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Filippo Taidelli Architect is a multidisciplinary design firm, creating both commercial and residential architecture and interior design, furniture and product design as well as masterplanning, with special attention toward energy saving strategies and sustainability. Our projects unite technical experimentation with environmental research, translating the limitations proposed by energy conscious design into creative solutions that guide the formal character
of each project’s realization.This approach, implemented in international projects of diverse scale, combine the formal appeal of traditional materials with technologically advanced solutions for contemporary living.

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Filippo Taidelli Architetto | portfolio

  1. 1. FTAFilippo Taidelli Architect is a multidisciplinary designfirm , creating both commercial and residential architec-ture and interior design, furniture and product design aswell as masterplanning, with special attention toward ener-gy saving strategies and sustainability. Our projects uni-te technical experimentation with environmental research,translating the limitations proposed by energy consciousdesign into creative solutions that guide the formal cha-racter of each project’s realization.This approach, imple-mented in international projects of diverse scale, combinethe formal appeal of traditional materials with technologi-cally advanced solutions for contemporary living.FTA has been awarded with numerous prizes including:· First Prize in the competition: “BioArchitecture Award2nd edition” by IN/ARCH for Zenale building Renovation.· First Prize in “Under 40 Competition, 3rd edition” byConsulta Regionale Lombarda Ordine degli ArchitettiP.P.C. for Zenale building Renovation· First Prize in the International Competition “CoastalArchitectural Projects” by the Region of Sardinia for theproject Nomad Off-Grid Module· First Prize at “Saie Selection Award 2009. Low cost &low energy sustainable housing”, for the project Eco HouseThe project Zenale Building Renovation was selected as acandidate among the finalists of “Medaglia d’Oro all’Ar-chitettura Italiana,4 edizione “ (2012 Italian Architectu-re Gold Medal) by Triennale Design Museum di Milano. Theproject will be shown in the exhibition on October 16, 2012FTA’s most recent projects include:· The new 2,000 sqm “Timec Headquarter” in Tanggu Marine;Tianjin China, currently under contruction· The integral refurbishment of the historical, 2,500 sqm“residential building in Via Zenale”, located in Milan’shistoric city center.· The refurbishment and expansion of the “InternazionaleF.C. training facility”, in Appiano Gentile (CO), Italy.This 4,500 sqm project won the “Next Energy Award 2008:Towards Efficiency and Renewable Resources”· The realization of a new 6,000 sqm “headquarters for theengineering company Techint” in Mexico City1stprize Under40 20111st Prize
  2. 2. WORKS /
  3. 3. ZENALE BUILDING //Milan / 2007building renovation
  4. 4. CLIENT Immobiliare Zenale s.r.l.PROGRAM building renovation. Under 40 first prize winning projectSIZE 2.500 mqBUDGET 4 ml ¤SEP 05-OCT 09 preliminary project, final project, construction project, site supervisingDESIGN TEAM M.Brambilla, J.Bove, A.AlbiniCONSULTANTS Manens Intertecnica S.r.l., Enco Engeneering Consulting, S. Sesana, Studio Tre,Falegnameria Ori e Bonetti, LDW Lighting Design Workshop.1st PrizeIMMOBILIAREZENALE S.R.L.
  5. 5. existing processing realizationBUILDING PROCESS
  6. 6. EXTERIOR
  9. 9. TECHINT OFFICE //Mexico / 2007interior design
  10. 10. CLIENT Techint S.A. de C.V. Engineering and ConstructionPROGRAM new office layout and interior designSIZE 5.800 sqmBUDGET 5.000.000 ¤DEC 05-MAR 07 preliminary project, final project, construction project, site supervisingPARTNER Taller Mauricio RochaDESIGN TEAM G. Carrillo, C. Pellerano, S. JourdanCONSULTANTS M.Cardenas, S.Tagliacarne, Limon, Cyvsa, Grupo Franser
  11. 11. EXISTINGtypical floorexisting buildingnew layout
  12. 12. OFFICES
  14. 14. ich holding //Rozzano (MI) / 2011new humanitas MANAGEMENT HQ
  15. 15. CLIENT Istituto Clinico HumanitasPROGRAM new holding headquarter Humanitas Rozzano, MilanoSIZE 2.200 sqmBUDGET 2.500.000 €SEP 11 - OCT 12 concept, preliminary project, final project, construction project, art directionDESIGN TEAM F.Annunziata, C. Brunelli, V. Cuozzo, L. MartinelliCONSULTANTS Rossi Bianchi Lightning Design, Terzini Ingegneria, Tecva Srl., Tecno Im-pianti 2000, Area 68, Metalsigma
  16. 16. under constructionexisting realizationSTREET FACADE
  17. 17. under constructionview from the top entrance viewROOF GARDEN
  18. 18. waiting areainternal view_site surveyINTerior
  19. 19. TIMEC OFFICES //Tianjin / 2013new office BUILDING
  20. 20. CLIENT TIMECPROGRAM new office buildingSIZE 1.800 sqmBUDGET 3.200.000 ¤FEB 11-JAN 13 preliminary project, final project,DESIGN TEAM A.Brivio, C. Brunelli, L. MartinelliCONSULTANTS ENCO Engeneering Consulting, C. Tavecchio, Digierre3, LDW Lighting Design Workshop,N. Noè, E3 Lab.
