Retain Your Customer Base by using CSnLP Express


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How to use Compliant Management System to maximize your profit.
Let your customers share their visit's experience with you in three seconds or less, and monitor the results by using the live scoreboard provided by Swift Tab Survey Express

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Retain Your Customer Base by using CSnLP Express

  1. 1. Using CSnLP Express to retain your customer base
  2. 2. The 5 stages of customer complaints
  3. 3. 1st Stage • Are your customers getting a good customer experience? • On average, 22% of your customers will be dissatisfied with their experience.
  4. 4. 2nd Stage • Do they complain? • An astonishing 96% of dissatisfied customers will not even tell you they're unhappy. This is often because there isn't an effective channel for complaints. • If you don't know they're dissatisfied you're powerless to fix it.
  5. 5. 3rd Stage • Are they satisfied by the complaints process? • Typically, 62% of complaining customers will be dissatisfied by the process or the outcome of the complaint. • This is often due to poor management of the complaints handling process or a lack of process altogether.
  6. 6. 4th Stage • How do dissatisfied customers act? • On average, 55% of the silently dissatisfied customers will end their relationship with your company, while the rest will be at risk of doing so. • Also, if customers get an unsatisfactory response to their complaints, 40% are likely to walk away. • The good news is that customers whose complaints are satisfactorily dealt with will stay loyal to you.
  7. 7. 5th Stage • Overall result: • On average, your business will lose 12% of its total customers each year due to poor complaints management or an inaccessible complaints process, • and a further 10% will be at serious risk.
  8. 8. Financial Impact Company XYZ Customer base: 100,000 Rev/Customer/year: $100 Total revenue: $10,000,000 Good Experience: 78,000 ($7,800,000) Poor Experience: 22,000 ($2,200,000) Poor Experience Complain: 880 ($88,000) Don't Complain: 21,120 ($2,112,000)
  9. 9. Financial Impact (cont.) Poor Experience (expanded): 22,000 ($2,200,000) Complain: 880 ($88,000) Satisfied: 334 ($33,440) Disappointed: 546 ($54,560) At risk: 327 ($32,736) End relationship: 218 ($21,824) Don't Complain: 21,120 ($2,112,000) At risk: 9,504 ($950,400) End relationship: 11,616 ($1,161,600) Bottom Line Revenue at risk: $983,136 (9.83%) Lost Revenue: $1,183,424 (11.83%)
  10. 10. So What Should We Do? • We need to urge dissatisfied customers to complain. • We need to have an effective complaints management strategy.
  11. 11. How Can CSnLP Help? • CSnLP Solutions provides tools for your dissatisfied customers to: – Rate the products and services you offer, – File complaints when they suffer of poor experience, – do that while they are still at your site, – and be sure that the complaints will reach the management secretly and on the spot.
  12. 12. How Can CSnLP Help? • CSnLP Solutions provides tools for your complaint handling staff to: – Receive complaints from all branches on their computers without the need of paper forms or reinputting data, – filter, sort and categorize complaints as your internal polices define them, – follow-up complaints until they reach the closure stage.
  13. 13. How Do CSnLP Do That? 1. We urge dissatisfied customers to file complaints by deploying: CSnLP Express • We deploy it at the cashier desk, on the counter, in the waiting area or at the exit door. • Customers need only 3 seconds to rate the service and about 30 seconds to file a complaint if they have one.
  14. 14. CSnLP Express
  15. 15. How Do CSnLP Do That? 2. We help your compliant staff to respond to every complaint filed by using: Express.CSnLP.Com • It will provide the ratings of the survey spread by hours, days, weeks and months. • It will provide the complaints of the dissatisfied customers so that they can handle them according to your complaint handling policies.
  16. 16. Express.CSnLP.Com
  17. 17. Did we Help? In Just 4 weeks, the filing of complaints nearly doubled
  18. 18. Conclusion • We can help dissatisfied customers when they do file complaints. • We can retain our customer base when we listen to their needs, comments, and complaints. • Retaining our customer base means more revenue. • And Yes, We Can Do It.
  19. 19. CSnLP Express Express Your Experience Q&A