Fiordland Link Experience - a photo journey showing the proposed route through Fiordland, New Zealand

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The Fiordland Link Experience will be a three-stage journey from Queenstown to Lake Te Anau in New Zealand and will provide a spectacular tourism experience. The Experience includes the Fiordland …

The Fiordland Link Experience will be a three-stage journey from Queenstown to Lake Te Anau in New Zealand and will provide a spectacular tourism experience. The Experience includes the Fiordland monorail.

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  • 1. Fiordland Link Experience- a photo journeyFiordland, New Zealand
  • 2. The Fiordland Link Experience journey begins in Queenstown – the “adventure capital of the world”.The first stage of the journey is from Queenstown across Lake Wakatipu by catamaran.
  • 3. Whites Bay with shore facilities for Mt Nicholas Station in foreground. Mt Nicholas 1458m is at left rearand Mt Turnbull 1910m is the peak on the right. The lower part of the Von River Valley is in between.
  • 4. Mt Nicholas Station facilities, where passengers transfer to an all-terrain vehicle.
  • 5. The beginning of the all-terrain vehicle journey. The road to the lower Von River Valley withMt Turnbull 1910m behind. Mt Turnbull and the other peaks to the right are part of theThomson Mountains.
  • 6. Looking up the Von River Valley towards Pasture Hill 1338m at back left.
  • 7. Pasture Hill 1338m left mid picture. Von River showing its braided character prior to enteringlower gorge.
  • 8. Pasture Hill 1338m and Mt Nicholas Road at its foot. The Valley is headed in a south west direction.Station Burn joins the Von River here.
  • 9. Eyre Mountains at left rear with Jane Peak the highest peak in the range mid image. The North Branchof the Von River joins the South Branch (pictured) just to the middle right of the image.
  • 10. The South Branch of the Von River with Mt Nicholas Road climbing out of the valley andupper gorge.
  • 11. Getting towards the crest of Mt Nicholas Road above the upper gorge in the Von River Valley.
  • 12. Top of the gorge hill looking towards White Burn.
  • 13. The Eyre Mountains and the catchment for White Burn. The highest point on the Mt Nicholas Roadis at the middle right of the image.
  • 14. Bush Creek.
  • 15. Bush Creek looking towards Black Spur Creek on left and Mt Campbell on right - 1605m. The OretiRiver is sourced from the eastern slopes of Mt Campbell as is the South Branch of the Von River.
  • 16. Bald Hill 1394m in background and the forested toe of Mt Campbell to the right.
  • 17. McKellars Flat.
  • 18. Pretty Hill 860m with the Gorge Burn (otherwise called Bullock Creek) at its base.
  • 19. Having crossed the Oreti River bridge the Mt Nicholas Road joins with and becomes the Mavora LakesRoad. Bare Peak 1209m is mid picture.
  • 20. The Neck. The Mavora Lakes Road and South Mavora Lake are behind the ridge. The LivingstoneMountains are in the background.
  • 21. The highest and closest peak is Mt Cerberus 1568m.
  • 22. Ram Hill to the left and Bare Peak 1209m mid picture with the Kiwi Burn saddle 675m to the right.The farmed areas are part of Hikuraki Station owned by Landcorp.
  • 23. Bald Peak 1209m, the Kiwi Burn Saddle and the original proposed Kiwi burn terminus location.
  • 24. The Mararoa River below the Kiwi Burn swing bridge. At the Kiwi Burn terminus, passengers transferto the Fiordland monorail for the journey to Lake Te Anau.
  • 25. The Kiwi Burn Saddle, tussock grasslands adjacent to part of the Kiwi Burn and in the background theMurchison Mountains beyond the western shore of Lake Te Anau.
  • 26. From the top of the Kiwi Burn Saddle 675m looking to farmed areas of Glen Echo Station. A finger fromLimestone Hill is visible in the middle right. The Murchison and Stuart Mountains are in the background.
  • 27. Limestone Hill finger and hill 1050m behind Takaro Lodge.
  • 28. Looking from Kiwi Burn Saddle across Glen Echo’s Whitestone River flats with Murchison and StuartMountains behind.
  • 29. Limestone Hill and Upper Whitestone River flats on Glen Echo Station.
  • 30. Dunton Peak taken from toe of Snowdon Peak with part of the finger of tussock and wetlands beforeAscension Creek.
  • 31. Whitestone River at foot of Snowdon Peak with Dunton Peak visible over the ridge.
  • 32. Looking towards Ascension Creek and the foot of Dunton Peak.
  • 33. Top of the finger with Dunton Peak behind 585m.
  • 34. Ascension Creek with a glimpse of the Upukerora River flats mid photograph.
  • 35. Upukerora River with Dunton Swamp access at right mid photograph.
  • 36. Upukerora River showing braided nature of river. Takaro Lodge can be seen left mid photograph.Te Anau township is approximately 25km away and very close to the River’s outlet.
  • 37. Wetlands to west of Upukerora River and now avoided by the proposed route.
  • 38. Near boundary between DOC estate and Te Anau Downs Station. Middle Fiord is flanked by Murchisonand Stuart Mountains. Main island is Doubtful Island. Monorail route is through valley and on to ridge atright mid photograph.
  • 39. The views from the ridge are world class and include the entire length of Lake Te Anau, its multiplefiords and more than six mountain ranges.
  • 40. Dropping down the ridge and looking out over the Henry Creek catchment towards Centre Island andbehind Doubtful Island. SH94 (hidden) is on the near side of Lake Te Anau.
  • 41. Small lake and wetlands to the north east of Henry Creek. Highest point is approximately 280m.Lake Te Anau is 204m.
  • 42. Airstrip at Te Anau Downs. Lake Mistletoe can just be seen below the same tree line.
  • 43. Boat Harbour near Te Anau Downs with SH94 in the foreground. The larger craft visible is the boat thattakes trampers to the start of the Milford Track.
  • 44. The view travellers on the monorail will experience as they arrive at the Te Anau Downs terminus.The buildings are part of an existing accommodation lodge.
  • 45. Boat Harbour and the Lodge premises with SH94 to Milford Sound. The Earl Mountains are to the leftand the Livingstone Mountains to the right with the Countess Range in front. The Countess Range in theright then joins the Dunton Range. Between the Earl Mountains and the Livingstone Mountains is theEglinton Valley.
  • 46. Looking north up Lake Te Anau with Boat Harbour and Bog Lake mid image. Beyond Bog Lake is theoutlet for the Eglinton River.
  • 47. Boat Harbour with Earl Mountains and Livingstone Mountains in background.
  • 48. Lake Mistletoe and its outlet flowing into Boat Harbour. The Airstrip is to the right of Lake Mistletoe.
  • 49. For more informationon the Fiordland Link Experienceor the Fiordland monorail follow us on twitter @fiordmonorail