Water Treatment Systems for Petrochemical Industry, Mikko Siivonen, Flootech


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Finnish-Indo Cleantech Business Seminar 12.6.2013, seminar material

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Water Treatment Systems for Petrochemical Industry, Mikko Siivonen, Flootech

  1. 1. © Flootech Oy 2012© Flootech Oy 2012FlootechWater Treatment Systems for Petrochemical IndustryMikko Siivonen, CEOMikko.Siivonen@Flootech.com12.6.20131© Flootech Oy 2012
  2. 2. © Flootech Oy 2012Flootech Oy2• Office located in Turku, Finland• Privately owned company• Flootech Oy offers state-of-the-art, novel water treatment technologieswith decades of experience and profound understanding of clients’processes and needs• Hundreds of installations worldwide in various industrial applications;- 10 (ten) installations in India• Specializes indesign, engineering, project execution and project management• of water, wastewater treatment and water reuse solutions for industrialsectors, including Petrochemical, internationally• ISO 9001:2008 Certification
  3. 3. © Flootech Oy 2012Water Treatment Solutions for the Petrochemical Industry3PETROCHEMICAL PLANT /REFINERY
  4. 4. © Flootech Oy 2012© Flootech Oy 2012Selected Key Technologies inOil&Gas, Petrochemical industry12.6.2013Esityksen nimi Etunimi Sukunimi4
  5. 5. © Flootech Oy 2012FlooDaf® Dissolved Air FlotationCapacity per one unit 5 to over 2000 m3/hInlet solids and oil 100...7000 mg/lFlotation basin sizes from 2 to 298 m2Hydraulic loading 4...8 m3/m2 hTypical dispersion rate 15...20 %Solids and oil reduction 90...99%Sludge consistency up to 5 %Tailor made solutions for different applicationsExcellent performance
  6. 6. © Flootech Oy 20126Multistage moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR)FlooBed® DAF - Combination with DAFFlooBed® BAS - Combination with activated sludgeHigh loaded system, less space requiredFlooBed® MBBR Bioreactor
  7. 7. © Flootech Oy 2012FlooRO™ Reverse OsmosisTypical application size 50-300 m3/hUnit capacity 30-90 m3/hPressure 5-30 bar7
  8. 8. © Flootech Oy 2012FlooMB™ and FlooIX™ Ion ExchangersRemoval of dissolved saltsMixed bed or separate anion /cation exchangersWith or without automatic regeneration8
  9. 9. © Flootech Oy 2012© Flootech Oy 2012Selected references inOil&Gas, Petrochemical industry12.6.2013Esityksen nimi Etunimi Sukunimi9
  10. 10. © Flootech Oy 2012Marafiq YanbuSaudi Arabia• EPC Contractor: SETE• Involved engineering firms: ENOIA andFoster Wheeler• End Customer: Marafiq Yanbu Saudi Arabia• FlooDaf® Microflotation units for oil andsolids removal• Inflet flow 49 660 m3/d• Total of 3 FlooDaf® lines:3 pcs coagulation and 3 pcs FlooDaf® B138• Covered Concrete DAF basins (Zone 0)
  11. 11. © Flootech Oy 20126/12/2013Takreer Ruwais RefineryUnited Arab Emirates• EPC Contractor: Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd.• End customer: Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company• Location: Ruwais, United Arab Emirates• Inlet flow: 15 408 m3/d• Biological Treatment plant consist oftotal of 3 FlooBed® MBBR lines, 3 x 715 m3
  12. 12. © Flootech Oy 2012KNPC/SHELL MAA and MAB refineriesKuwait• EPC Contractor: Huber• Inlet flow 2 000 m3/d• FlooDaf® 2 pcs for oil removal• FlooChem™ Chemical dosing• Plant engineering• Instrumentation• Automation
  13. 13. © Flootech Oy 2012Rayong RefineryThailand• Inlet flow 2 400 m3/d• EPC Contractor: SKEC• Complete wastewater treatmentsystem delivery includingengineering, all the majorequipment, piping andinstrumentation• FlooDaf® 2 pcs for oil removal• FlooAS™ Activated Sludge• FlooClari™ Secondary Clarifier
  14. 14. © Flootech Oy 20126/12/2013GNFC Petrochemical plant (TDI)India• Inlet flow 972 m3/d• COD 9400 mg/l• Oil&Grease 50 mg/l• Outlet• COD < 250 mg/l• Oil&Grease < 10 mg/l• EPC Contractor: Laksel• FlooDAF® Microflotation• FlooBed® MBBR and FlooAS™ Activated Sludge• FlooClari™ Clarifier• FlooSand™ Sand filtration• FlooCarb™ Activated Carbon Filtration• FlooBelt™ Sludge dewatering
  15. 15. © Flootech Oy 20126/12/2013Other installations in IndiaChemical industryCentury – Lakua, India- Process Water treatmentServalakshmi – India- Process Water treatment- ETP Primary treatmentTamilnadu Newsprint and Paper Ltd. – Chennai,India- Process Water treatment- ETP Primary treatmentBILT, Ballapur,India- Effluent Treatment Plant
  16. 16. © Flootech Oy 2012ConclusionFlootech delivers high-performance, economical and sustainabletechnologies, processes and solutions related to water, wastewatertreatment and water reuse in Petrochemical applications.Flootech is willing to serve You in order to find the best, optimum solution forYour use – not only for now - but taking into consideration your future plansas well.Thank You