Waterwise Plants for Lincoln and South East Nebraska


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Waterwise Plants for Lincoln and South East Nebraska

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Waterwise Plants for Lincoln and South East Nebraska

  1. 1. Waterwise Plants for Lincoln & SE NebraskaPresented byThe Mayors WaterConservation Task Force
  2. 2. Waterwise Plants for Lincoln, Nebraska As Lincoln’s population continues to grow, newpressures will be put on available public water resources. Usingwater wisely in the landscape is a vital part of waterconservation. When you plan your landscape, be sure to includespecific goals to reduce water use. Although the plants listed here are valued for their lowwater needs, they still require regular watering during the firstyear. Plants develop healthy root systems when they arewatered slowly. This allows moisture to soak into the groundinstead of running off. When planting perennials, prepare the soil beforeplanting by adding organic matter. To enrich the soil, improveaeration and drainage, spread a 2-4 inch layer of organicmatter on the soil surface. Dig this layer in to a depth of 6inches. While compost or well-rotted manure is best, choppedleaves or grass clippings can be used although they may tie upsome of the available nitrogen in the soil, making an additionalapplication of fertilizer necessary. In most instances, soilimprovement is not recommended when planting trees andshrubs. Testing your soil before planting is always a good idea. After planting, add a layer of mulch over the soil toretain moisture and reduce runoff. Mulching also helps tocontrol weeds. Three to four inches of mulch is plenty. Lincoln nursery and garden centers will carry most ofthe plants listed in this brochure. If you have questions about aplant’s suitability in your landscape, contact your nursery orthe Lancaster County Cooperative Extension Service. Table of ContentsTrees............................................................................1-4Shrubs....................................................................... 5-10Perennials............................................................... 10-23Ornamental Grasses................................................ 23-26 Symbols Key Shade Part Sun Full Sun Attracts Butterflies
  3. 3. TreesBUCKEYE, OHIOAesculus glabraBloom Color: WhiteBloom Time: MayHeight: 45-50’Spread: 35-45’Remarks: Rounded tree with spring flower panicles followed by seed pods. Displays strong drought tolerance.CHOKECHERRYPrunus speciesBloom Color: WhiteBloom Time: April-MayHeight: 25-30Spread: 15-20’Remarks: Tough native tree that suckers to form thickets. Mow to keep in tree form. Great drought tolerance. Purple-leafed varieties available.CRABAPPLEMalus cultivarsBloom Color: White, pinkBloom Time: April-MayHeight: 8-25’Spread: 6-25’Remarks: Showy blooms. New varieties with persistent fruit and disease tolerance. 1
  4. 4. TreesGINKGO, MAIDENHAIR TREEGinkgo bilobaHeight: 45-50’Spread: 30-40’Remarks: Fan shaped leaves turn yellow in fall. Slow grower. Tolerates air pollution. Smaller varieties available.GOLDENRAIN TREEKoelreuteria paniculataBloom Color: YellowBloom Time: June-JulyHeight: 25-30’Spread: 15-20’Remarks: Lovely flowers and pod-like fruit. Tough and very drought tolerant.HAWTHORNCrataegus speciesBloom Color: WhiteBloom Time: May-JuneHeight: 25-35Spread: 15-20’Remarks: Tough, small tree with nice fall fruit.HONEYLOCUSTGleditsia triancanthosHeight: 40-50’Spread: 35-40’Remarks: Graceful habit with yellow fall color. A very tough tree. Look for thornless and seedless varieties. 2
