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Kurt Dorset and Tracy Willcocks, Teachers at Takapuna School, trial ePortfolios

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E Portfolios

  1. 1. Are e-portfolios an effective method of reporting to parents?
  2. 2. •School review of existing portfolios. •An increasing amount of work was being mediated through ICT. •Professional reading. •Parent consultation. •Environmental issues. •Assessment- Feedback and feed forward.
  3. 3. •File management. •Rubric. •The survey. •Team feedback. •Next steps.
  4. 4. www.rubistar.com CATEGORY Expert Competent Developing Beginning Cut & Paste Is able to expertly operate Can operate the cut and Can operate the cut and Needs constant the cut and paste paste functions with only paste functions with supervision to operate the functions without minor supervision. regular supervision.. cut and paste functions. supervision and can tutor others. Crop Pictures Able to crop pictures Can crop pictures with With support can crop Needs a lot of support to skilfully and unaided. minimal assistance pictures. crop pictures. Use of PowerPoint/ Knows how to expertly Using both programmes Needs support, but is able Is beginning to Picture Manager use both programmes with skill but some to show a basic skill using understand the basics of and can assist others. support still required. both programmes. both programmes but requires constant supervision. Resize & Rotate Images Can expertly resize and Has greater confidence to Has successfully resized With constant teacher rotate pictures. resize and rotate images and rotated images with input has been able to with only minimal support. teacher support. resize and rotate an image. Save to File Can save to specific file Able to carry out save With guidance can save Beginning to learn how to unaided. procedure. Some to a specified file. save to a file. reminders required. Layer Images Can expertly layer Has successfully layered Has successfully layered Beginning to learn how to images. images with minor images with teacher layer images. support. support. Use two programmes Able to use two Is learning how to use two Teacher input necessary Not yet ready to use two simultaneously programmes expertly at programmes to operate two programmes the same time. simultaneously, but some programmes simultaneously. teacher support required. simultaneously.
  5. 5. •The survey process. •Setting up questions and the survey. •The responses. •The results.
  6. 6. Does not give true impression of my child's contribution, can't see mistakes that have been corrected by teacher or how much assistance he has needed. -Yes, but some artwork was not very clear and it is nice to be able to flick through a folder. Of the three computers at home only one had power point so not necessarily everyone will be able to read this format.
  7. 7. Its easy to understand,simple,concise,effective and clear. Well done Takapuna Primary School. its quite refreshing to see it presented that way's can see it in a broader sense. - We could see the ability of our son's computer skills and written/language skills.
  8. 8. • Comparisons help clarify Childs level • - describe the child's progress on each items in detail, very descriptive and gives reasonable accurate grading. • The achievement criteria are explained clearly, as well as the next expected level to work towards. However, there is no • opportunity for discussion when progress is presented in this way. • Need to understand more clearly what rubrics is. • Gave an idea of progress but some personalised comment could also be additional.
  9. 9. Making things easier for ourselves Presentation to staff and review of survey Survey teachers (anon) Portfolio’s of the future