Investment Potential of the Pskov Region


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Investment Potential of the Pskov Region

  1. 1. Investment potential of the Pskov region March 2014
  2. 2. 02. Geographical location. Transport accessibility Pskov Region Helsinki Tallinn Riga Saint- Petersburg Moscow Pskov М9 М9 М20 М20 Velikiye Luki
  3. 3. branch Number of enterprises Agro-industrial complex 58 Transport and logistics complex 89 Construction 11 Consumer goods industry 28 Timber Complex 83 Tourism 52 Electrical equipment and machinery 42 Pskov Region 03. High economicand industrial potential Other 29,8% Agriculture 6,8% State management 9,7% Transport and communication 14,4% Trade18,8% Manufacturing 20,5% Structure of gross regional product Other 30,75% Textiles 1,98% Metallurgy 4,97% Machinery and equipment 5,2% Electrical, electronic and optic equipment 28,29% Food processing 28,81% Structure of industrial sector Number of enterprises in the priority sectors of economy for development • Manufacture of electrical equipment • Wire and cable products • Equipment for special types of welding • Manufacture of electrical equipment for the machinery • Manufacture of load lifting equipment Developed areas of regional production:
  4. 4. 04. High investment potential Pskov Region For the period 2009-2013 was implemented - 77 investment projects, With a total investment – 1,55 bln. EUR Jobs to be created - 5072 Major investment projects for infrastructure > 892,7 mln. EUR Breakdown of foreign investments by types of economic activity Manufacturing 24,9% Transport and communications 20,3% Wholesale and retail Trade 30,7% Agriculture 23,4% Availability of investment sites in the Region: Type «greenfield» - 118 Type «brownfield» -36 Implementation of investment projects with foreign capital • OOO Dula Ru, Germany (production of retail equipment) • ООО «TANN-Nevskiy», Austria (construction of a factory for the paper production) • Brix&Kamp, Denmark and Tetra Electricians, RF (construction of a factory for the boilers production) • OOO Idavang, Denmark (construction of a pig breeding complex)
  5. 5. 05. Favorable conditions for business development Individual support of an investor at all stages of project implementation Special support measures in strategic sectors (tax privileges, subsidies) Quick search for land plots Support of small and medium enterprises (subsidizing, microloans, sales support) Provision of infrastructure (opportunity to join investment programs in the housing and utility sector) Tax privileges are provided for 5 years Pskov Region Property tax Benefit property tax Profit tax Benefit profit tax
  6. 6. Special economic zone of industrial production type Moglino | Special economic zone Март 2014
  7. 7. • Moglino | Special economic zone 8 km from the Borisovichi residential microdistrict 14 km from Pskov city center 07. Integration to the city environment Proximity to the railway station and airport 50 km to border with European Union Direct access to Moscow- Riga highway (A212)
  8. 8. Moglino | Special economic zone 08. Land use plan of the SEZ Area, ha 215 Railway Highway (A212) Moscow-Riga
  9. 9. • Moglino | Special economic zone 09. Land lots Rent for land in SEZ and IP, EUR/ha/year Kaluga region Lipetsk region Samara region Pskov region 1700 1500 1100 600 not less than 24 mln.EUR not less than 16 mln.EUR not less than 8 mln.EUR less than 8 mln.EUR 587 822 1057 1173
  10. 10. 10. Infrastructure Development • Moglino | Special economic zone Water supply Gas supply Telecommunication Electricity supply Transport infrastructure Customs infrastructure Landscaping m3/day ths.m3/year N MVA km ths.m2 Ha 1 qr. 2 qr. 3qr. 4 qr. 1qr. 2qr. 3qr. 4qr. 1qr.