  5. 5. TreesKENTUCKY COFFEETREEGymnocladus dioicusHeight: 50-60’Spread: 35-45’Remarks: Adaptable to harsh conditions once established. Seedpods are poisonous.LINDENTilia speciesBloom Color: WhiteBloom Time: MayHeight: 40-60’Spread: 30-50’Remarks: Some are native to plains. Nice heart shaped leaves and fragrant blooms.MAPLEAcer speciesHeight: 25-60Spread: 25-50’Remarks: Many types are drought tolerant. Great fall color. Armur maple is smaller and available as multi-trunked.OAKOak speciesHeight: 50-60’Spread: 40-50’Remarks: Beautiful, durable trees. Many are drought tolerant and native. Interesting acorns, bark and leaf texture. Dwarf Chinkapin is available. 3
  6. 6. TreesPINEPinus speciesHeight: 50-60’Spread: 40-50’Remarks: Many to choose from. Ponderosa, Bristlecone, Limber and Red Pine for drier soil.REDBUDCercis canadensisBloom Color: Reddish-purple, whiteBloom Time: April-MayHeight: 20-30’Spread: 20-25’Remarks: Loaded with Spring blooms. Prefers growing in some shade.SERVICEBERRYAmelanchier speciesBloom Color: WhiteBloom Time: April-MayHeight: 15-25Spread: 8-12’Remarks: Beautiful native tree/shrub. White flowers in spring followed by summer fruit that birds love.SPRUCE; BLUE, BLACK HILLSPicea speciesHeight: 35-50’Spread: 25-40’Remarks: Blue-green color on this evergreen. Very drought tolerant. 4
  7. 7. ShrubsBUFFALO CURRANTRibes odoratumBloom Color: YellowBloom Time: June-JulyHeight: 3-6Spread: 2-4Remarks: Native clove-scented shrub with black berries.BUSH CINQUEFOILPotentilla speciesBloom Color: Yellow, orange, white, salmonBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 2-4Spread: 3-6Remarks: Heat loving shrub with bright colors and compact habit.BUTTERFLY BUSHBuddleia speciesBloom Color: Pink, white, purpleBloom Time: July-SeptemberHeight: 3-10Spread: 3-6Remarks: Colorful bloom spikes set on silvery foliage.CHOKEBERRYAronia speciesBloom Color: WhiteBloom Time: May-JuneHeight: 5-8Spread: 4-5Remarks: Native, adaptable shrub with seasonal interest: Blooms, fruit and vibrant fall color. 5
  8. 8. ShrubsCORAL BERRYSymphoricarpos orbiculatusBloom Color: White, pinkBloom Time: MayHeight: 3-6Spread: 4-6Remarks: Native. Arching branches are heavy with berries all winter.COTONEASTERCotoneaster speciesBloom Color: White, pinkBloom Time: May-JuneHeight: 2-5Spread: 4-6Remarks: Nice fruit display, fall color.DOGWOODCornus speciesBloom Color: White, yellowBloom Time: May-JuneHeight: 3-10Spread: 3-8Remarks: Red and yellow twig color adds to winter landscape. Variegated leaves on some types. Seasonal interest.FERNLEAF BUCKTHORNRhamnus asplenifoliaHeight: 10-15Spread: 6-9Remarks: Willow-leafed shrub has an exotic look. Very tough shrub. 6
  9. 9. ShrubsFLOWERING QUINCEChaenomeles speciesBloom Color: White, pink, redBloom Time: March-AprilHeight: 6-10Spread: 4-6Remarks: Stems are loaded with delicate blooms in Spring.FORSYTHIAForsythia speciesBloom Color: YellowBloom Time: March-AprilHeight: 8-10Spread: 4-6Remarks: Brilliant yellow flowers in early spring.JUNIPERJuniperus speciesHeight: 1-6Spread: 5-8Remarks: Durable evergreen used for screens, hedges and windbreaks.LILACSyringa speciesBloom Color: White, lilac, rose-purpleBloom Time: MayHeight: 6-12Spread: 6-8Remarks: Very fragrant blooms on shiny green foliage. 7
