Module 3 part-1


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  • Wheel of Life…Areas of Spiritual, Health, Family, The Quick Big Picture...Find out exactly what's holding you back... and eliminate it! Your circumstances don’t decide your outcome, you do! Only focus on what you desire, not on the present appearance of things.  Wallace D Wattles said over and over again in his book ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ that in order to achieve any degree of success we must ‘Think the TRUTH regardless of appearances .“Where there is no vision, people perish.”- Proverbs 29:18  Without a vision for our future we slip back into hopelessness and despair when faced with life’s challenges.  Make sure you have an empowering vision.  For Ted Williams to have a home is very empowering for Ted!  What will empower and excite you for the next 5 years and beyond? Birds do not KNOW how to fly at birth. They are merely genetically pre-disposed to flight. They must be TRAINED to fly. Interestingly, EAGLES have a very hard time learning to fly. Only 40% survive their first flight. Most crash and are killed when they leave the nest... even though they have had MONTHS of "preflight training" in the nest. Emerson was absolutely correct... You must have a strong AMBITION to succeed. A real HUNGER. It is the STARTING POINT for all success. This translates into having a strong sense of Passion, Purpose and Direction driving your performance every moment of every day. Which is EXACTLY why you must fill in your own 3 personal variables: Values, Vision and Roles and triangulate your Natural Mission and gain Authentic Direction for your life. You will then have the AMBITION To succeed. A real Hunger. It is the Starting Point for all success. This translates into having a strong sense of Passion, Purpose and Direction driving your performance every moment of every day.Which is Exactly why you must fill in your own 3 personal variables: Values, Vision and Roles and triangulate your Natural Mission and gain Authentic Direction for your life. You will then have the Ambition Emerson described.This is the most important Work you will ever do.All we have in this life are two things: Time and Energy. We must convert our Energy into unstoppable Personal Power to Create the future of our dreams.Emersion described. This is the most important WORK you will ever do. All we have in this life are two things: Time and Energy. We must convert our Energy into unstoppable Personal Power to CREATE the future of our dreams.
  • If you do not grow you shrink.What I doI help women entrepreneurs owners create their own dream life by building businesses doing the work that they love. Many women initially come to me for their legal matters. They continue working with me as a coach and advisor to help guide their business success. I help them align their life purpose with their business vision, develop a strong legal foundation and overcome any resistance restricting them from creating a successful business.Using my experience as an attorney and entrepreneur, I guide women business owners to the next level in business success. My number one focus is to help you manifest the business that matches your dreams. During our work together, we dream, laugh, cry and create your authentic next steps.In an intensive session, we resolve the blocks that hold you back from standing fully in your power as a business queen. We cut through fear, resistance and mindset issues to create the perfect internal setting for achievement. And we analyze business goals, financial targets, money management, legal structure, marketing and sales to create the business blueprint for success.This is the path of the passionate woman who is longing to create a successful business that is driven by purpose and values. If you are a passionate woman with the desire to create a prosperous business with meaning that is authentically you, I look forward to working with you.My PhilosophyI believe that the most important thing we can do today is to live our purpose. Often, we live our lives on auto-pilot. We go through the motions without really looking at where we are going. We have no big plan, but are like leaves being blown about by the wind.We must decide what we truly want before we can take the first step to our goal. What is holding you back? It's not what someone told you that you should do or what you think you should do. The thing you are resisting is what you know you must do, deep in your heart, to be the truly powerful you.As an attorney, I counseled businesses of all sizes. I saw, up close and personal, the mistakes business owners make in running their companies. My experience as an attorney gave me insight into what works to grow a business and what can hold it back or stop growth in it's tracks.As an entrepreneur, I tapped into my own creative wisdom to move business forward and really connect the dots to success. I learned much about myself as a leader in my business and my community. My experience as an entrepreneur taught me about authentic marketing and systems that work.I use all my experience, from the practice of law, coaching and my conscious business beliefs, to help you create a foundation for a fulfilling and sustainable business that is aligned with your purpose and vision.Creating a business is a transformational journey. I would love to help you manifest a successful business that aligns with your passion and purpose. Please call or email me for a free 30 minute Business Break Through session so we can co-create your next step to business fulfillment.
  • The art of setting Achievable Goals consists of getting specific real fast... hone in on the details... ask the who, what, when, how and how much questions in the blink of an eye... and move real fast to the two big questions: What's Important Now... What's Important Next (think WIN... WIN.)
