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Okanagan Waterwise: Be efficient watering your lawn or garden


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Okanagan Waterwise: Be efficient watering your lawn or garden

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Okanagan Waterwise: Be efficient watering your lawn or garden

  1. 1. Capital News Friday, July 29, 2011 A17 NEWS▼ USE OF WATERBe efficient wateringyour lawn or gardenCorinne JacksonCONTRIBUTOR It may seem odd tobe talking water conser-vation in such a wet year,but it’s really the best timeto start thinking about ourwater use. Even a number of lo- water in the world to irri- While the Okanagan’s cal golf courses, en- gate our lawns.2011 spring and summer joyed by locals and tour- Some have asked whyare cool and wet, 2010 ists alike, are looking we don’t just build largerwas a different story as to save water, changing of the valley nar- their landscape to native But building infra-rowly missed a serious plants and/or using treated structure is costly. Thedrought. So why wait for wastewater for spray irri- fact is, there is room fora crisis to plan ahead? gation. simple changes in the way The Okanagan is a However, there is sig- we use water that, if im-water-short region, with nificant room to make plemented, could createless water available per water work better in our significant water savingsperson than almost any- personal landscapes—in —and tax savings.where in Canada. particular, on our lawns. If you water your As the population of In all, 24 per cent of lawn, here are some easythis valley continues to all water we take out of tips to make water work: LAKE COUNTRYgrow, it could affect our Okanagan lakes and riv- • Water during the resident Deb Sippel uses awater supply. ers is used by residents coolest part of the day to watering can on the plants At the same time, re- outside. prevent evaporation. A that need it. Handwatering iscent studies conducted for This is the second good rule of thumb is 10 a great way to make waterthe Okanagan Basin Wa- largest human use of wa- p.m. to 6 a.m. work, allowing you to targetter Board have shown that ter, most of it being used • Water only when it’sclimate change may also in the summer on our needed. Most lawns only only those plants that trulyimpact our supply. lawns and gardens. need 2.5 centimetres (one need the moisture. It makes sense then While one can make inch) of water per week— CORINNE JACKSON/CONTRIBUTORto take this time to think the case that water on the about the depth of a tuna • Leave your grass 5 towisely about our wa- garden is used to grow can. Watering deeply and 8 cm tall. This slows wa-ter use and find ways to food—and thus is work- less often promotes deep, ter evaporation from themake water work in themost efficient and effec- ing water, lawns are most- ly cosmetic features. healthy root growth. If this isn’t working, then soil. • Landscape with na- Be water wise…tive way possible. It’s interesting to note the issue is unlikely how tive and low-water vari- The Okanagan’s that our water systems much water the lawn is ety plants. We are proud to be part of a progressive water uselakes, vineyards, orchards were built decades ago for getting. You may need to For more on Oka- community. Visit the City’s Water Smart websiteand golf courses—icon- agriculture—not residen- top dress or aerate. nagan WaterWise, visit and/or for water saving tips andic images for this valley— tial use. • Leave grass clip- examples of “work- And as residential de- pings as mulch on your information on the latest irrigation water,” providing an mand on these systems lawn. They help feed theeconomic benefit to the has grown so has the need lawn and retain moisture,valley. for costly water treatment requiring less water and Okanagan Water- The agricultural in- to meet drinking water reducing evaporation. Wise is an initiative of thedustry has made great regulations. • Position your sprin- Okanagan Basin Waterstrides to be more water- As a result, we’re us- kler to only water your Board. Corinne Jacksonefficient and this work is ing some of the best, most lawn or garden, not pave- is the Okanagan Water-continuing. highly-purified drinking ment. Wise coordinator. Your Irrigation Efficiency PartnerSweet corn sale info@waterkind.cafundraiser delayed We make it PROUDLY SERVING THE EASY for you to SAVE OKANAGAN MECHANICAL SINCE 1946 The Kelowna City Band’s Sweet Corn Sale has been A.R. DYCKpostponed due to poor growing weather throughout the Heating • Air Conditioning • Plumbing • Gas Fitting • Indoor Air Qualityprovince. Fresh Chilliwack corn will now be available on Sat- Two Stageurday, Aug. 13, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., from various locations TANKLESSin Kelowna, West Kelowna and Winfield. 80% EFFICIENT FURNACES WATER HEATERS Buy some corn and support your local musicians at starting ateither of these locations: Canadian Tire, Liquor Store by • RinnaiCoopers in the Mission, Trinity Baptist Church at Spalland Springfield. $3,249 installed or as low as 51 per month o.a.c. $ • NavienSnowbirds impact traffic CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONERS • Noritz Vehicle access to Knox Mountain Drive will be re- starting atstricted Monday, Aug. 1, from 3 to 6 p.m., to accommo-date the Canadian Forces Snowbirds airshow. Pedestri- $2,537 installed or as low as $40 per month access will be maintained. The airshow will take place from 5 to 5:30 p.m. over INTERIOR’S LARGEST PREMIER LENNOX DEALEROkanagan Lake. The preferred viewing areas for the show will be 3190 Sexsmith Road • 762-3122from Kerry Park to Waterfront Park.