  10. 10. ShrubsMOCK ORANGEPhiladelphus speciesBloom Color: WhiteBloom Time: April-MayHeight: 6-8Spread: 4-8Remarks: Very fragrant white blooms cover entire shrub.NINEBARKPhysocarpus opulifoliousBloom Color: WhiteBloom Time: May-JuneHeight: 5-8Spread: 3-5Remarks: Blooms and exfoliating bark on this upright shrub. Showy purple-leafed forms available.PINEPinus speciesHeight: 3-8Spread: 3-8Remarks: Evergreen that is suitable for small spaces, rock gardens. Mugo is a nice choice.ROSE, SHRUBRosa rugosaBloom Color: White, red, pink, yellowBloom Time: June-SeptemberHeight: 3-8Spread: 4-6Remarks: Easy care, lots of color. Some are fragrant. Landscape roses are also drought tolerant. 8
  11. 11. ShrubsSERVICEBERRYAmelanchier speciesBloom Color: WhiteBloom Time: April-MayHeight: 6-12Spread: 5-10Remarks: White spring blooms followed by edible fruit. Red and orange fall color.SPIREASpiraea speciesBloom Color: Pink, whiteBloom Time: May-OctoberHeight: 3-7Spread: 3-6Remarks: Long blooming if sheared. Excellent fall color.ST. JOHNS WORTHypericum speciesBloom Color: YellowBloom Time: June-JulyHeight: 3-6Spread: 3-6Remarks: Sunny yellow flowers on compact shrub.SUMACRhus speciesBloom Color: Red, maroonBloom Time: AugustHeight: 2-15Spread: 5-12Remarks: Native, withstands heat/drought. Brilliant fall color, fruit set. 9
  12. 12. ShrubsVIBURNUMViburnum speciesBloom Color: White, blush pinkBloom Time: May-JuneHeight: 4-18Spread: 3-10Remarks: Large genus that offers choices for any space. Attributes include: blooms, fruit clusters, fall color.PerennialsANEMONEAnemone sylvestrisBloom Color: WhiteBloom Time: MayHeight: 18"Spread: 24-36"Remarks: Native, vigorous spreader.ARTEMISIAArtemisia speciesBloom Color: White, very smallBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 12-36"Spread: 18-36"Remarks: Beautiful silver foliage. Many types available.ASTERAster speciesBloom Color: White, purple, pinkBloom Time: July-SeptemberHeight: 12-24"Spread: 18-36"Remarks: Prairie asters are very drought tolerant. Pinch back stems in early summer for compact habit. 10
  13. 13. PerennialsBABYS BREATHGypsophila paniculataBloom Color: WhiteBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 36"Spread: 36"Remarks: Dwarf cultivar available, great for cut flowersBASKET-OF-GOLDAurinia saxitillisBloom Color: Gold-yellowBloom Time: MayHeight: 18"Spread: 18"Remarks: Shear after blooming.BEEBALMMonarda didymaBloom Color: Red, pink, purpleBloom Time: July-SeptemberHeight: 18-36"Spread: 24-36"Remarks: Dwarf varieties available. Can be very vigorous in growth.BERGENIABergenia cordifoliaBloom Color: Rose pinkBloom Time: April-MayHeight: 15"Spread: 18"Remarks: Glossy, semi evergreen leaves with blooms in spring. 11
  14. 14. PerennialsBLACK-EYED SUSANRudbeckia speciesBloom Color: Yellow, goldBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 18-24"Spread: 18-24"Remarks: Native, daisy-like flowers are great for cutting.BLANKET FLOWERGaillardia speciesBloom Color: Crimson red with yellow accentsBloom Time: June-AugustHeight: 16-24"Spread: 16-24"Remarks: Very drought tolerant. Provide good drainage.BLUE FALSE INDIGOBaptisia australisBloom Color: Indigo blueBloom Time: May-JuneHeight: 36"Spread: 36"Remarks: Native prairie plant. Dwarf variety available.BOLTONIA, FALSE CHAMOMILEBoltonia asteroidesBloom Color: White, pale pinkBloom Time: August-OctoberHeight: 36"Spread: 36-42"Remarks: Great fall color. Shear back in early summer to prevent from falling over. 12
