Opportunities in the dental sector in emerging asian markets and india finpro


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Presentation material from Finpro Market Opportunity Day, May 17 2013.

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Opportunities in the dental sector in emerging asian markets and india finpro

  1. 1. Opportunities in the dentalsector in emerging Asianmarkets and IndiaTime to seize the businessopportunity
  2. 2. The Drivers of Growth for Dental Sector• In the emerging Asian markets thewealth of middle class is growingand consumers are increasinglywilling to invest into personal dentalcare• Drivers of growth are the risingimportance of own appearance andincreased knowledge about dentalhealth• In the cities the amount of privatedental clinics is increasing fast andthey have urgent need for modernequipment5/21/2013 2© Finpro
  3. 3. The Dental Statistics in the Emerging AsianCountries5/21/2013 3© FinproChina: 110,000 dentistsmarket growth rate 21 % p.aTaiwan: 6,400 dental clinicsmarket growth rate 12% p.aIndia: 180,000 dentistsmarket growth rate 25-30% p.aMalaysia: 4,300 dentistsmarket growth rate 11% p.a
  4. 4. Business Opportunities for Finnish companies• Business opportunities forFinnish companies existespecially in dental equipment,software and biomaterials,dental services and education• Most of the high-end dentalequipment is imported fromEurope, USA and Japan – thelocal competition is still limited• There are already Finnishdental companies present inAsia, the well known arePlanmeca, Soredex andInstrumentarium5/21/2013 4© Finpro
  5. 5. The Dental Market in China• In China the market for dental equipment is worth around USD 400million (2012)• Oral health coverage has improved dramatically in the last fifteenyears– 1:50,000-60,000 dentist to population ratio in 1995 to 1:13,000 in 2010• Imports of dental equipment and materials reached USD 153million in 2010, with a growth of 21.37% from 2009• China imports 70% of the dental materials and furniture frompremium markets such as Germany and Japan although theyhave own production and imports from low cost countries(dental materials mainly)5/21/2013 5© Finpro
  6. 6. The Dental Market in India• The potential size of Indias dental marketis vast and the country is expected tobecome one of the largest single marketfor overseas dental products and materials– Import of dental devices increased fromUSD 25 mill. (2010) to USD 30 mill. (2011);20% (Source: UN Comtrade 2012)• By 2014, the Indian dental equipmentindustry is expected to reach USD 116million, growing 6% annually– Both government and private sectorhospitals are in the process of upgradingand expanding their facilities and dentalequipment– Dental care services market USD 1.16billion and oral care market USD 1.8 billion• India’s market for dental products isextremely dynamic, with a currentestimated growth rate of between 25-30%5/21/2013 6© Finpro
  7. 7. The Dental Market in Taiwan• There are more than 6400 dental clinics in Taiwan (2011)• Dental material and equipment import value in 2011 is about USD 103million with estimate growth rate of 11.9%, potential market in 2013 willbe around USD 129 million– Import of dental devices increased from USD 26 mill. (2010) to USD 31 mill.(2011); 19%• Nearly 65% of medical device market is imported products– Dental market has the same or higher percentage, especially all high-endequipment are imported• Registration process (for FDA approved products) takes between 100 to200 days only, depending on the innovation level for the Taiwanesemarket• More dental clinics are seeking for bank loans– basic dental equipment cost will be around USD 167 000 to 267 000 for a clinic of 4to 5 dentists– equipment renew will cost around USD 33 300 to 67 0005/21/2013 7© Finpro
  8. 8. The Dental Market in Malaysia• The market size for dental equipment is over USD 400million• There are a number of distributors selling dentalequipment, instruments and supplies• Medical devices and supplies are mainly imported• 90% of the high quality equipment is imported from abroad• Main exporters to Malaysia are the U.S. and Japan, followed byGermany• Possibly the easiest market for Finnish dental companiesentering the Asian markets for the first time• Low registration barriers for medical device imports from Europeand US (currently no formal process)5/21/2013 8© Finpro
  9. 9. The strategic window is open now in selectedEmerging Asian Countries5/21/2013 9© FinproChina: Take your piece of the pienow – expand your operationsTaiwan: Heavily investing on devices –light registration processIndia: Limited own production in high-tech devices; reduced customsduty for dental importsMalaysia: Opens the dental servicesector for foreigners now –no registration barriers
  10. 10. AcquisitionCandidate SearchSales AcceleratorEntry Options Partner SearchInternationalGrowth PlanRight MarketsSales ChannelDevelopmentImproving theMarket PositionEstablishing thePresenceFinpro NavigatorPlanning TheMarket EntryPreparing theGrowth5/21/2013 © Finpro 10
  11. 11. More informationChristine GrumbachSenior ConsultantHead of Health Technology sectorchristine.grumbach(a)finpro.fi+49 171 8893 000Pietro KarjalainenRegional Sales Manager, Asiapietro.karjalainen(a)finpro.fiTel +358 40 1795 7555/21/2013 11Laura StrandbergSenior Consultantlaura.strandberg(a)finpro.fi+358 40 3433 410
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