  • No question, if you're reading this page, you're smart enough to achieve anything you want in life. Given your intellectual and emotional makeup (whatever it is), you are still responsible for creating the life you want. This means producing Results. The Results you produce over your lifetime is how your success will ultimately be measured—not by any score. Success is not measured by good intentions—or how much effort you expend—or how badly you want it. Instead, success is entirely dependent upon the Results you actually get in the Time you have. The simplicity of our formula says it all. In order to become the success you desire—simply produce better Results, and do it in less Time. Actually, the process is quite simple: Systematically identify what's holding you back... Eliminate it.
  • Are you capable of achieving results beyond expectation... or are you spinning your wheels, confusing EFFORT with RESULTS?
  • Personal power is an internal resource that can overcome virtually any kind of handicap, including lack of education, natural ability, and financial resources. Power is what makes it possible for athletes with average ability to consistently come through in the clutch. Or for successful entrepreneurs to overcome one obstacle after another on the way to making fortunes.
  • You can achieve your greatest hopes and dreams... you can attain your most important goals... you can advance your career to new heights...
  • Investing in YourselfDollar for dollar, this wisdom-packed series could be the best investment you ever make, because it's an investment in yourself. And the nice thing about personal power is that it's an internal asset, which means that it can never be taken from you - not even by an oppressive government. It also makes you immune to the state of the economy and other external factors.Take advantage of this golden opportunity to join the millions of entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals in all walks of life who have made gigantic strides toward achieving their personal and professional goals by implementing Suzanna’s enormous repertoire of unique ideas and strategies.
  • Reap the enormous benefits of Suzanna's unique insights into every aspect of power - including what it is, what it does, and how you can acquire it, keep it, and use it to get everything you want in life.As you work with the down-to-earth practices described in this book, you'll marvel as:Fears, doubts, and worries about tomorrow start to fade awayYou enjoy new enthusiasm and real love for lifeYour present moments fill with assurance, wisdom, and strengthThe problems of the past lose their grip on your heart and mindStress and insecurity are replaced by relaxed confidenceDesign Your Destiny will provide you with all of the instructions you need to make the journey to the invisible world within, and take possession and command of your own thoughts and feelings. What an adventure awaits you once you gain the powers needed to design your own destiny!
  • develop the skills to work smarter... compete smarter... and live smarter. Our objective is to make you smarter TODAY than you were YESTERDAY... but not as smart as you'll be TOMORROW...
  • "The ideas I stand for are not mine. I borrowed them from Socrates. I swiped them from Chesterfield. I stole them from Jesus. And I put them in a book. If you don't like their rules, whose would you use?" ~ Dale Carnegie
  • If ever I get caught up in "Why isn't this happening fast enough?", getting into a place of self-doubt or blaming the process, I remind myself of this, and things seem to just work themselves out, rather quickly. That's the Mindset part of the equation. Then, a sign shows up, the project advances and the results start coming in, quicker than I imagined. But if I stay in that place of doubt, worry or worse, blame, it surely gets worse.You are ultimately responsible for your own successes, your actions, and most importantly how you see your own progress and success. YOU create your future and your results, based on how you choose to see the world and the way you react to life. A person coming from a VICTIM point of view will always see fault in the process. That's Universal Law. A person coming from a VICTORIOUS point of view will always see opportunity, no matter what's in front of them.
  • Here's the process that sometimes occurs:1) Doubt begins to creep in2) Then Worry3) Followed by Fear4) And then irrational Anger (at themselves, at others, at anything)
  • When you do this work we promise that the rest of your life will be the best of your life.
  • Ever notice it is easier to work on something you are passionate about? That’s because you have emotionalized that desire and all of your expressions naturally gravitate toward manifesting it.Another term for emotionalizing is “Passion.” You cannot initialize a creation until you have put your passion behind it. The more you emotionalize something the greater its ability to penetrate your subconscious so that theSubconscious accepts it. This is also a signal to the universe that you are serious about what you want. If you haven’t emotionalized something then it can’t mean that much to you. According to the universe,You don’t want it enough.Another important alignment exercise is to check in with your values to uncover any hidden beliefs around money, love,and happiness. These values and beliefs can undermine your creation efforts if they are in opposition to your desires.
  • The frequency with which you actually perform the recommended actions determines the current level of your performance, and ultimately, the probability of your success.