  15. 15. PerennialsBUTTERFLY MILKWEEDAsclepias tuberosaBloom Color: OrangeBloom Time: JulyHeight: 18-24"Spread: 18"Remarks: Native prairie plant with clusters of orange flowers.CANDYTUFTIberis sempervirensBloom Color: WhiteBloom Time: MayHeight: 15"Spread: 18"Remarks: Shear after blooming.CARNATION, PINKSDianthus speciesBloom Color: Pink shades, purple, roseBloom Time: June-AugustHeight: 6-18"Spread: 12-24"Remarks: Nice blue-green foliage and flowers for cutting.CATMINTNepeta speciesBloom Color: Lavender blueBloom Time: May-AugustHeight: 12"-18"Spread: 18-24"Remarks: Easy to grow and drought tolerant. Blooms persist all season if faded flowers are cut back. 13
  16. 16. PerennialsCOLUMBINEAquilegia speciesBloom Color: Blue, purple, red, pink, yellowBloom Time: May-JulyHeight: 12-24"Spread: 12-24"Remarks: Versatile plant for sun or shade.CONEFLOWEREchinacea speciesBloom Color: White, pink, purpleBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 18-24"Spread: 18-24"Remarks: Drought tolerant native plant.CONEFLOWER, MEXICAN HATRatibidaBloom Color: YellowBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 24-36"Spread: 24-36"Remarks: Native plant with showy blooms.CORAL BELLSHeuchera speciesBloom Color: Red, pinkBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 8-12"Spread: 12-18"Remarks: Leaf colors range from purple to marbled greens. Nice stems of tubular flowers. 14
  17. 17. PerennialsCRANESBILLGeranium speciesBloom Color: Blue, rose, pink, white, pale pink, magentaBloom Time: May-SeptemberHeight: 12-24"Spread: 12-36"Remarks: Hardy, dependable plant for any area. Showy blooms. Many sizes and colors.DAYLILYHemerocallis speciesBloom Color: Yellow, pink, red and moreBloom Time: June-SeptemberHeight: 18"-36"Spread: 24"-36"Remarks: Many cultivars are repeat bloomers.FLAX, GOLDENLinum flavumBloom Color: YellowBloom Time: June- JulyHeight: 12"-24"Spread: 12"-24"Remarks: Dislikes heavy clay soil. Amend soil with gravel.GAYFEATHERLiatris speciesBloom Color: Purple, whiteBloom Time: July-SeptemberHeight: 18"-24"Spread: 18"-24"Remarks: Attractive spiked blooms. 15
  18. 18. PerennialsGOLDENRODSolidago speciesBloom Color: Golden yellowBloom Time: August-SeptemberHeight: 18-36"Spread: 18-36"Remarks: Easy to grow, compact hybrids available.HOSTAHosta speciesBloom Color: White, lavenderBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 12-40"Spread: 12-40"Remarks: Many varieties. Drought tolerant once established.IRISIris speciesBloom Color: Purple, blue, white, pink, yellowBloom Time: May-JuneHeight: 12-36"Spread: 18-24"Remarks: Drought tolerant and tough. Do not bury rhizomatous root too deep for risk of rotting.LAMBS EARStachys byzantinaBloom Color: Pale pink (small)Bloom Time: JulyHeight: 12-18"Spread: 18-36"Remarks: Great fuzzy silver foliage. Is a vigorous grower that thrives in poor, dry soils. 16
  19. 19. PerennialsLEADPLANTAmorpha canescensBloom Color: Lavender blueBloom Time: June-JulyHeight: 24-36"Spread: 18-24"Remarks: Tough native shrub-like plant.LENTEN ROSEHelleborus orientalisBloom Color: White, rose, purpleBloom Time: April-MayHeight: 18"Spread: 18"Remarks: Leathery leaves and nice early spring blooms.MEADOW SAGE, SALVIASalvia x sylvestrisBloom Color: Dark purple, violetBloom Time: May-OctoberHeight: 18-24"Spread: 18-24"Remarks: Showy spikes of flowers. Shear back all spent flowers to get continual blooms.OZARK SUNDROPS, EVENING PRIMROSEOenothera macrocarpaBloom Color: YellowBloom Time: May-JulyHeight: 6-12"Spread: 24"Remarks: Large, cup shaped flowers on this native plant. Exceptional drought tolerance. 17
