Oxidative stress and cellular aging


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Oxidative stress and cellular aging

  1. 1. Scientific Fact:You Can ReduceOxidative Stress &Cellular Aging ByAn Average Of40% In 30 Days”
  2. 2. “And Activate Nrf2 ToCommunicate With Your DNA To DeliverA Biochemical Wake-up Call To Your Genes.”
  3. 3. Nrf2 Communicates With Cells, Instructing Them To Do WhatTheyre Already Designed To Do.
  4. 4. Up-regulate "Survival Genes,"Genes That Enable Cells ToSurvive In The Face Of StressFrom Free Radicals And OtherOxidants.
  5. 5. Down-regulates other genes that promote inflammation and fibrosis to help the body function at an optimal level.Down-regulates othergenes that promoteinflammation and fibrosis tohelp the body function at anoptimal level.
  6. 6. WhyIndirectAntioxidantsAreImportant
  7. 7. Most of us have heard of the power of antioxidants in our bodies.But, what exactly does it mean?
  8. 8. Our company’s scientists and doctorshave done extensive research and hold four patents on oxidative stress.
  9. 9. “What Has The Scientific Research Revealed?” For the past 40 years, oxidative stress has been increasingly recognized as acontributing factor in aging and in various forms of pathophysiology generally associated with aging.
  10. 10. Free radicals can have a snowballing effect in which molecule after molecule steals from itsneighbor, each one becoming a new free radicalonce its been electron robbed leaving a trail of biological carnage.
  11. 11. Through scientificbiochemical research…We’re learning that we arenot entirely defenselessagainst this constantattack on our bodyby free radicals.
  12. 12. “How Can YouQUICKLY & EASILYEliminate Millions Of Free Radicals From Your Body?”
  13. 13. Did You Know There Are TwoTypes of Antioxidants?Direct and Indirect Antioxidants…
  14. 14. “Both Direct and Indirect ANTIOXIDANTS Neutralize Free Radicals…” The Question? Which One Is Best?
  15. 15. We Need A Constant Supply ofIndirect Antioxidants That Trigger Our Body’s Survival EnzymesSince free radicals are always present in our bodies, we must have aconstant supply of antioxidant survival enzymes to keep our skincells healthy. In addition, research shows that indirect antioxidantsmay actually encourage our cells’ enzymes to repair damage.
  16. 16. Indirect Antioxidants Are A Necessary Component For Good HealthDirect Antioxidant vs. Indirect Antioxidant
  17. 17. In the last decade…our view of oxidative stresshas broadened considerably,and it is now often seen as animbalance that has its originsin our genes.
  18. 18. Validated & Proven Scientific Solution:One Indirect Antioxidant Capsule OnceA Day EliminatesFree Radicals .
  19. 19. Nrf2 synergizer, is Clinically PROVEN toactivate trillions of genes like turning on a light switch in our bodies.
  20. 20. Validated & Proven Scientific Fact… The antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT) and glutathione peroxidase (GPx)…found in our one daily capsule… Serve as your Primary Line Of Defense In Destroying Free Radicals.
  21. 21. To Answer More Of Your Questions About Free Radicals… “What Are Free Radicals?”“Why Are Free Radicals So Dangerous & Damaging To The Body?”
  22. 22. 1st Question: “What Are Free Radical?” Free radicals are molecules responsible for aging and tissue damage. Oxygen is essential for life itself. But did you know it is also inherently dangerous to our existence? I call this the "dark side" of oxygen. And as a result, we are essentially rusting both inside and out.
  23. 23. The same process that causes acut apple to turn brown or iron to rust is the cause of all the chronic degenerative diseases we fear and even the aging process itself.
  24. 24. Chemically thisreaction has beenshown to be sovolatile that it actuallycauses bursts of lightwithin our bodies!
  25. 25. If this free radical is not readily neutralized by an antioxidant it cango on to create more volatile free radicals, damage the cell wall,vessel wall, proteins, fats, and even the DNA nucleus of our cells.
  26. 26. “What Causes Free RadicalsTo Increase By The Millions Inside Our Bodies?” There are many things that increase the number of free radicals you produce. The important thing to know is that the process creates oxidative stress. * excessive stress * excessive exercise * sunlight * radiation * medication * pollutants in air, food and water You cant avoid stress -- its everywhere!
  27. 27. If You Do Not Eliminate Free RadicalDamage, The Likely Result Is Dramatic…• Increased risk for health problems and disease• Failure to experience relief from any ailments you may be currently suffering from• An inevitable, continual struggle with life’s inevitable aging.
  28. 28. Oxidative Stress Leads To Disease