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Social Media Course 2012 MASTER MAPI FindYourWayInAlgeria Local Channel Study

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  • FindYourWayInTheWorld Social Media Course: FindYourWayInAlgeria

    1. 1. FindYourWayInAlgeriaLarbiGHALEM2012
    2. 2. Peoples Democratic Republic of Algeria• Capital : Algiers• Official language: Arabic• Area : 2,381,741 km2• Population in 2011 estimate : 34,994,937 • Algeria is the largest country in continental Africa and the 10th largest country in the world in terms of total area. Located in North Africa, one of the major tourist attractions in Algeria is the Sahara, the second largest desert in the world1. Some sand dunes can reach 180 meters high The State is a member of the World Tourism Organization since 1976, but tourism in Algeria is not yet in its infancy. The tourism revenues do not exceed 10% of gross domestic product and the country ranks as the 147th largest in the world. The tourism sector in Algeria is 3.9% of exports, 9.5% of the rate of productive investment and 8.1% of GDP.
    3. 3. Find your way• the useful links o o o o o o National Institutions o Representations in Foreign Countries o Regional Institutions o Media Links
    4. 4. Main tourist attractions• Oran Lien• Cirta, the capital city of the Kingdom of Numidia Lien Al Qala of Beni Hammad, the first capital of the Hammadid Lien empire• Belzma National Park Lien• Algiers Lien• Hammam Guergour Lien• Babors mountains Lien• Mostaganem Lien• The Tassili du Hoggar Lien• Timgad Lien• Hippone (so called Annaba) Lien• Madaure Lien• Taghaste Lien• The Aurès Lien• Tebessa (antique Theveste) Lien• Kabyl coast Lien• Tlemcen Lien
    5. 5. Find your room Hotels Algeria• For housing, it really is not difficult, as there are luxury hotels and cheap ones throughout the country. The price of a beautiful deluxe room for a couple costs between € 150 and € 250 per day, as there are rooms from € 10 to € 45 for low budget tourists. It should be noted that many services are available in luxury hotels, such as the cafeteria, bar, restaurant, nightclub, pool, etc.. In addition it should be noted that during the summer season from June 15 to August 31, many owners rent houses and cottages on the Mediterranean Sea from Port Say (Marsa Ben Mhidi) in El-Kala. Prices vary depending on the number of pieces, usually between 700 euros to 3000 euros per month, electricity included, but it is best to book in advance through an acquaintance or a travel agency. Also, many Algerian uses the site on the Internet ads, bids are sometimes interesting and even opportunities to be missed, but it is always best to send a loved one to visit the place before paying money to the deal. There is also the complex Meskoutine Hammam (spa, pool, etc.) which is located near a waterfall from which flows a source of hot water at 98 ° C. This is the second source the hottest in the world after the geyser in Iceland. The price, depending on the number of rooms in the bungalow, varies between 1500 and 3000 AD (15 to € 30) per day
    6. 6. Find your room Hostels Algeria• Hostelling Information • Rooms and Reservations National Office Fédération Algérienne des Auberges de Reservations recommended throughout the year for all Jeunesse rooms. Reservations via Hostel or National Association 424 Cité Ain-Allah by telephone or fax. Reservation charges may apply. Delly Brahim Hostels are for Males and Females. Smoking rooms are Alger available. Tel.: 00 213 21 91 75 29/49 • Guests Fax.: 00 213 21 91 75 48 Membership Card and Passport/Photo ID required. The E-mail: maximum stay is 7 days. Age limits may apply for• Price range children - please check with Hostel. Pets are allowed - 100-150 DA(1-1,5 €) check with Hostel. Groups welcome. Group bookings via• Opening times National Booking Centre, Hostel or National Office by Open throughout the year, 08:00 - 22:00 hrs, telephone or fax. Reservation charges may apply. Reception open 08:00 - 22:00 hrs. Resident Manager. • Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Reservations recommended for Individuals and Groups. Self-catering kitchen.
    7. 7. Annexe••••