Waterwise Gardening and Irrigation Systems


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Waterwise Gardening and Irrigation Systems

  1. 1. Victorian gardeners use 406 800 000 litres of water a day WaterWise The WaterWise in the Garden initiative has Gardening been introduced to help gardeners reduce Saves Water their water consumption. Saves Work Saves Money andThe Benefits of Being WaterWise Saves Our EnvironmentThere are three major benefits to being WaterWise Want More Information?in your garden: The "WaterWise in the Garden" initiative is designed to help gardeners A WaterWise Gardener will Save Money... by providing expert Governments throughout Australia are reviewing information on how to the way in which we pay for water. In the future maintain a high quality when we save water, we will save money. By garden but at the same time applying the "WaterWise in the Garden" ideas, conserve water. Goulburn you have the potential to cut your outdoor Valley Water is eager to help water use by up to 50% whilst still maintaining a gardeners be WaterWise. green, pleasant and rewarding garden. For further advice, information and practical assistance on A WaterWise Garden is a Low Maintenance water conservation in the Garden... garden, speak to your local With smaller lawn areas, clever use of mulching nursery industry professional and landscaping and a well designed irrigation or call: system, WaterWise gardens are a lot less work than conventional gardens. Goulburn Valley Water A WaterWise Garden is more natural 5832 0400 and helps to save our environment... A WaterWise Gardener helps to save our environment by: • Reducing use of fertilisers and chemicals. • Reducing water run off to the stormwater system (which runs straight into our waterways). • Helping to delay the need for further dams. Brochures available in this series • WaterWise Watering & Irrigation Systems WaterWise Gardening... •Successful Pot Plants Using Less Water G.V.P.S. 01/02 • How to Identify Water Efficient Plants at a Glance Benefiting the Individual • You Can Have Beautiful Flowers and Still Conserve Water and the Community •Saving Water, Work and Money with Your Existing Lawn •Water Efficient Shrubs
  2. 2. WaterWise Watering and Irrigation SystemsThere is a wide range of watering systems currently Hose and Sprinkler Users What to Look For When Purchasingavailable on the market, ranging from the a New Irrigation System Gardeners using hoses and sprinklers can be assophisticated, to the simple hose and sprinkler. No efficient as those who have automatic irrigation An automatic irrigation system can be a great waymatter which system you use, there are a number systems, simply by planning their watering and of increasing your leisure time, efficiently wateringof basic rules to follow when using a garden sticking to a pattern. your garden and saving water.irrigation system: • Water in the early evening or early morning Tips for reducing water use when using a hose and A few things to check which will ensure trouble– because less water is lost through evaporation. sprinkler include: free system operation and years of water savings. (Never water in the heat of the day. It wastes • Use a tap timer so you cant overwater if you • Ensure the person designing the system is an water and can lead to plant damage from forget to turn off the hose. Irrigation Association of Australia (I.A.A.) burning.) • Make sure your hose, sprinkler and fittings are in member. This is a voluntary industry good condition. Repair leaks and tighten up the association, but they can help should any Disease susceptible plants such as tomatoes fittings. conflict arise. should only be watered in the morning so • Use a part circle sprinkler close to buildings and • Look carefully at the plan. It should have leaves are as dry as possible at night. roads to avoid overspray onto paving. separate sections for lawns and gardens. The • Water the roots, not the leaves of your plants. sprinklers should throw away from the road, (Plants absorb water and nutrients through drive, house, paving etc. Improving Water Efficiency With Your their root system, so the most efficient way to Existing Automatic Irrigation System • Get a written quote and buy a multi-program water is to deliver the water direct to the controller, which separates lawns and gardens. roots.) If you already have an automatic system, there are • Fit a master valve and ensure the plumbing many ways you can save water and still maintain a connection is done by someone qualified. • Don’t water when it is raining. (People with healthy garden. Some tips include: automatic watering systems need to pay • Find out the application rate of the different particular attention to ensure these systems are • Check the system for nozzle blockages, or to see sprinklers used in the system so that you can switched off during rainy periods.) if foliage is interrupting spray patterns. schedule your controller. Your irrigation • Do not water paths or driveways. • Replace the nozzles if they are worn. specialist can provide this information. • If you notice a dry patch, put in an extra • Question the selection of sprinklers - are they WaterWise irrigation is about delivering sprinkler - dont overwater the rest to best suited to your application? the right amount of water; at the compensate. • Use micro-irrigation in garden beds and right time; to the right place • Check the operating pressure. The pressure can drippers on native plants. change over the years and your system may needHow much water you apply and how often you changes to cope with a lower, or even higher • If you are in a windy location, use a largeirrigate depends on the type of plants, type of soil, pressure, to remain efficient. droplet size sprinkler to minimise wind drift.climate and the time of year. • Ask for the features of the controller to be fully explained. Make sure it lets you waterYour irrigation professional or local nursery will be lawns and gardens separately.able to offer you advice on how long to water andhow often to water your plants. For maximum water efficiency, change the setting each season.