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Doc sharing posting heattherapy

  1. 1. Heat Therapy For Children’s Pain Relief No matter how hard parents tame their children, they’ll continue to endlessly move around exposing themselves to health hazards and accidents. Aside from limb fractures, back pain is something kids unfortunately experience at a young age. Though it is best to immediately consult a pediatrician for tests and diagnosis, there are is a form of back pain treatment safe enough for children.
  2. 2. For a quick Back Pain Relief, Visit Heat therapy has long been used and recommended by doctors for pain management because it is non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical, meaning there is no need for medicine or surgery for it to take effect. Parents can safely administer sessions of heat therapy to their children by applying adjustable and form fitting back pain heat wraps that emit Far Infrared Rays (FIR) which are active waves of energy that favor the benefits of heat therapy. Adding to the effect of blood flow stimulation by direct heat, FIR deeply penetrates into the muscles and bones, repairing what’s damaged and torn. The heat locally warms the body and lessens the sensation of pain. It also has the capability to flush out harmful toxins in
  3. 3. the blood, and serves as an antidote for the negative effects of electromagnetic fields they obtain from computers, laser devices in toys and video games. According to a study done in New Jersey Medical School in 2002, the continuous use of heated wraps significantly lowered the symptoms of acute back pain in both children and adults, and is proven to be more effective than common medications such as Acetaminophen (Tylenol, Vicodin) and Ibuprofen (Midol, Motrin). Heat therapy has also been known to effectively rehabilitate past injuries, working great for children engaged in physically demanding sports such as soccer, hockey, basketball and gymnastics. Because it speeds up blood circulation, heat therapy can also warm up their muscles and give a complete cardiovascular training effect without the
  4. 4. tiring routine. Heat therapy is most favored by parents because of its convenience and mobility; children don’t need to be away from their reach when under a session done at home. For more Far Infrared Ray articles, Click the link provided Children in pain don’t need to undergo procedures that might scare them, and heat therapy through the use of heat pads for back pain is the most technologically advanced and logical solution at the same time. For safer measures, giving children a daily dose of the right vitamins and minerals such as Calcium will keep them away from health risks. If your child is experiencing any amount of physical pain, keep in mind that heat therapy is the safest form of treatment.