Investment in port and airport infrastructure in latin america finpro


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Presentation material from Finpro Market Opportunity Day, May 17 2013.

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Investment in port and airport infrastructure in latin america finpro

  1. 1. Investment in port and airportinfrastructure in LatinAmericaTime to seize the businessopportunity
  2. 2. The business opportunity in Latin America• The Latin American countriesinvest now strongly in both portsand airports - between 2009-2020the planned investments for:– ports 48 billion USD and morethan 80 projects– airports 9 billion USD and morethan 30 projects• The investors are used to buycompetitive internationaltechnology• Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peruhave free trade agreement withEU– eliminates tariffs, import quotas,and preferences on most goodsand services tradedNow is the right time for Finnishcompanies to enter the markets!5/21/2013 © Finpro 2
  3. 3. Total investments on ports in 2009-2020 (MUSD)5/21/2013 3© FinproPanama: 5 800 MUSDBrazil: 21 000 MUSDColombia: 3 200 MUSDChile: 2 100 MUSDMexico: 7 500 MUSDPeru: 8 000 MUSDSource: Business Monitor InternationalUruguay: 1 400 MUSD
  4. 4. Example of port project – the upgrade of Callaoport in Peru• The Port of Callao is the largest port not only in Peru but on the entirewest coast of South America• APM Terminals won the public privatization tender and beganoperations in the now renamed APM Terminals Callao.• Company has extensive modernization plans that will transformCallao port into a benchmark for South American port operations. Theinvestment size is 750 million USD.5/21/2013 4© Finpro• TEU capacity from 0.8 million to2.0 million• Non-containerized cargo capacityfrom 8 m tons to 9.9 m tons• Remodeling of 285 m of grains• 12 Post-Panamax cranes; 3Panamax cranes, 4 mobile cranes;38 ERTG’s
  5. 5. Examples of business opportunities for Finnishcompanies• Material handlingequipment• Warehousing solutions• Port management and ITsolutions• Port security solutions• Related maintenanceand services5/21/2013 © Finpro 6
  6. 6. Total investments on airports in 2009-2020 (MUSD)5/21/2013 7© FinproPanama: 800 MUSDBrazil: 5 000 MUSDColombia: 200 MUSDChile: 600 MUSDArgentina: 400 MUSDMexico: 800 MUSDPeru: 1 500 MUSDSource: Business Monitor International
  7. 7. Example of airport project - SantiagoInternational Airport• Project target is to increase the passenger capacity from 10 million up to 29million. It includes renovation and expansion of the terminal building andextension of the airplane parking platforms.• The investment size is 500 million USD and the bidding contest for maincontractor has started in 2013 and the first phase to be done in 20175/21/2013 8© Finpro1st. phase:o Expansion and renovation of theterminal buildingo New air conditioning systemo Modernization of the packagehandling (11 million USD)o 16 new airplane parking platformsTo be constructed later:o New runways to able Airbus 380landings and take offso New water treatment installationo Support infrastructureo Landscaping
  8. 8. Examples of business opportunities for Finnishcompanies• Airport infrastructureequipment and solutions• Terminal equipment andappliances, such asdigital signage• Control tower solutions• Telecommunicationsolutions andtechnologies• Airport safety andsecurity solutions5/21/2013 © Finpro 9
  9. 9. Client Case in BrazilFinpro carried out end-customer demand analysis in Brazilfor its SME client operating in the cargo handling industry.In the assignment Finpro contacted potential end-customersand researched the customer purchasing processes byperforming interviews. This was followed by Finproarranging meetings with decision makers in the mostsuitable end-customer companies.As a result Finpro’s client was able to close a remarkabledeal with a port operator in Brazil. The solutions of Finproclient will be delivered to several Brazilian ports.5/21/2013 10© Finpro
  10. 10. Client Case in Global Airport BusinessFinpro has worked hand in hand during last 5 years with a FinnishSME serving airport infrastructure business globally.In several assignments, besides supporting the company instrategic choice to focus in global aviation business, Finpro hasengaged the company successfully with decision makers andpartners in several market areas providing access to new projectswithin their focus industry.Company’s greatest achievement so far is over 10 million Eurodeal with global aviation player during three year period. At firstFinpro made a business opportunity check with detailed customersearch. As a result, this global aviation player was defined as themost potential one and discussions were concluded in severalcountries to facilitate the company the right decision makeraccess.5/21/2013 11© Finpro
  11. 11. More informationKatja HaukipuroConsultantkatja.haukipuro(a) 40 762 7874Kimmo AuraRegional Sales Manager, Americaskimmo.aura(a)finpro.fiTel +358 40 5048 3175/21/2013 © Finpro 12