  • Are you taking ACTION to move your dreams into your life? Are you living your MISSION? If not, why not?Next week…Do you Expect little out of life... for fear of being disappointed?Or do you raise the bar each day, setting a new higher standard for yourself—creating world-changing Expectations—and holding yourself fully accountable for achieving them? Do you Expect the good things in life... or just whatever life hands you? Do you have sky-high Expectations—coupled with the Power to exceed them—or do you just hope and pray to make it through the day?
  • Module 3 part-1

    1. 1. now
    2. 2. Module ThreeStep Two: Learn how to createthe results-producing Personal Powernecessary to meet or exceed yourexpectations.
    3. 3. Super Hero Expectations require Greater Oomph Power … You will achieve your goals sooner—because you perform better. Ignite your Heart Fire Get Ready to Rock Aim for the Starsnow
    4. 4. When you have a severe time limit, youbecome smarter. POWER UP YOUR LIFE! Push the Oomph Button!
    6. 6. now Everything you will ever be, do or have in life comes down to four things: Who you are as a person. What you do. How you do things. Why you do the things you do.
    7. 7. The Four Legs of Your Performance –
    8. 8. Your WHO…The Source of all your dreams and visions.You can achieve your greatest hopes anddreams ...You can attain your most important goals...You can advance your career to newheights...
    9. 9. Your WHAT you do…Ability to turn your dreams intospecific targets.Plan your steps in order to achieveyour goals. Refine your ability to Focus on what’s MOST Important.
    10. 10. Your HOW… Your ability to work with and through others …Organize and automate what you do …Get maximum value from each minute inyour day …Initiate action and follow through.
    11. 11. "Action is the true measure of intelligence.“ ~ Napoleon Hill
    12. 12. Your WHY… Your passion, purpose and meaning in life. You supply the desire, the universe will take you higher.
    13. 13. Believe you have Intense Power…Decide to turn your Vision into Powerful Results.
    14. 14. Our task is to be receptive and willing; to be open to what is trying to reach us and teach us about the truth of ourselves,and to accept the inner responsibility these timeless lessons reveal as being good and necessary for our freedom. ~ Guy Finley
    15. 15. You have the power to RealizeYour Destiny.Yes, you can… IF you assess theelements of your Performance.
    16. 16. You have the power to Change.Your objective is to make yourself smarterTODAY than you were YESTERDAY...But not as smart as youll be TOMORROW...
    17. 17. Your Beliefs Drive Your EXPECTATIONS...Your EXPECTATIONS drive your CHOICES... Your CHOICES drive your PERFORMANCE.
    18. 18. You have the power oftaking action and creatingfeelings within you tocreate your dreams andachieve your goals.
    19. 19. THE INCREDIBLE POWER OF THOUGHT,EMOTION AND BELIEF…BELIEF IS THE ULTIMATE SECRETBEHIND IT ALL!Believe and you really will receive.Believe and you really will achieve.
    20. 20. How About Positive Attitude?Dont wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain.
    21. 21. How About Courage?Create a steady stream of positives toflood your performance, moving you towards success. Happiness is not a condition, it is a decision.
    22. 22. How About Belief In You OrFaith In A Higher Power Or Both? When you can see the invisible, anything is possible.
    23. 23. How About Perseverance? "I am positively expecting great results, nomatter what I see in front of me. The Universe is rearranging itself for my best interest right now.“ God helps those that persevere.
    24. 24. force of feelings and beliefs.No amount of positive thinkingcan cancel out the immense forceof feelings and beliefs. Don’t like the way you are feeling, change your thoughts.
    25. 25. The Factors Of SuccessDo you have the results-producing necessary to meetor exceed your Expectations?
    26. 26. Fearless Winner’s Mindset
    27. 27. To Create What We Desire, We Must…Align ALL Dimensions Of Our BeingIncluding our thoughts, feelings, speechand action…And our conscious, subconscious, superconscious minds.
    28. 28. Emotionalize and AlignWhat you emotionalize you initialize.Values – emotionalized truths.Passion…emotions…that is whatdrives alignment.
    29. 29. Your emotions impact Your performanceWhich impacts EVERYTHING You will ever be, do and have in life. Just DO it...
    30. 30. THE ACHIEVENT OF BIG GOALS Goals, Plans, Priorities… are extraordinarily specific elements of your performance. Synergize Organize Optimize Act Now
    31. 31. Look around you…Nature is always seeking balanceand harmony.So can you!