O'Sullivan: The Shifting Landscape of Product Design


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Presentation at Social Network Services seminar on Nov 9th 2007 in Helsinki, Finland. By Joseph O'Sullivan, Yahoo!

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  • Senior Design Director in Sunnyvale Califormia It is my great pleasure to be invited to hear to speak not only with this group, but here in Finland. In my opinion, you are one of the leading countries in terms of innovation and design
  • O'Sullivan: The Shifting Landscape of Product Design

    1. 1. The Shifting Landscape of Product Design Joseph O’Sullivan Senior Design Director Yahoo!
    2. 2. Hyvää iltapäivää
    3. 3. User Business Technology
    4. 4. Desirability Sustainability Feasibility
    5. 5. Conference on Designing for User Experience
    6. 6. Everyone Designs Users are becoming co-creators with us. From the self-expression of Facebook, to the network of “Me” on TiVo and subsequently become responsible for the final “deliverable”. Everyone Designs….Globally We think the impact of our work on a global scale is in direct relationship in our ability to openly share what we know. Leverage the brand of “you” Unlikely individuals are becoming strong, authentic voices for their communities. Brands will attempt to leverage these voices in their own attempts at becoming authentic. We need to allow for experimentation with self-expression Creating and sharing have become global product and service platforms. Current forms of self-expression will need to evolve as people find their voice. We think platforms not features will dramatically move forward. Conference on Designing for User Experience
    7. 8. Yahoo!’s branded services reach 1 out of every 2 Internet users around the world with more than 500 million users Yahoo! Internal Data
    8. 9. Yahoo! is the most visited site online with nearly 4 billion visits and an average of 30 visits per user per month in the US comScore Media Metrix, US, August 2007
    9. 10. 234 million users or nearly half of Yahoo! users worldwide are “ under 35” years old, which is more than four times MySpace users in the same demographic at 53 million users comScore WorldMetrix, August 2007
    10. 11. Social Media The Shift The Business of Attention Agenda
    11. 12. A business model in which “our customers are our suppliers” An advertising system in which people articulate their interests and passions and share marketing messages with each other Platforms, systems, and applications that connect media, technology, and people together into a processing and value creation network Social Media Media made by and for users in communities
    12. 13. The Shift
    13. 14. Social media and networks are producing a new set of expectations regarding people's ability to contribute, create, personalize, and share experiences. The Shift is Upon Us
    14. 15. The Shift from Users to Networks
    15. 16. Technology User Business
    16. 17. Business Technology
    17. 18. Business Technology
    18. 19. Business Technology
    19. 20. The Shift from Consumer to Co-Creator
    20. 22. The Shift from Customer Segmentation to Customer Insights
    21. 23. The Shift from Control to Trust
    22. 25. The Shift from Closed to Open Ecologies
    23. 27. Who people are and the people they pay attention to Where people are when they pay attention and the places they pay attention to What people pay attention to When people pay attention and the events they pay attention to The Business of Attention We invite, capture, connect, guide, and monetize human attention
    24. 28. More Simply Marketplace that provides value to both consumers and advertisers enabled by technology
    25. 29. Technology Business User
    26. 30. $ 2
    27. 31. 00000101011110101011010100101010100110010
    28. 32. Behavioral Analytics
    29. 36. Behavioral Analytics Behavioral Targeting
    30. 37.  011  11  1  1011  101 
    31. 38. Declared Interest
    32. 47. + Behavioral Targeting + Word of Mouth + Brand Advocacy Behavioral Analytics Declared Interest +
    33. 48. Technology User Business
    34. 49. Thanks