advisory services to its middle-market clients where transactions are typically in the $10 million to $200 million "Virtual Data Rooms are range. Their win-win approach to M&A and growth capital financings is built on decades of experience,a tremendous time-saver extensive transaction knowledge and long-term strategic relationships that create ideal buyer-seller for M&A professionals. unions and financing options. To better serve its clients and more efficiently complete its increasing I cannot imagine why number of transactions, Hunter Wise needed a Virtual Data Room (VDR) partner that could provide aany dealmaker would not branded data site that was easy to use, had strong technical support and assured secure documentuse a VDR, regardless of sharing solutions that they could offer as a value-added service to their clients. Having used VDRs from a transaction size." variety of service providers on numerous transactions, Hunter Wise appreciated the differences in ease of Bill Peck, use and quality of technical support. Managing Director at Hunter Wise The challenge was to find a solution that met all the security requirements for sharing highly confidential documents, that was easy to use, and had expert support for their client network. Because Hunter Wise provides VDR services to its clients as part of the value they add to transactions, the solution also had to be cost effective. After evaluating 6 VDR service providers, Hunter Wise selected Firmex as the one that best met all their requirements. Ease of use and the outstanding level of technical support were the primary considerations that made Firmex standout from the others. Online Due Diligence - Delivering a Value-Added Service Cost Effectively Hunter Wise recognized that providing physical data rooms to its clients is technically obsolete and that with todays technology and security advancements, this was no longer a quality alternative. Firmex Virtual Data Room solutions provided them with more efficient use of their time, better security and "The Firmex Customer greater control over information access. This gave Hunter Wise the flexibility to pass these savings on Services team is great. their clients. Firmex provided Hunter Wise a branded solution that was easy to setup and use. "We choseThey support our clients, Firmex over other VDR solutions because it was more user-friendly," stated Bill Peck, Managing Director at so we can focus on Hunter Wise. "For the investment in a value-added service to be recognized as successful by our our core business. management team, our clients had to quickly get comfortable with directly uploading documents, so The 24/7 support is a client adoption was critical. Firmex was considerably easier to use and provided better client support definite asset." than the other VDR service providers we evaluated." Bill Peck, Managing Director Firmex includes user training and support for setting up well organized diligence information in the at Hunter Wise monthly subscription. This meant that Hunter Wise could provide its clients VDR service without having to incur extra cost or dedicate additional resources to get clients deal ready. "The training and support we receive from Firmex is simply outstanding," commented Peck. "Our clients are well-supported by Firmex professionals who understand the financial transactions they are supporting and offer expert advice. The Firmex Client Services team is an extension of our team of professionals and we feel very comfortable leaving a critical service like technical support in their hands. Not only are we managing cost, our team is freed up so we can focus on the other values we bring to our clients." Hunter Wise Clients also use the system to make the process of sharing documents more efficient. Rather than shipping DVDs to Hunter Wise to have documents uploaded, client CFOs upload documents to the VDR themselves. Use of the Firmex Virtual Data Room solution has given Hunter Wise the advantage they wanted to expedite the deal process. Since offering the Firmex VDR as part of their branded services, they are closing deals faster and more cost effectively. "Providing convenient, organized and transparent access to comprehensive diligence information fosters buyer confidence and seller appreciation," observed Peck. "We are also attracting bigger clients. In the past, many of our transactions were in the $20-50 million range. Now we are seeing more deals in the $100+ million range," noted Peck. When asked if Hunter Wise would recommend Firmex to other M&A professionals, Peck announced, "I already have." NORTH AMERICA 1 888 688 4042 EUROPE 44(0) 20 3371 8476 INTERNATIONAL 1 416 840 4241 Contact sales or learn more at: