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Investment opportunities in the state of sao paulo
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Investment opportunities in the state of sao paulo


Seminar material by Sergio Rodrigues Costa: 27.8.2012 Opening Seminar and B2B Meetings with Brazilian Port and Offshore Oil & Gas Delegation …

Seminar material by Sergio Rodrigues Costa: 27.8.2012 Opening Seminar and B2B Meetings with Brazilian Port and Offshore Oil & Gas Delegation

The seminar was organized on the occasion of the visit of the Brazilian Port and Offshore Oil & Gas Delegation to Finland on 27.8.2012.

Published in Business , Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Investment Opportunities in the State of São Paulo, BrazilSérgio CostaInternational Relations DirectorAugust, 2012
  • 2. The support you need to fast-track your investment in the leading state of Brazil
  • 3. Our Mission Being the gateway to new investments or expansion of existing businesses,generating innovation, employment and income, in addition to the continuous improvement of the competitive environment and of the image of the State of São Paulo Investment Promotion Agency
  • 4. Areas of Activity All our services are free-of-charge Investment Outreach • Identification of sectors and companies with investment potential Investment Projects • Technical support to investors: site location, taxes, infrastructure and more! • Contact with public and private institutions aiming at investment facilitation Institutional Activities • Reception of foreign delegations and organization of international missions • Support and guidance to municipal governmentsSP Actions for the Promotion of Competitiveness • Labor training, Taxation, Innovation, Infrastructure and Licensing • Study and proposal of public policies Promotion of the image of the State of Sao Paulo
  • 5. Support in all Project Stages Project needs Site selection Site visitEnvironmental, infrastructure and tax procedures Announcement Groundbreaking and construction Opening Aftercare
  • 6. Our Customers August 2012 Announced Investments: Direct Jobs:Portfolio of projects USD 7.52 billion 24,370Number of projects: 63*Potential Investments: USD 17.5 billionPotential direct jobs: 57 thousandSectors: automotive, food, oil and gas,energy, machinery and equipment,information technology and communication,solid waste and biotechnology.Origin: United States, China, South Korea,Spain, Japan, Italy, England, France andBrazil. DABO* The names of these companies are kept confidentialin compliance with NDA signed with Investe São Paulo Exchange: US$ 1 = R$ 1.67
  • 7. State of São PauloCompetitive Advantages
  • 8. São Paulo Competitive Advantages Largest Consumer Market in LATAMEnvironmental SkilledResponsibility Workforce São Paulo Competitive Advantages Social World-classDevelopment Infrastructure Largest Brazilian Investor in R&D Investment Promotion Agency
  • 9. Brazil and São Paulo Brazil Territory (1,000 km²) 8.515 Population (millions) 192 GDP nominal (US$ bi) 2.475 GDP per capita (US$) 12.866 São Paulo Territory (1,000 km²) 248 Population (millions) 42 GDP nominal (US$ bi) 792 GDP per capita (US$) 19.049 21% of the population 32% of GDP nominal 1.5X of GDP per capitaSource: IBGE, Brazilian Central Bank , SEADE – Exchange Rate US$ 1 = R$ 1,76 Investment Promotion Agency
  • 10. São Paulo Highlights• 1st largest cargo airport in Latin America• 1st largest producer of sugar cane ethanol in the world• 4th largest stock exchange in the world (BM&FBOVESPA)• 3rd largest producer of aircraft in the world• 48% of domestic production of vehicles• Capital: third largest metropolis in the world• Agribusiness: Orange – 53% of juice world production Sugar – 23 million tons/year Beef – US$ 2.18 billion in exports Investment Promotion Agency
  • 11. One of the Most Important Economic Regions of the World GDP (PPP) US$ Rank Region Country Billion 1 California USA 1.897 2 Texas USA 1.205 3 New York USA 1.157 4 Guangdong China 1.156 5 Jiansu China 1.040 6 Shandong China 1.001 7 Tokyo Japan 767 8 Florida USA 746 9 São Paulo Brazil 715 10 Zhejiang China 692Source: International Monetary Fund – estimative for the year 2010PPP: Purchasing Power Parity Investment Promotion Agency
  • 12. High Quality Infrastructure• 19 out of the 20 best highways in Brazil• Largest port in Latin America (Santos)• 2,400 km of waterways• 5,400 km of railways• 6,000 km of gas pipeline• Around 50 million air passengers per yearAnd it is getting better...Investment in public transport (trains and subway)São Paulo Highway RingExpansion of the ports of Santos and São SebastiãoExpansion and modernization of 30 regional airports Investment Promotion Agency
  • 13. High Quality Infrastructure Highway Railway Pipeline Waterway  Airport PortSource: Transportation Secretariat of State of Sao Paulo Investment Promotion Agency
  • 14. Environmental Responsibility• Energy matrix with 57% renewables (2010)• Competitive advantages for energy production from biomass• New opportunities in environmental technology markets• Brazil’s most advanced structured conservation system • 17.5% State area is native vegetation • 10.8% State area is rainforest • 14.8% State area is nature protection reserves (full protection and sustainable use) Source: Energy Secretariat of State of Sao Paulo, Forest Foundation Investment Promotion Agency
  • 15. FIRJAN Index of Municipal DevelopmentThe best ranked Brazilian municipalities are in the State of São Paulo Ranking IFDM IFDM Ranking Ranking IFDM IFDM Ranking Employment& Emprego & UF UF IFDM IFDM Educação Education Saúde HealthNacional National Estadual State MUNICÍPIOS BRASILEIROS- - Ano2009 BRAZILIAN MUNICIPALITIES YEAR 2009 Income Renda 1º 1º SP Barueri 0,9303 0,9184 0,9206 0,9518 2º 2º SP Paulínia 0,9290 0,8954 0,9675 0,9240 3º 3º SP Araraquara 0,9281 0,9035 0,9600 0,9207 4º 4º SP Ribeirão Preto 0,9239 0,9299 0,9213 0,9207 5º 5º SP São José do Rio Preto 0,9202 0,8704 0,9546 0,9356 6º 6º SP Indaiatuba 0,9164 0,8631 0,9393 0,9469 7º 7º SP Marília 0,9125 0,8463 0,9615 0,9297 8º 1º MT Lucas do Rio Verde 0,9046 0,8849 0,8650 0,9640 9º 8º SP Taubaté 0,8985 0,9013 0,8951 0,8992 10º 9º SP Itupeva 0,8942 0,8979 0,8921 0,8925 11º 10º SP São Paulo 0,8930 0,8799 0,9121 0,8870 12º 11º SP Santos 0,8924 0,8318 0,9312 0,9143 39 out of the 50 best ranked AND 19 out of the top 20 Brazilian municipalities are in the State of São PauloSource: Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de JaneiroIndices published in 2011 based on 2009 data Investment Promotion Agency
  • 16. Higher Education 521 college level institutions all over the State 24% of Brazilian totalThe State Government is responsible for three of the best universities in Brazil:• USP - São Paulo University – 88,962 students• UNICAMP – Campinas State University – 36,801 students• UNESP – São Paulo’s State University – 46,634 studentsSources, Unicamp. Unesp Investment Promotion Agency
  • 17. Technological and Technical Schools: Largest program of technical education in BrazilTechnological education - Fatecs• 55 thousand students• 51 technology colleges• 60 courses in the fields of industry, services and agricultureTechnical Schools - Etecs• 216 thousand students• 203 technical schools• 101 courses in the fields of industry, services and agricultureWorkforce Training• Centro Paula Souza’s structure may be used for workforce training at no cost to companiesSource: Centro Paula Souza – 2ºsemester 2011 Investment Promotion Agency
  • 18. R&D / InnovationMore than 13% of the São Paulo State Fundação de Amparo àrevenue is used in high quality US$ 616 million Pesquisa Científica eeducation, research and development. annual budget Tecnológica (Fapesp)The State also hosts federal universitiesand research institutions. 3 universities among the ones that most USP, Unicamp develop scientific and Unesp research in Brazil IPT 19 research institutes international recognition 30 initiatives of All over Technological Parks the state Investment Promotion Agency
  • 19. R&DSome of the companies carrying out R&D projects in the State of São Paulo Investment Promotion Agency
  • 20. Investment Opportunities
  • 21. Pre-salt – Santos Basin Petrobras 2012-2016 Planned Investments US$ 236,5 billion 95% in Brazil Promotion Agency Investment
  • 22. Production Chain Opportunities Petrochemicals Mechanical Eq. Iron and Steel Metallurgy Energy Operator Logistics Support Integrators Chain Drivers Suppliers Other Related Industries Related SectorsSource: ONIP
  • 23. Petrobras new vessels demand New Vessels Future Situation (cumulative values) Current Critical Resources Situation until 2013 until 2016 until 2020 LDA drilling rigs above 2,000 m 5 26 31 53 Support and special boats 254 465 491 504 Production platforms e FPSO 41 53 63 84 Others (jacket e TLWP) 79 81 83 85 26 contracted rigs, 28 more to be built until 2020Source: Petrobras Investment Promotion Agency
  • 24. Main projects equipment procurement Item unit Total Item unit Total Wet Christmas trees un 700 Filters Un 500 un 700 Burners (flares) Un 235 Wellheads km 4,000 Heating ovens Un 210 Flexible ducts un 35 Reactors Un 450 Manifolds t 42,000 Oil and water separators Un 50 Pipes km 2,500 Storage tanks Un 3,500 Umbilical un 1,700 Towers Un 600 Dry Christmas trees un 1,700 Generators Un 600 Land wellheads Item Unit Total Pumps un 19,200 Compressors un 3,400 Tower cranes un 2,000 Cranes un 260 Combustion engines un 1,200 Turbines un 600 Steel plates t 2,000,000Source: Petrobras Investment Promotion Agency
  • 25. Expected demand due to pre-salt discoveries Sectors Present Status Expected additional demand Reservoir data 4 seismic ships in Brazilian waters 1 to 6 additional seismic ships during next 5 years nowadays 47 drilling platforms, 8 Petrobras 27 additional ships under contract already Drilling contracts owned included 28 additional ships will be contracted Drilling services and Expected growth demand proportional to platforms in N/A associated goods activity nationwide (7% to 12% yearly) Well completion and Expected growth demand proportional to platforms in N/A servicing activity nationwide (7% to 12% yearly) 110 Petrobras owned production 10 production platforms already contracted by Petrobras; Infrastructure platforms operating nowadays 26 production platforms to pre-salt new discoveries increased demand is not known, since it depends on theProduction and development plans; are preliminary estimates of N/Amaintenance ~ 4000 Christmas trees and 7200 m umbilical additional by 2015 Logistical support about 100 helicopters doubling of demand for air support services until 2010 approximately 210 support vessels 146 additional support vessels Deactivation 7 deactivation units between 1970 N/A and 2000Source: Petrobras
  • 26. Thank you!Sérgio Rodrigues CostaInternational Relations Director Phone: +55 11 3218-6061 sergiocosta@investesp.org.br investesp@investesp.org.brwww.investe.sp.gov.br SECRETARIA DE DESENVOLVIMENTO ECONÔMICO, CIÊNCIA E TECNOLOGIA