Careers With No College Degree Required


Published on gives you two possible careers with no college degree required.

These are two possibilities that you can start today. Not having a degree is actually not as bad as you may think. Watch this as see what I mean.

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Careers With No College Degree Required

  1. 2. Two Possible Careers With No Degrees by
  2. 3. Are you searching for possible careers with no college degree? I will give you two possibilities in a second.
  3. 4. But first, if you thought of pursuing a college degree, read the following slides because I think you actually have an edge if one of your goals is to achieve financial freedom faster and you DON'T pursue a degree. Now, if your goal is to get into some “Fortune 500” corporation and secure an executive position, then I would say getting a college degree would be to your benefit.
  4. 5. Here’s why starting a career now rather than pursuing a college degree gives you an edge:
  5. 6. 1. If you wanted a degree, you will have to usually put aside at least 4 years to get that (Bachelors) degree. Learning how to create money online can be learned often within months, and definitely less than a year, depending on the complexity of the plan, the time you put into it, and how internet/computer literate you are.
  6. 7. 2. You’ll have to take courses that teach you nothing about making money, which is, ironically, why most people go to college in the first place.
  7. 8. 3. And finally, if you’re going to college you are probably doing so in hopes to get a good, safe, “secure” job (complete with benefits and all the other things that are promised you). This is NOT the way to financial freedom. You actually become DEpendent on your job and benefits that you LOSE your freedom.
  8. 9. I heard a story on the radio where a lady was so stressed from work that it hospitalized her. Her doctor told her she MUST relax more if she wants to get better, but she returned to work. When asked why, she said, “I needed the medical benefits!” Does that sound logical to you?
  9. 10. Striving to be an employee means active income. You don’t work, you don’t get paid. Now, it’s OK to work for experience and/or immediate money to pay bills. But, you must start creating passive income on the side if you want to eventually achieve financial freedom.
  10. 11. EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT, but the right kind of education is key. And, the traditional schooling is not right if you want to be free. If you’re going to invest $60,000 and 4 years of your life in college, you should be able to live the life you want to live.
  11. 12. Have you ever heard of a career in Online Marketing? Probably not. It's not offered in traditional schooling as of this presentation. It's a career you can start pursuing immediately. No sort of degree required. is a blog about online income and, online marketing is one of the focus.
  12. 13. The industrial age is over. It is actually RISKY to plan on working for a company for 30 years and expect them to take care of you when you retire.
  13. 14. This is the information age and people want information, NOW! They want information on how to do something, they want to know where they can get free shipping, they want to know which product is best, or who’s selling that cool vase they saw in a picture. Supply it to them and you can make great money.
  14. 15. OK, here are two possible careers that you can pursue. These have made real money and average people are doing it. How much they're making depends on their skill levels and time they put into it.
  15. 16. This can be your first income stream, and income streams is what we ALL should be building as a “career.” And remember, you don't need any kind of college degree for these careers. Here they are:
  16. 17. 1. PLR Writer - This is where you write articles once, and sell them over and over again as what they call PLR (Private Label Rights) 2. Affiliate Marketer - This is where you sell other people’s products by marketing it in various ways and get a commission on sales. NO inventory. NO dealing with customers.
  17. 18. Go to and search for " careers with no degree " for more information Or