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FindYourWayInTheWorld - Bangkok Sales Presentation
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FindYourWayInTheWorld - Bangkok Sales Presentation


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This presentation introduces a new social media digital magazine opening in Bangkok called FindYourWayInBangkok …

This presentation introduces a new social media digital magazine opening in Bangkok called FindYourWayInBangkok

The project is called FindYourWayInTheWorld, company open in Singapore.

The best way to promote your brand in Bangkok and Singapore using social media is by video design, and targetted audience broadcast.

Forget about newspaper, magazines, and TV, the new advertising is called SOCIAL MEDIA.

We design Video and Broadcast Video

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. FindYourWayInTheWorld Pte Ltd New Media Enterprise, the forefront of future is Social Media and now, the future is within your reach...
  • 2. …The future belongs to the mostadventurous! That is why we arebuilding tomorrow’s breakthroughtoday.
  • 3. Summary Content1. Mission2. Market Outlook3. Business Model4. Clients Portfolio5. Contact
  • 4. To Become the MOST watched Google TV Channel We Produce Video, We Market Video! Our Vision - Google TV and Internet TV
  • 5. Our Channels Structure LOCAL
  • 6. MissionWe want all to know the Best of the Capital Cities around the World.Showing the true color, feel the street experience, places to drink or eat, where &what to buy, where to travel…To become the most viewed Google TV Channel across the Globe.Create opportunities that will include users at any level and profession.Help Local & International institutions to develop branding and web presence.
  • 7. Market Outlook - OnlineSocial Media is a many-to-many instrumentof communication.REMINDER - most Popular SM Platforms: Facebook - 150 million people engage with Facebook on external websites. YouTube - receives more than 2 billion viewers per day. Twitter - 75% of total users use Twitter through third-party apps. LinkedIn – over 70 million users worldwide. Google+ - Over 60 percent of Google+ users use Google products on a daily basis. Blogging (WordPress) - 77% of Internet users read blogs through random searches or direct subscriptions.Bonus Facts (Statistics from Online Media Gazette) 90% of Internet users know at least one social network. The average social user has 195 friends.
  • 8. Business Model (1/2) (5000 Visits per Month) FINDYOURWAYINBANGKOK.COM LAUNCHING (New Template) WAY (2,400 Likes/30,000 Weekly Reach): lifestyle - travel, restaurant, hotel, brands, associations, culture, apps... Event (4,621 likes/85,000 Weekly Reach): entertainment - concerts, clubbing Model (1,408 likes): entertainment & fashion services. Room (1,209 members/2650 likes): Real Estate. Stuff (1,300 members/1,209 likes): products & consumer services.The Business Model applies to all other SM Video Magazines internationally: ● FindYourWayInSG, FindYourWayInHongKong… etc. SM: Social Media
  • 9. Business Model (2/2)Based on Three (3) Progressive Steps (and some add-ons): One (1) time Publishing on our Website and FB Pages (simple media publishing) Branding involvement Multi-Publishing on FB Channels and its Editorial Content on Website. Branding involvement YouTube Video Production + YouTube & Facebook Video Ads (YT&FB) (Add-on) Simple YouTube Video Creation (Branding/Event & Promotion Coverage) (Add-on) Article Write-Up for Blog Publishing (800-1,000 words) (Add-on) Corporate YouTube Channel Skin Design PartyPack Event Coverage + Broadcasting + Intense YT&FB Video Ads – 1/2 weeks PushPack YT Video Production + Broadcasting + YT&FB Video Ads – 3/4 weeksCorporatePack YT Video Production + Broadcasting + YT&FB Video Ads and YT Skin Design – 7/8 weeks YT: YouTube, FB: FaceBook
  • 10. Print Newspaper Advertising Revenue Adjusted for Inflation, 1950 to 2011 $7-Billions of 2011 Dollars $6- $5- $4- $3- $2- 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 ● Decline in newspaper ad revenues to a 60-year low ● Print newspaper ads have fallen by two-thirds from $60 billion in the late-1990s to $20 billion in 2011. ● Estimated revenues of $20.7 billion in 2011 will be the lowest annual amount spent on newspaper advertising since $19.5 billion in 1951, exactly 60 years ago. Source: Newspaper association of America
  • 11. * These are average prices of the 5 top magazines inBangkok:Guru; Prestige; Big Chilli; BK Magazine; Bangkok Trader
  • 12. Broadcasting channels of FindYourWayInBKK include:Blog page:wwww.findyoutwayinbangkok.comFacebook pages:Way (2400 Likes/30,000 Total Reach): lifestyle - travel, restaurant, hotel, brands,association, culture...Event (4,621 likes/85,000 Total Reach): entertainment - concerts, clubbing, VIPevents...Room (2,500 likes/3,000 Total Reach): real estate.Stuff (1,200 members likes): products & consumer services
  • 13. Potential customer range:
  • 14. Business Model Walk-through Ads Audience Analytics EventSale Video Adjustment Reminders & Coverage KPIs Add-on During campaign reception of Weekly ‘Live’ Analytics. Then a full documentation at the end. A client’s SMM campaign analytics will be (on average): YouTube: ~3,000 views based on related SEO keywords + 2000 Fan Base = 5000 Views Facebook: ~800,000 impressions based on target product admiration Google Search Engine: Probable 1st on Google Page RankingPackage Pricing : PartyPack THB 7900 - 14 days campaign● PushPack THB 11900 - 30 days campaign CorporatePack THB 16900 - 60 days campaign Existing Video Content Focus on Targeted Broadcasting. Possible ‘Tailor-Made’ SMM + Advertising packages for Specific Requests (multiple video campaign). KPI: Key Performance Indicators, SMM: Social Media Marketing
  • 15. Business Model: Simplified
  • 16. Clients
  • 17. A New Media Enterprise, the forefront of future is Social Media and now, the future is within your reach...Contacts Contact FindYourWayInTheWorld NOW! Jean-Charles Salvin – Founder CEO +66895057430 Borislav Tatarov – Bangkok Business Developer +66860528395