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Exercise to Prevent Back Pain
Exercise to Prevent Back Pain
Exercise to Prevent Back Pain
Exercise to Prevent Back Pain
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Exercise to Prevent Back Pain


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Have an active lifestyle. Work out 4 times a week and stretch before doing some exercise. If you want to maintain your weight and get your heart pumping every now and then, do a lot of cardio.
cardio, active lifestyle, knee strain, health consciousness, overweight, back pain, aerobic exercise, far infrared ray, heat therapy, back pain relief

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  • 1. Exercise to Prevent Back Pain<br />Before I start writing, let me make it clear that I am not going to disclose my age. Let’s just say that compared to my contemporaries, I live an active lifestyle. I work out 4 times a week and stretch before I exercise. I don’t do anything too strenuous. I just want to maintain my weight and get my heart pumping every now and then. I do a lot of cardio since I enjoy the elliptical and it does not strain my knees. <br />Read more articles about Far Infrared Rays as Back Pain Relief<br />To be totally honest, the main reason for my so called “health consciousness” has more to do with aesthetics than health itself. I don’t want to be overweight and blame it all on the slowing down of metabolism because of aging. Anyway, I met up with some old friends the other night and a lot of them were complaining about back pain. As expected they were saying things like “well, we are getting old”. My take is we cannot stop getting old but we can do something to avoid certain discomforts caused by aging from plaguing us. <br />I have never complained because of back pain. Apparently my active lifestyle does more than burn calories. It strengthens my back and helps retain its flexibility, making it less prone to back pain that cause injuries. Strong stomach, back and leg muscles offer better spinal support that greatly reduces the pressure on the spinal discs. The time I spent on the elliptical is also paying off because aerobic exercises utilize oxygen and muscles that receive an adequate amount of oxygen-rich blood stay stronger. <br />Learn why Exercise and Far Infrared Rays are important to prevent Back Pain<br />I have a little secret though, before I stretch in preparation for my work out and cooling down after exercising, I use a Far Infrared Ray back wrap. I was told that athletes use it for warming up. I love it because it is convenient and easy to use. It is not tiring so I can work out longer and it feels really relaxing. The heat reaches down to my muscles, offering a gentle massage. It helps me become more active in my work out. You should try it for yourself.<br />