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Local Government Open Data in Ireland
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Local Government Open Data in Ireland


Presentation on Local Government Open Data in Ireland to 8th Open Data Ireland Meetup in EngineYard, Dublin on 18th July, 2013

Presentation on Local Government Open Data in Ireland to 8th Open Data Ireland Meetup in EngineYard, Dublin on 18th July, 2013

Published in Technology , News & Politics
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  • Today I am going to give an overview of Open Data in Local Government in Ireland describe existing Local Government Open Data initiatives give an overview of Local Government Open Data events show examples of reuse of Local Government Open Data discuss the Challenges/Opportunities for Local Government Open Data
  • Fingal was the first Local Authority and first public sector body in Ireland to publish Open Data
  • The Fingal Data Hub was created by the Fingal Development Board in 2009. It was a collaboration between 9 partner agencies. It was designed for sharing of anonymised data between partner agencies, to enable interagency cooperation and service planning. In 2010 the data was made publicly available.
  • Fingal County Council first became aware of Open Data in Summer 2010 We were preparing a report comparing financial data about all Local Authorities which was difficult to find and only available in PDF We discovered the Open Data movement and felt that this was a better way We decided to take the initiative with the backing of the County Manager and Fingal Open Data was born
  • Fingal County Council launched the first Open Data website in the country in November 2010 Fingal Open Data evolved from the principles of the Fingal Data Hub and the Open Data movement. In Summer 2010 we were preparing a report with data about all Local Authorities which was difficult to find and only available in PDF We discovered the Open Data movement and felt that this was a better way We decided to take the initiative with the backing of the County Manager and Fingal Open Data was born It is available at data.fingal.ie The website, which you can see on screen, provides public access to source data from Council systems.
  • There are currently over 200 datasets organised into 12 categories Detailed information is provided about each dataset, including description, date published and available formats.
  • The Dublin Region encompasses Dublin City and the surrounding counties
  • In October 2011, the 4 Dublin Authorities and NUI Maynooth laucnhed the Dublinked website Dublinked is a Network for Sharing Data to facilitate innovation in the urban environment through collaboration between private, public and research partners with the Dublin city region as a proving ground The aim is to enable innovators to collaborate on tackling challenges facing the Dublin city region using public sector data as the basis. www.dublinked.ie
  • Datastore Over 250 datasets (557 files) Data from 4 Dublin Councils and OSI data in research zone (thanks to OSI for being the first) National datasets (Hazardous & Transfrontier Waste Shipments; National Public Transport Nodes; NIAH) Regional Datasets Themes focussed for first release of data were Land Use, Transport & Environmental Zones – Open and Research (Members) – O & M Data criteria for Members zone – Legal issues, Technical (e.g. streaming/live data (samples); binary (Traffic)), Commercial (high-value) Formats – open & non-proprietary where possible; can be onerous to convert – working towards this goal; go ugly early; respond to feedback Metadata for each dataset – Dublinked ‘lite’ standard developed in partnership with Dept. Environment, NUI Galway, Dept. Marine & Natural Resources; compliant with international standards
  • Dublinked facilitates Open Data release by other agencies
  • Open Data is also being published by other Local Authorities
  • Clare County Council
  • Sligo County COuncil
  • Limerick Open Data
  • Roscommon Open Data
  • Galway County Open Data
  • Fingal County Council has proposed the implementation of data.localgov.ie for the sector with a corresponding data supply and publishing process
  • Various events have been organised over the past few years around the subject of Open Data
  • As part of Innovation Dublin, ScraperWiki organised a Hacks and Hackers Day in October 2010 Fingal Open Data was launched at this event
  • On the 4 th & 5 th July, the NDRC ran Ireland’s first Open Data Challenge In partnership with Fingal County Council, Dublin City Council, Microsoft and the Irish Internet Association Participants developed ideas and business propositions based on Fingal Open Data and Dublin City data
  • In order to encourage the reuse of data published on Fingal Open Data and Dublinked, Fingal County Council organised the Apps4Fingal competition The competition ran from 9 th November 2011 to 9 th January 2012 There was a prize fund of €11,500 thanks to the generosity of our sponsors 22 Apps were submitted
  • The Apps4Fingal section of Fingal Open Data contains all the information about the competition including details of and links to the competition entries, rules, judging criteria and the shortlisted entries
