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Options - Next Gen Volume Maker
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Options - Next Gen Volume Maker


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FinIdeas, Options, Future & Options, Option Strategies, Learn Options, Option Greeks, Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho, Volga, Vanna.

FinIdeas, Options, Future & Options, Option Strategies, Learn Options, Option Greeks, Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho, Volga, Vanna.

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

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  • 1. 1
  • 2. 2
  • 3. Todays Planting = Tomorrows fruits Educating Team is like Planting Trees. It will gives you fruits of boosting your business in Boom Period 3
  • 4. Education is Insurance for bearish periodEducation insures your future against bearish time in the market.It will help you to stand in market when others are facingtroubles. 4
  • 5. Knowledge of team increase customers faithCustomer has always put their faith on people who have givenbetter guidanceBetter guidance comes from better knowledge.Hence we have to train our team to face any situation of themarket. 5
  • 6. Accept the change and lead the market for years to comePeople who don’t accept the changes, normally phase out in newera.Hence list of top 10 ten brokers change every 10 years.Amitabh Bachan is leading in film industry from past many yearsbecause he has accepted the changes in his roles. 6
  • 7. What are the Broker’s ObjectiveClient SatisfactionRun a Scalable Business ModelConsistent Revenue Month on MonthIn-depth Knowledge for Perfect AdvisoryOptimum Utilization of Clients Fund and Stocks 7
  • 8. What is your Dealers psychology?Normally dealer trades or advise in the market/scrip where he ishaving good command. 8
  • 9. 9
  • 10. Risk Scenario 10
  • 11. Different type of views attract clientsBullishBearishVolatileRange boundSlightly Bullish or BearishHeavily Bullish or Bearish 11
  • 12. Different Strategies attract ClientsBull Call Spread / Bear Put SpreadStraddle / Strangle / Strip / StrapButterfly / CondorPrice Ratio / Delta Ratio / Theta RatioShort Gamma / Long GammaLow Delta short VegaBook BuildingVolatility SpreadExpiry Day strategyLong Term Options StrategySynthetic Options Strategy 12
  • 13. Investors Risk Return ProfileInvestors are also safe when they trade in OptionsHe can choose limited loss or low risk strategies suitable to his riskprofileOptions are the best tools to earn Time Value 13
  • 14. More Traders are Moving to the OptionsMargins are shrinking in Cash to Future and Future to FutureSegmentAnd more players are shifting to Options tradingHence the scope is larger for informed participants 14
  • 15. Market Share in last 12 Years… Future Market Options Year Share Market Share Here you can see that 2001-02 71% 29% Options’ market share 2002-03 76% 24% 2003-04 87% 13% has grown drastically 2004-05 89% 11% in last five years. 2005-06 88% 12% 2006-07 86% 14% 2007-08 85% 15% 2008-09 66% 34% 2009-10 48% 52% 2010-11 34% 66% 2011-12 25% 75% 2012-13 23% 77% 15
  • 16. Market Volume – Equity Vs. Derivatives… Month Equity Market Turnover Derivatives Market Turnover (Rs. In Cr.) (Rs. In Cr.) May – 2012 2,16,755 27,19,843 April – 2012 1,98,324 22,07,316 16
  • 17. Market Volume – Equity Vs. Options… Equity Market Turnover Option Market Turnover Day (Rs. In Cr.) (Rs. In Cr.) 3rd July 2012 10,363 62,987 17
  • 18. Market Volume…Who will get more fishes ?A person who is fishing at lake ?Or a person who is fishing at sea ? 18
  • 19. The Bigger Cake.. The Bigger BiteWhere is more opportunity of earning?In lake or in sea ?In 2,00,000 Cr. Market or in 27,00,000 Cr. Market ?Which cake’s bite is bigger ? 19
  • 20. Research and Options ProductsOnly 1% or 2% of your clients are trading as per member’sresearch but because of this research, equity traders are gettingattracted to that member Same as.. If we have various option strategies then all the optiontraders will be attracted to us.And automatically we will be in the market with daily volume ofRs. 60,000 Cr… The Bigger Cake… The Ocean… 20
  • 21. Please Note…In this dull market scenario Options Volume are generated only byArbitrageurs and FIIs mostly as DIIs are restricted. 21
  • 22. What FIIs needs ?FIIs also needs the smart people in derivatives marketIf you have Options strategies then you can also attract the FIIs towork with you. 22
  • 23. The New Era of OptionsEvery Bull Market Brings new things to marketNext Bull Market will be very much dedicated to OptionsOptions are going to get introduced in Commodity section toovery soonNSE will introduce VIX Future and VIX Options very soonAgain… Knowledge about this section will be requiredBrokers with advanced knowledge will be winner in next bullmarket 23
