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 Business and Innovation Opportunities in Brazil Seminar, Tiina Vihma-Purovaara
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Business and Innovation Opportunities in Brazil Seminar, Tiina Vihma-Purovaara


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Tiina Vihma-Purovaara Business and Innovation Opportunities in Brazil Seminar 30.1.2014
  • 2. Knowledge Triangle in use • Higher education institutions: education, research, business/innovation • Research performing organisations: science, research, innovation • Academy of Finland and Tekes & CIMO: funding and promoting Finnish knowhow • Enterprises • Science without Borders – programme • Bilateral and multilateral cooperation – national and European (EU-CELAC, EU-Brazil, SFIC)
  • 3. B R A Z I L 2 0 1 3 Rio Branco and BETT in Sao Paolo Rio de Janeiro municipality Sao Paolo State Research funding body FAPESP – NOBRE seminar Federal University of Rio de Janeiro COPPE
  • 4. HE and Science Connections Brazil and Finland • Survey in spring 2013: ten universities and nine polytechnics have existing cooperation with Brazilian HEIs • Several research institutions have lively cooperation (for example VTT São Paulo, The National Institute for Health and Welfare THL and Fiocruz, Finnish Geodetic Institute FGI with São Paulo State University) • Academy of Finland research funding cooperation with – CNPq (renewable energy –calls: 1) sustainable terrestrial biomass systems for energy, energy efficiency in pulp and paper production, and biomass-based production in biorefineries. 2) bioenergy and biomass, solar power, energy systems, marine technology, hydroelectricity and water power, wind power, nanotechnology and materials for energy and fuel applications, and energy storage) and Photonics: organic photovoltaics, optical sensors and nanostructured (optical) materials – FAPESP - call on Biodiversity research • CIMO Science without Borders – programme coordination in FI with AKA
  • 5. HEIs Brasília Parana Lavras Londrina Vicosa Amazon Feevale Minas Gerais Fluminensa Rio Grande Rio Grande Vale do Rio Campinas Pampa 2+ 2 6 yo 6+1 yo, 1 AMK
  • 6. Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation on European Level • EU-CELAC – summits (STI: Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation) • EU-Brazil – summits (27.2.2014: EU-Brazil Joint Action Plan 2015-2017) • SFIC Strategic Forum for International STI Cooperation – SFIC – Roadmap towards Brazil, SFIC Brazil initiative (the Brazil core group (FI, FR, BE, PT, SP, IT, DE, DK) – Recommendation N°1 : Make Europe visible in Brazil! – Recommendation N°2 : Share information – Recommendation N°3: Use the whole knowledge triangle: education-research-innovation – Recommendation N°4: Support the development of a European initiative to enhance the European participation to the Science without Borders programme – Recommendation N°5 : Establishment of a European Brazilian GSO •
  • 7. Thanks! puh. 040 184 3244, 0295 3 303 27