Recommended Vegetable Varieties for North Dakota Gardens


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Recommended Vegetable Varieties for North Dakota Gardens

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Recommended Vegetable Varieties for North Dakota Gardens

  1. 1. Recommended Vegetable 2012Varieties for North Dakota Gardens Selecting a superior variety is the first step to success in vegetable gardening.Gardeners who sow a superior variety can growplants that will yield abundantly, resist disease, toler-ate heat and drought, and produce delicious food. Incontrast, gardeners who sow an inferior variety areheaded for frustrations. No matter how hard they workin preparing the soil, watering, weeding, and manag-ing pests, they may have disappointing results.The following varieties have performed well in researchconducted in gardens and research stations in NorthDakota and other states in the Midwest:ASPARAGUS. All-male: Jersey Giant, Jersey Knight,Jersey Supreme. Other: Martha Washington, MaryWashington, Purple Passion.BEAN. Bush: Blue Lake 274, Derby, Espada, Jade,Provider, Roma II, Royal Burgundy. Dry: Great North-ern. Lima: Fordhook 242, Eastland. Pole: Fortex. Soy- 76, Orient Express II, Salad Bush, Sweet Slice, Sweetbean: Envy. Wax: Carson, Gold Rush, Rocdor. Success, Sweeter Yet.BEET. Bull’s Blood, Detroit Dark Red, Early Wonder, EGGPLANT. Black Beauty, Dusky, Fairytale, Ichiban,Red Ace, Red Cloud, Touchstone Gold. Orient Express.BROCCOLI. Belstar, Green Comet, Packman, Pre- GARLIC. Chesnok Red, German Red, Inchelium Red,mium Crop. Killarney Red, Music, Spanish Roja.BRUSSELS SPROUTS. Jade Cross E. GREENS. Hon Tsai Tai, Joi Choi, Komatsuna, Mizuna,CABBAGE. Chinese: Blues. Head: Danish Ballhead, Mei Qing Choi, Osaka Purple, Red Giant, Tatsoi,Early Jersey Wakefield, Golden Acre, Ruby Perfec- Tendergreen, Vegetable Amaranth.tion, Stonehead. Savoy: Savoy Blue. KALE. Red Russian, Vates.CARROT. Hercules, Mokum, Nelson, Purple Haze, KOHLRABI. Early White Vienna, Kolibri, Winner.Rainbow, Scarlet Nantes, Sweetness III., Yellowstone. LETTUCE. Leaf: Deer Tongue, New Red Fire, RedCAULIFLOWER. Amazing, Cheddar, Snow Sails, Salad Bowl, Slobolt, Simpson Elite. Bibb:Crown,Violet Queen. Buttercrunch, Harmony, Nevada, Sierra. Romaine:CORN. Normal: Butter & Sugar, Jubilee, Seneca Cimmaron/Rouge d’Hiver, Freckles, Parris Island.Horizon. Sugary enhanced: Ambrosia, Bodacious, MELON. Muskmelon: Athena, Goddess, Superstar.Delectable, Luscious, Spring Treat, Sugar Buns, Trin- Specialty: Earli-Dew, Passport, Sun Jewel.ity. Synergistic: Honey Select, Montauk. OKRA. Annie Oakley II, Cajun Delight, Red Burgundy.CUCUMBER. Pickling: Alibi, Calypso, Eureka, Home-made Pickles, Little Leaf H-19. Slicing: Burpless 26, ONION. Ailsa Craig, Candy, Copra, Red Zeppelin,Dasher II, Diva, Fanfare, General Lee, Marketmore Sweet Sandwich, Walla Walla.
