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  1. 1. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself this question once, twice, or several times over. You ask“why do I want to be a lawyer?” It haunts you until it brings you to scold yourself to stopdreaming and be the lawyer you’re destined tobe. Like you, many have been pondering on the same question for a long time. And like you, many get confused on whether to go to lawschool or not. If you think being a lawyer is your destiny, then take the steps to land a spot at your dream school. You can begin by coming with a winning admissions essay with the help of a well-written "sample essay about myself."write my essay
  2. 2. When writing your admissions essay, its important to take note of yourreasons for becoming a lawyer You may have noticed that a well-written"sample essay about myself" for law school contains specific reasons why onewants to pursue a legal education This is because stating definite reasonswhy you want to go to law school can help the admissions panel in deciding ifyou really deserve a slot at their school Good reasons for going to law schoolIf you have always had the inherent passion for justice and to always stand forwhatÂ’s right, then going to law school is a good idea Just dont directlymention in your essay that you "want to promote justice and help people
  3. 3. " This is a very noble but vague reason to go to law school Make it morepersonalized by discussing the activities you enjoyed in college that made youwant to pursue a legal education The key here is to let the panels see a morepersonal side of you Another good reason to go to law school is if you think alaw degree can help you achieve your goals Discussing your goals in youradmissions essay is a good way of telling the admissions panel that you dohave concrete plans after law school
  4. 4. Having goals also means you have some sort of direction, and that yourdecision to pursue a law degree is part of a long-time commitment Badreasons for going to law school Applying for law school just because yourparents told you so is never really a good reason to pursue a career in lawAnd write my essay besides, if youre not really interested in a legal career, thiswill definitely show in your admissions essay Before you apply for law school,make sure that its really a decision you want to make
  5. 5. Going to law school because youre not sure on what to do after college isalways a bad reason Pursuing a legal education takes a lot of time, money,and effort You really have to commit yourself because law school ischallenging So if youre really not sure whether law school is really your kindof thing or not, spend some time first thinking about your goals and plans aftercollege
  6. 6. Before you go to law school, examine first your true reasons why you want todo so Having the passion to pursue a law degree is definitely an importantfactor if you want to land that spot at your dream school If youre trulypassionate about law, a well-written admission essay will definitely reflect yourinterests and passion
  7. 7. write my essay