Web3.0 keynote v2


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I talk to a lot of businesses that understand the importance of social media. Most of them have already started the journey but aren't quite sure what comes next.
I've designed this as a guide to help you through the set up phase so that you can ensure social services your entire business, not just the Marketing dept.

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Web3.0 keynote v2

  1. @fionas_hWEB 3.0fiona-scott-handleyImage  Credit  :  h.p://www.desktopwallpaperhd.net/wallpaper-­‐design32440.html  
  2. Your customers are shutting out yournoise and organising themselves aroundthe messages they want to hear.SO….. WEB 3.0 ?The whole web is mobileThe whole web is social
  3. Source:  slideshare.net/kleinerperkins/kpcb-­‐internet-­‐trends-­‐2013  Mobile just overtook desktop in ChinaMOBILEThis wasn’t ‘meant’ to happen until next yearImage:  h.p://etgafapasta.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/pull-­‐bear-­‐man-­‐collecDon-­‐hipster-­‐premium-­‐autumn-­‐winter-­‐invierno-­‐2012-­‐fashion-­‐trends-­‐modaddicDon-­‐91.jpg  
  4. The 7 steps to greatness*SO….. ARE YOU READY?*as decided by me
  5. •  Listen  •  Sort  your  strategy  (what  value  do  you  add?)  •  Rally  the  troops  (virtual/out-­‐sourced/in-­‐house)  •  Get  going  •  Test-­‐learn-­‐adapt  •  Measure    ListenSTEP 1:Which means you have to be quiet for a bit!h.p://3.bp.blogspot.com/-­‐DF9TD1ewBPE/TkLIQw_FzGI/AAAAAAAABHI/EJUxof_SE8E/s1600/pull-­‐and-­‐bear.jpg  
  6. BrandSTEP 2:Know what you stand forHow will you tell your story?h.p://4.bp.blogspot.com/-­‐ViIm70clEV0/T5fMvsWjJPI/AAAAAAAABgs/dBTN1-­‐P1W04/s1600/19.jpg  
  7. StrategySTEP 3:Get it sorted FIRSTUnderstand the value your brand addsh.ps://encrypted-­‐tbn1.gstaDc.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRLAY2Bm6kJR4yxN8ci2LyCsbbX8M4YZ8H-­‐uDT4VhcabOzuMPb8BQ  
  8. InfrastructureSTEP 4:Rally your troops (get your own A-Team!)You can have a real or virtual teamOutsource for gaps in expertiseProcess, process, process
  9. Get goingSTEP 5:Don’t wait for it to be perfectJust have a structure in placeTrack who’s doing whatImage  credit:  h.ps://encrypted-­‐tbn2.gstaDc.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTyLl_54k0XjzGUWggHbbd8B1Frqu6r0MSZQ4tndEpyzC6Q2BKr  
  10. Test – learn - adaptSTEP 6:QuicklyUse A/B testingLearn and move on. Don’t linger.Create your own wisdom
  11. MeasureSTEP 7:Customer knowledge (behavioural or buying insights)Advocacy (use your audience to talk to their audience)ARPU increases, churn decreasesBrand metricsImage  credit:  h.p://www.theblogismine.com