  • All winners and runners up of the Apps4Fingal competition
  • Dublinked is first and foremost an Innovation Network Dublinked organises regular themed events to facilitate networking and re-use of data Event themes to date have included Planning; Technical Workshop; Spatial Data; Visualisation; Open Innovation; Public Data; Public Transport; Tourism; Social Enterprise
  • There are lots of examples of how Local Government Open Data has been reused in Ireland
  • Parkya is a startup which has created an app to help people with finding and paying for parking
  • Winner of the Enterprise Apps Category was mypp.ie Mypp.ie is a Web App which uses Planning Application data from all 4 Dublin local authorities. These are displayed on a map allowing users to easily check planning applications in an area. Features include a notification service, a 3D interactive house showing what works need planning permission, a professional directory and planning-related news feed. Planning applications are colour coded by status and more info can be displayed.
  • Winner of the Overall & Tourism Apps Categories was Discover Fingal Discover Fingal is a Mobile Web App in which users are encouraged to discover historical and cultural sites in Fingal through a Find and Reward Facebook App and Mobile Website. Detailed information is provided about each site. If a user checks into three cultural sites they are rewarded with a voucher for a free cup of tea or coffee which can be redeemed at Skerries Mills.
  • FixYourStreet is an open transparent tool for reporting problems to Local Government It also has an Open Data dimension, as the data is exposed for developers to write programs that comsume the data behind the site – location, details and resolution of Reported issues
  • FixMyArea was developed by the company behind RateMyArea to complement this service and utilises the FixYourStreet API
  • FiXMyStreet was developed by the not-for-profit MyGov who also developed KildareStreet.com – and also uses the FixYourStreet API
  • While the apps4fingal concentrated on Fingal services, many of the Apps incorporate data from other services and across the whole of the Dublin region. In addition, most could scale up to National or International services. One App that has been developed since the competition and which makes use of Open Data is KidsMaps. This takes the playground data from the Fingal Open Data site, but also includes playground data sourced from most of the Local Authorities in Ireland. This is a great example of how Apps based on Open Data can be scalable.
  • Street Trees maps all of the Street Trees in Fingal via ESRI ArcGIS.com and provides a link to Wikipedia entries for the tree species
  • This is an iPhone App that has been built with Fingal Bring Bank data It displays all Bring Banks It allows filtering on the type of recyclable material – glass, cans or textiles It displays information about the selected Bring Bank It also identifies the nearest Bring Bank to your location and will provide directions to Bring Banks
  • Walk on the Bright Side is a web App that lets you select a walking route and it will indicate how well lit the route is It also allows you to view all street light in an area and report any faults
  • Fingal Day Tripper is a web App Family Day Out Planner Select your themes of interest, specify whether you have children or people with disabilities and whether you’d like to stop for tea The App will then suggest an itinerary for the day with route
  • Urban Rural mashes up Record of Protected Stricture data from Local Authorities and National Architectural Inventory and Records of Monuments and Places to provide a consolidated map-based interface to exploring built heritage
  • The Fingal Expenditure Budget visualisation uses OpenSpending.org to provide an interactive drill-down treemap view of Fingal County Council’s expenditure budget
  • There are, of course, challenges and opportunities with Local Government Open Data
  • This feedback relating to Local Government Open Data was provided at the initial OGP consultation meeting
  • We need to agree standards for data formats, service vocabularies, data catalogues We need to measure the quality of the data and records within the data and publish these quality measures We also need to ensure that once we publish Open Data, we continue to do so on an on-going basis In particular, we need to ensure that corresponding datasets published by Local Authorities are in the same formats and schemas
  • We need to enable publishing of Open Data by all Local Authorities
  • We also need to consider Linked Open Data
  • In line with the theme, this presentation is licenced for sharing under a Creative Commons licence It is available for viewing and downloading on slideshare Thank you.


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  • 50. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Use of any Fingal County Council or Fingal Development Board logos and brands are not covered by this license. Pictures as marked used under Creative Commons license. If you believe any content is infringing copyright, please contact us via http://data.fingal.ie www.slideshare.net/fingalopendata