  11. 11. 11. Available infrastructure Pskov Region Cost for electricity (110 kV) 0,06 EUR kW / h Cost of connection to the power networks (2013), EUR Saint-Petersburg Leningrad region Tver region Pskov region 662 332 225 173 Average price for gas in consumer prices 0,08 EUR/m3 Rate of cold water 0,36 EUR/m3 Rate for gas EUR /1000 m3 Kaluga region Lipetsk region Pskov region 91 89 88 Rate for water disposal 0,3 EUR kW / h
  12. 12. • Moglino | Special economic zone 12. Taxation policy Tax Normal rate Moglino SEZ tenant rate 1. Corporate profit tax 2% to Federal budget 18% to Regional budget 2% to Federal budget To the budget of the subject of the RF: 0% - 2013-2019 3% - 2020-2021 10% - 2022-2023 13.5% - 2024 and further years 2. Corporate property tax 2.2% 0% for 10 years 3. Land tax 1.5% 0% for 5 years from the date the ownership right arose 4. Vehicle tax 0,05-0,30 EUR 0 EUR per hp for 10 years from the moment of vehicle registration 5. Duties on import of equipment, raw materials and components from abroad 0% 6. VAT on import of equipment, raw materials and materials (apart from countries of the Customs Union) 0% 7. VAT and export duties for finished products for export through the borders of the Customs Union 0% 8.Rates of insurance payments for residents, who signed an agreement about the implementation of technically-innovative activity*** 30,2% 14 % until 2017 years. ** The Customs Union includes the Russian Federation, Republic of Kazakhstan and Republic of Belarus. VAT for import from these countries can be reimbursed *** Provided conducting of technology development activities
  13. 13. • Moglino | Special economic zone Payments regarding equipment, materials and components imported to Moglino SEZ and placed under the free customs zone regime SEZ "Moglino" Foreign countries foreign goods Russian Federation goods of the Customs Union VAT - 0% Import duty - 0% Excise - 0%* Customs fee – 10 - 595 EUR Export duties - 0% VAT - reimbursed by Federal Tax Agency's inspectorate Customs fee – 10 – 595 ths.rur. • Apart from cars with the capacity of 90 hp and motorcycles with the capacity of 150 hp 13. Charges on import in the SEZ "Moglino"
  14. 14. • Moglino | Special economic zone 14. Charges on export from the SEZ "Moglino" Payments regarding equipment and produced goods exported from Moglino SEZ to the rest of the Customs Union for the purposes of free circulation SEZ "Moglino" Russian Federation Goods of the Customs Union, goods manufactured from the goods of the Customs Union Russian Federation Foreign goods, goods manufactured from foreign goods and goods of the Customs Union VAT – 18% Import duty – according to customs tariff not taking into account prices for goods of the Customs Union Excise (if paid for import to the SEZ) - 0% Excise (if not paid earlier and if excise goods are produced) - from 0% Customs fee – 10 – 595 EUR VAT - 18% Excise - 0% Excise (if excise goods are produced) - from 0% Customs fee – 10 – 595 EUR Payments regarding equipment and produced goods exported from Moglino SEZ beyond the territory of the Customs Union SEZ "Moglino" Foreign countries Foreign goods, goods manufactured from foreign goods and goods of the Customs Union Foreign countries Foreign goods, imported earlier from a foreign country and imported unchanged VAT - 0% Export duty - 0% Customs fee –10 – 595 EUR VAT - 0% Export duty - 0% Customs fee - 10 – 595 EUR
  15. 15. 15. Human resources potential of the Region Services Sector Energy, Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment Metallurgy, Machine-building and Materials Processing Architecture and Construction Technology of Food Products and Consumer Goods Economics and Management Main areas of professional training: Pskov Region 57% Higher education 43% Secondary vocational education Total amount of graduates 3200 people (2013year) Professional education– 13 regional institutions of secondary vocational education and 13 regional institutions of higher education, Number of specialties - 85 Average salary, (November 2013), EUR 389 776 590 515 468 470 Pskov region St. Petersburg Leningrad region Kaluga region Tver region Novgorod region
  16. 16. • Moglino | Special economic zone 16. Human resources training center ITE Education Services, Singapore Cooperation of training center and partners Training center Moglino Residents (other investors and SEZ) State departments Infrastructure departments Training centers Education departments Legislation: opportunity of co-financing of costs by state program activity, search for potential employees, information support Search for potential employees; opportunity of co- financing of costs for training Additional education, training, teacher training Basic education, potential employment of last year students, teacher training
  17. 17. • Moglino | Special economic zone 17. Social infrastructure Average cost of housing at the primary market, EUR per 1 m2 Leningrad region Tver refion Novgorod region Smolensk region Pskov region 1080 1005 915 805 783 Area of multi-storey buildings Area of manor buildings Area of landscaping and parks Area of sport, cultural and social area Area of kindergartens and schools Area of parking zones, garages and municipal facilities Development district "Borisovichi”Borisovichi residential area will solve the housing problem of SEZ IPT "Moglino" employees: 1.Construction of low-rise housing on the area of 30 ha, including rental housing (by the management company): 2.Construction of social infrastructure facilities, a hotel complex: 3.Residents are provided prepared land plots for construction of housing for their personnel.
  18. 18. 18. Benefits The project is being implemented jointly with Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd (Singapore) ensuring world standards of quality Convenient logistics Creation of infrastructure at the expense of budget funds Tax privileges for residents Free customs zone regime One Stop Shop principle Opportunity to attract and retain talent Logistics cluster within the SEZ Social infrastructure (housing, training center) Low cost of utilities and infrastructure connection SEZ benefits are valid until 2061 • Moglino | Special economic zone
  19. 19. Application shall include*: - business plan - copies of constituent documents; - copy of the Certificate of incorporation; - copy of Tax registration certificate. *Support of investors at all stages by Moglino SEZ Management Company Investment requirements Capital investments upwards of 2,4 mln EUR (excluding intangible assets), including 0,8 mln EUR– within first 3 years after Tripartite agreement signing. 1Registration 2Presentation of the business plan 3Conclusion of an agreement Register the legal body or reregister a legal body acting in the Pskov district of the Pskov region Present the business plan to the Supervisory and the Expert Board Conclude a tripartite agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development and OAO "SEZ IPT "Moglino" • Moglino | Special economic zone 19. Tenant status acquisition order
  20. 20. • Moglino | Special economic zone Thank you for your attention!
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