  2. 2. PEA. Shell: Early Frosty, Eclipse, Green Arrow, Lin- Seed Companiescoln, Little Marvel, Maestro, Progress No. 9, Wando.Snap: Sugar Sprint, Super Sugar Snap. Snow: Or- The following are some popular sources of gardenegon Giant, Oregon Sugar Pod II. seeds. Listing these sources does not guarantee or warranty their seed by North Dakota State UniversityPEPPER. Bell: Bell Boy, Early Sunsation, Jupiter, Extension Service and does not imply approval to theNew Ace, North Star. Frying/Roasting: Carmen, Gi- exclusion of other sources.ant Marconi, Gypsy. Hot: Early Jalapeno, GardenSalsa, Hot Paper Lantern, Hungarian Hot Wax, Burpee Seed, 300 Park Ave., Warminster, PA 18974;Mariachi, Mucho Nacho, Super Cayenne. <>; (800) 888-1447. Fedco Seeds, PO Box 520, Waterville, ME 04903;POTATO. Kennebec, Red Norland, Red Pontiac, Su- <>.perior, Yukon Gold. Gurney’s Seed and Nursery, PO Box 4178, Greendale,PUMPKIN. Cooking: Baby Bear, Small Sugar, Rouge IN 47025; <>; (513) 354-1492.Vif D’Etampes. Jack-o’-lantern: Autumn Gold, Harris Seeds, 355 Paul Rd., PO Box 24966, Rochester,Howden, Neon, Orange Smoothie, Racer Plus. Com- NY 14624; <>; (800) 544-7938.petition: Dill’s Atlantic Giant, Prizewinner. Specialty: Henry Fields, PO Box 397, Aurora, IN 47001;Jamboree, Lumina. <>; (513) 354-1494. Horticultural Products and Services, 335 S. High St.,RADISH. Standard: Amethyst, Champion, Cherry Randolph, WI 53957; <>.Belle, Easter Egg II, French Breakfast, Pretty in Pink, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, 955 Benton Ave., Winslow, MERover, White Icicle. Asian: April Cross, Shunkyo 04901; <>; (877) 564-6697.Semi-Long, Summer Cross No. 3. Jung Seed, 335 S. High St., Randolph, WI 53957;RUTABAGA. American Purple Top. <>; (800) 247-5864. Kitazawa Seed, PO Box 13220, Oakland, CA 94661;SPINACH. Bloomsdale Long Standing, Melody, Olym->; (510) 595-1188.pia, Red Cardinal, Space, Tyee. Mountain Valley Seed, 1438 S. 700 West, Salt Lake City,SQUASH, SUMMER. Crookneck: Pic-n-Pic, UT 84104; <>; (801) 486-5730.Sundance. Scallop: Flying Saucer, Sunburst. Park Seed., 1 Parkton Avenue, Greenwood, SC 29647;Straightneck: Multipik, Superpik. Zucchini: Gold <>; (800) 213-0076.Rush, Portofino, Spineless Beauty, Zucchini Elite. Pinetree Garden Seeds, PO Box 300, Gloucester, ME 04260; <>; (207) 926-3400.SQUASH, WINTER. Acorn: Carnival, Cream of the Seed Savers Exchange, 3094 North Winn Road, Decorah,Crop, Table Ace, Table King. Buttercup: Bon Bon, IA 52101; <>; (563) 382-5990.Burgess. Butternut: Early Butternut, Waltham. Seedway, 99 Industrial Road, Elizabethtown, PA 17022;Delicata: Cornell’s Bush Delicata. Hubbard: Blue <>; (800) 952-7333.Magic. Kabocha: Ambercup, Sunshine, Sweet Mama. Stokes Seeds, PO Box 548 Buffalo, NY 14240;SWEET POTATO. Beauregard. <>; (800) 396-9238. Territorial Seed, PO Box 158, Cottage Grove, OR 97424;SWISS CHARD. Bright Lights, Lucullus, Rhubarb. <>; (800) 626-0866.TOMATO. Cherry/Juliet, Small Fry, Sunsugar,Supersweet 100, Sweet Baby Girl, Yellow Pear. Freshmarket: Big Beef, Celebrity, Early Girl, Goliath, Moun-tain Fresh Plus. Paste: Roma VF, Viva Italia. Heir-loom: Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Rainbow, StripedGerman, Stupice, Wisconsin 55.TURNIP. Purple Top White Globe, Tokyo Cross. Written by Tom Kalb, Extension Horticulturist, North Dakota State University, <>. TheWATERMELON. Seeded: Legacy, Sugar Baby, Sweet author gratefully acknowledges the efforts of overDakota Rose, Yellow Baby, Yellow Doll. Seedless: 500 gardeners in North Dakota and over 500 gar-Amarillo, Millionaire, Solitaire, Trillion. deners in nearby states who evaluated most of these varieties. January 2012