  20. 20. PerennialsPENSTEMON, BEARDTONGUEPenstemon speciesBloom Color: Red, purple, rose, white, pinkBloom Time: June-JulyHeight: 12-36"Spread: 18-24"Remarks: Showy tubular flowers on long stems. Needs well drained soils.PEONYPaeonia lactifloraBloom Color: ManyBloom Time: May-JuneHeight: 36"Spread: 36-48"Remarks: Fragrant, showy spring blooms. Drought tolerant once established.PINCUSHION FLOWERScabiosa columbariaBloom Color: Lavender blueBloom Time: May-SeptemberHeight: 12-18"Spread: 12-18"Remarks: Showy flowers set on long, tubular stems. Semi- evergreen foliage.PITCHER SAGESalvia azureaBloom Color: Blue-violetBloom Time: late July-early SeptemberHeight: 36-48"Spread: 36"Remarks: Native prairie plant. Exceptional drought tolerance. 18
  21. 21. PerennialsPOPPY MALLOW, WINECUPSCallirhoe involucrata, Callirhoe alcaeoidesBloom Color: Bright rose-purple, whiteBloom Time: June-AugustHeight: 12"Spread: 18"Remarks: Native groundcover. Excellent drought tolerance.PURPLE PRAIRIE CLOVERDalea purpureaBloom Color: PurpleBloom Time: June-JulyHeight: 12-18"Spread: 12-18"Remarks: Native prairie plant with round purple flower heads. Needs excellent drainage.PUSSYTOESAntennaria speciesBloom Color: WhiteBloom Time: JuneHeight: 6"Spread: 12"Remarks: Flower resembles cats paw.RATTLESNAKE MASTEREryngium yuccafoliumBloom Color: WhiteBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 24"Spread: 18"Remarks: Yucca-like foliage topped with rounded blooms. 19
  22. 22. PerennialsROCK CRESSArabis caucasiaBloom Color: WhiteBloom Time: May-JuneHeight: 6"Spread: 12-18"Remarks: Variegated foliage availableRUSSIAN SAGEPerovskia atriplicifoliaBloom Color: LavenderBloom Time: July-SeptemberHeight: 36-48"Spread: 36"Remarks: Delicate silver-gray foliage with spikes of blooms. Exceptional drought tolerance.SEA LAVENDERLimonium latifoliumBloom Color: LavenderBloom Time: JuneHeight: 18"Spread: 18"Remarks: Easy to grow. Provide good drainage. Nice cut flowers.SEDUMSedum speciesBloom Color: Pink, salmon, yellow, whiteBloom Time: July-OctoberHeight: 3-18"Spread: 12-36"Remarks: Many types available from ground covers to tall varieties. 20
  23. 23. PerennialsSKULLCAPScutellaria speciesBloom Color: PurpleBloom Time: June-AugustHeight: 10-12"Spread: 12-18"Remarks: Native variety Smoky Hills is very drought tolerant. Shear back after blooms fade for second flush.SNEEZEWEED, HELENS FLOWERHelenium autumnaleBloom Color: Yellow, orange, redBloom Time: August-SeptemberHeight: 24-36"Spread: 24"Remarks: Native plant. Good with ornamental grasses.SNOW IN SUMMERCerastium tomentosumBloom Color: WhiteBloom Time: May-JuneHeight: 8"Spread: 12"Remarks: Silvery leaves forms carpet.STOKES ASTERStokesia laevisBloom Color: Blue, purple, whiteBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 12-18"Spread: 18"Remarks: Showy blooms. Needs soil that drains well. 21
  24. 24. PerennialsTHYMEThymus speciesBloom Color: White, lavenderBloom Time: June-JulyHeight: 3-6"Spread: 12-24"Remarks: Use as ground cover or between paving stones.TICKSEEDCoreopsis speciesBloom Color: Lemon-yellow, goldBloom Time: May-SeptemberHeight: 12-36"Spread: 12-36"Remarks: Cut off spent blooms for continuous color.VERONICAVeronica speciesBloom Color: Purple, blue, white, roseBloom Time: May-AugustHeight: 2-24"Spread: 12-24"Remarks: Many types available from ground covers to upright varieties. Moderately drought tolerant.VINCAVinca minorBloom Color: LavenderBloom Time: May-JuneHeight: 3-6"Spread: 36" +Remarks: Easy to grow groundcover. 22
