Mobile apps and adoption v2
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Mobile apps and adoption v2






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Mobile apps and adoption v2 Mobile apps and adoption v2 Presentation Transcript

  • Mobile apps and user adoption
  • outline Importance of research and value proposition Marketing a mobile application Achieving 5,000 downloads per month
  • Thorough research
  • How do we stand out? What’s our value proposition?
  • Desktop research “Damn. I really want a clock that tells me the time in different time Examine ratings zones, and detects which and comments to find weakeness timezone I’m in!!!” and new opportunities
  • Define a single-minded proposition Location-based First-person application shooter Find a model, and stick with a single- purpose
  • beer o’clock application Corporate objective – get people buying home delivered beer before leaving the office Useful counter to remind consumers to go home at a certain hour. Website:
  • online keyword research
  • singapore movie gadget
  • Paid apps So useful, customer is prepared to pay for it.
  • Marketing an application
  • App store Fight it out in the app store. Keywords, tagging, free trial versions.
  • Time release of app Time the release of the app with a device. New device owners download FREE apps
  • Leverage existing channels Facebook community Promote app to an Email marketing existing customer base. SMS marketing SEM marketing Find the best 3 mediums that Above the line have a high concentration of Event marketing eyeballs
  • Simple small space placements Download our app Call to action in an email sign off
  • Offline communications Every touch point is Download this an opportunity app now and enhance your event experience Look for captive audiences
  • Mobile apps not another push channel Not a substitute If I can get it from the web, for desktop. retention of the app will decrease over time
  • Mobile apps not another push channel Be wary of using digital media to push another digital medium. Are you just saying the same thing again?
  • Retention – 5,000 downloads per month
  • Phones are highly personal To get on here and stay here, app needs to be valuable. “what’s in it for me?” Consumers are empowered, self- centred beings
  • Word-of-mouth “Love this app. Helps me stay in touch with everyone no matter what the social media platform.
  • downloads Positive user reviews and ongoing marketing will increase retention Adoption will start off small, but grow over time Downloads per month
  • downloads The users The app benefits will experience is ultimately determine paramount. success, not marketing Getting the value proposition right at the beginning is important
  • New versions and content Release new versions with features users ask for. Schedule new content to keep the app fresh
  • Serving apps to multiple mobile platforms
  • iphone penetration iPod iPhone Penetrati Country iPhone iPad Population touch OS Total on (%) Singapore 402,922 76,575 1,453 480,950 4,987,600 9.64% Hong 299,720 69,025 2,306 371,051 7,055,071 5.26% Kong iOS has the highest overall penetration of the 3G market
  • App usage According to Nielsen, which conducted a survey among 4,000 mobile subscribers, the iPhone users downloaded an average of 40 apps iPhone Android Blackberry Av no. of 40 apps 25 apps 14 apps downloads 40-android-25/
  • App usage iOS users are ten times more likely to download apps than Symbian users download-apps-than-symbian-users/
  • Fees and timing
  • Entry level iphone app SG$ Research. 1 day research on competition and opportunities UI. Full user experience and flow design Design. Original design look and feel Code. Programming and integration Versions. Free + paid versions of the app Project management Sub-total $20,000 Rollout to Android $6,000 TOTAL $26,000
  • The concepts, ideas, strategies, information, materials, artwork, plans and copy contained in this document are presented in absolute confidence and are the property of Firestarter Pte Ltd and must not be reproduced, adapted, communicated to third parties or in any way used without the express permission of Firestarter Pte Ltd. © Copyright Firestarter Pte Ltd 2010.