  • 24. The Next Generations of OptionsCurrently, We are trading in plain vanilla optionsThe Next Generations are binary options or barrier optionsSo, first we have to understand plain vanilla options in depthThen only we can move forward 24
  • 25. Do you know how price of an option Changes ??? Spot Changes Rate of Strike Interest Option Changes Changes Price Changes Time to Volatility Maturity Changes ChangesIt requires knowledge of Option Greeks to evaluate the impact on Option Price 25
  • 26. 26
  • 27. Actually Risk is only for 127 shares. Position is only 127 shares Long. 27
  • 28. Option Greeks are like a Thermometer It shows degree of risk in your portfolio 28
  • 29. Option Greeks measures the risk of Option Portfolio Vega Delta Theta Gamma Rho 29
  • 30. A trader, who knows Option Greeks can identify theOpportunity in Option Markets very easily 30
  • 31. Option Price changes due to change in Spot or Change inVolatility or both We should be in a position to judge the Volatility Spot Price impact of change in Spot or Vol 31
  • 32. Option behaviour is completely different at starting ofmonth, middle of month and end of month 32
  • 33. Option behaviour is completely different for ATM, OTMand ITM 33
  • 34. Boom 34
  • 35. How do we serve you in knowing Options ?Provide you Basic and Advanced Option Greeks KnowledgeStandard and FinIdeas StrategiesPractical Orientation of Option CourseQuestion BankSimple Language to Learn Complex OptionDiscussion on Present Trading MethodologyFinIdeas Options Tool-kit 35
  • 36. How FinIdeas helps you ?We will train your team in Option GreeksWe will give them revisionary webinar batches so that people willbe live after training alsoTrading platform that should also be equipped with all thestrategies / Greeks / Option chain etc. Complex Options. Simple Solutions. 36
  • 37. Complex Options. Simple Solutions. 37
  • 38. About FinIdeasFinIdeas was founded with a goal to educate people in the field of Equity & Derivativemarkets and provide them software which would give them an edge in trading.We achieve this by focusing on constant enhancement of our knowledge base andtechnological edge.We are a team of young and committed individuals having diverse educational andexperience.We are committed to an ambitious and forward-thinking culture and are always on a lookout for the next big opportunity. 38
  • 39. About usTeam working together since 2008Team of Individuals having diverse Education and ExperienceWe deliver world class software and quality education to StockMarkets traders and investors.Focused on constant enhancement of knowledge andtechnology base.Ambitious and forward thinking culture. 39
  • 40. VisionSoftware SegmentWe intend to equip the Industry with the best real-timesoftwares to analyse and trade in the stock markets. Ourvision is to develop software befitting the requirements ofall types of market participants likespeculators, arbitrageurs, hedgers and investors.Education SegmentWe intend to become the most preferred training Institute in the field of Equity & Derivative marketswith a focus towards practical sessions in simulated market environment using innovativetechnologies. Our goal is to make people aware of risk and return prevailing in different segments andways to manage it effectively. 40
  • 41. MissionWe intend… To become a benchmark product and service provider for Equity & Derivative markets in India To Identify Industrys trading needs, problems and provide solution related to it.Each of our leaders brings in diversified experience from various fields of the abovesegments. Our infrastructure and processes coupled with our sincerity and passion is whatmakes us confident of achieving our goals and making our vision a reality. 41
  • 42. Why FinIdeas ? Experienced Founders Innovative Research Options Expertise Education Edge Dedicated Development Team Online Support One Stop Solution 42
  • 43. Our Softwares..VolHedge FinGraph EasyRMS• Online Options Greeks • Think it, Plot it • Manage Risk , the Easier Management Tool way FinExcel FinTester • Export to Excel • Test your Strategies FIST FinSimulator FinBroadcaster and many more to come.. 43
  • 44. Our Esteemed Clients… Continue…. 44
  • 45. Our Esteemed Clients… and many more… 45
  • 46. Benefits from FinIdeas CoursesApplication of Options Knowledge to Stock Options, Currency Options &Commodity OptionsFinIdeas Study MaterialFinIdeas Option CalculatorFinIdeas Option Excel SheetFinIdeas Greek Option Excel SheetFinIdeas Live OI/PCR SheetVirtual Class for solving Auto Generated QuestionsCourse CertificationFree software usage for One Month on completion of Training 46
  • 47. DharmeshMr. Shailesh B. Shah: +91 93749 85600 Web site: || E-mail: 47