  25. 25. PerennialsYARROWAchillea speciesBloom Color: Yellow, gold, red, rose, orange, pink, whiteBloom Time: June-SeptemberHeight: 12-24"Spread: 18-24"Remarks: Exceptional drought tolerance. Some species are native. Cut back faded flowers to promote more blooms. Vigorous grower.YUCCA, SOAPWEEDYucca glauca, Yucca filamentosaBloom Color: Creamy whiteBloom Time: June-AugustHeight: 36"Spread: 36"Remarks: Spiny foliage not a good choice for high traffic areas. Yucca glauca is native to central U.S. Extremely drought tolerant.Ornamental GrassesBIG BLUESTEMAndropogon gerardiiBloom Color: Tan seedheadBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 48"Spread: 24"Remarks: Native prairie grass. Nice copper fall color. 23
  26. 26. Ornamental GrassesBLUE FESCUEFestuca glaucaBloom Color: Tan seedheadBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 12"Spread: 12"Remarks: Blue-gray tuft grass is showy when mass planted or at the border of flower beds.CAREX OR SEDGE GRASSCarex elata, Carex strictaBloom Color: Tan seedheadBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 12"Spread: 12-36"Remarks: Low growing, spreading groundcover grass with good drought tolerance. Nice variegated varieties available.FEATHER REED GRASSCalamagrostis x acutifoliaBloom Color: Tan seedheadBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 36-40"Spread: 24-36"Remarks: Soft, green blades with showy seedhead. Upright habit.LITTLE BLUESTEMSchizachyrium scopariumBloom Color: Tan seedheadBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 24-36"Spread: 18"Remarks: Nebraskas state grass. Nice blue-green blades and copper fall color. 24
  27. 27. Ornamental GrassesMISCANTHUS, SILVER GRASSMiscanthus sinensisBloom Color: Tan seedheadBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 3-6Spread: 18-24"Remarks: Some cultivars have showy variegated blades. Nice arching, graceful appearance.NORTHERN SEA OATSChasmanthium latifoliumBloom Color: Tan seedheadBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 30-36"Spread: 24-36"Remarks: Unique flat seed head. Reseeds, so plant in confined space or remove seedlings.PRAIRIE DROPSEEDSporobolus heterolepisBloom Color: Tan seedheadBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 24"Spread: 18"Remarks: Native prairie grass. Tolerates poor, dry soil. Graceful, narrow blades.RAVENNA GRASSSaccharum ravennae, Erianthus ravennaeBloom Color: Tan seedheadBloom Time: AugustHeight: 8-10Spread: 3-6Remarks: Very large grass with showy plumes. Cut to ground in early spring. 25
  28. 28. Ornamental GrassesSIDEOATS GRAMABouteloua curtipendulaBloom Color: Tan seedheadBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 36"Spread: 24"Remarks: Oat-like seed heads grow to one side of the stem. Good fall color.SWITCHGRASSPanicum virgatumBloom Color: Tan seedheadBloom Time: July-AugustHeight: 4-7Spread: 3Remarks: Native tall grass. Prairie Sky & Heavy Metal have blue tones. Shenandoah has red tipped blades. 26
  29. 29. Special Thanks to: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Horticulture Department Nebraska Statewide Arboretum arboretum.unl.edu Campbell’s Nurseries and Garden Centers Finke Gardens and Nursery Artwork by Renee’ Lanik, UNL Institute of Agriculture TM We encourage you to visit the waterwise gardens at Lincoln Water System 2021 N. 27th Street, Lincoln Visit the Mayor’s Water Conservation Task Force website at lincoln.ne.gov keyword: water Designed by CITIZEN INFORMATION CENTER 05/2005