  22. 22. THE PATIO12ENVIRONMENTphotovoltaic panels natural ventlation sun shading radiant floor panelsENVIRONMENTAphotovoltaic panels natural ventlation sun shading radiant floor panelsENVIRONMEphotovoltaic panels natural ventlation sun shading radiant floor panelsENVIphotovoltaic panels natural ventlation sun shading radiant floor panelsphotovoltaic panels natural ventlation sun shading radiant floor panelsSOLAR RADIATION STUDY 21st DecembersolaINTERNAL PATIO
  23. 23. INTERIOR
  24. 24. SHOWROOM C&C //Milan / 2006C&C Flagship store
  25. 25. CLIENT C&C INNOVATIVE TEXTILE DESIGN MilanoPROGRAM new showroomsize 230 sqmBUDGET 300.000 ¤JAN-JUL 06 concept, preliminary project, final project, construction project, site supervisingPartner Arch. Piero CastelliniCONSULTANTS Isoclima Mechanical services, f.r.z. general contactor.MILANOINNOVATIVE TEXTILE DESIGN
  26. 26. INTERIORexisting realization
  27. 27. INTER CAMPUS //Appiano Gentile (CO) / 2007new training center
  28. 28. CLIENT Internazionale F.C.PROGRAM new accommodation building: Next Energy Award 2008 winning projectSIZE 4500 sqmBUDGET 6.000.000 ¤OCT 06 concept, preliminary project, final project, construction projectPARTNERS P.Castellini, M.Cardenas, S.TagliacarneDESIGN TEAM A.Cattaneo, S.Giorgetta, J.Bove, C.Zanetti, M.Brambilla, P.Pais, F.Caraci,A.AlbiniCONSULTANTS Manens Intertecnica S.r.l, Ifec Consulenze S.A1st Prize
  29. 29. EXisting building renovation
  30. 30. new training center
  31. 31. LISSON GALLERY //Milan / 2011interior & landscape design
  32. 32. CLIENT LISSON GALLERYPROGRAM refurbishment and new external landscapeSIZE 150 sqmBUDGET 105.000 ¤MAY-SEP 11 preliminary project, final project, construction project, site supervisingPARTNERS Katharina & Hermann StuckiDESIGN TEAM V. CuozzoCONSULTANTS ENCO Engeneering Consulting, LDW Lighting Design Project.
  33. 33. INTERIORexistingexhibition hallrealization
  34. 34. STAZZU BUILDING //Val di Mela / 2008rural building renovation
  35. 35. CLIENT privatePROGRAM energetic self sufficient house. Lasdscape 2010 second prize winning projectSIZE 150 sqmBUDGET 250.000 ¤CONSULTANTS Solar Gallura S.r.l. , Janna s.a.s, Falegnameria Ori e Bonetti
  36. 36. INTERIOR
  37. 37. Pangea //Turin / 2006pangea urban exhibition
  38. 38. CLIENT Fondazione Pangea OnlusPROGRAM the international awareness day of violence against womenSIZE 6.200 sqmBUDGET no profitSEPT-NOV 06 concept, construction project, exhibitionPARTNER M.CardenasDESIGN TEAM A.Albini, F.CaraciCONSULTANTS Bodino Engineering S.r.l.
  39. 39. ECO HOUSE //Curno / 2009eco-sustainable house
  40. 40. CLIENT Agogroup S.r.l.PROGRAM competition by invitation: SAIE Selection 2009 winning projectSIZE 634 sqmBUDGET 760.800 ¤JUN 09 competitionPARTNER OneofficeDESIGN TEAM G.Beltramo, G.RuzzenentiCONSULTANTS G.Aresi, G.Terzini, R.Coroneo, Solar Gallura s.r.l.1st Prize
  41. 41. exteriorsustainable strategies
  42. 42. EXPO 2015 //Milan / 2012interinational COMpetition
  43. 43. CLIENT Expo 2015 s.p.a.PROGRAM International competition of ideas for expo service areasSIZE 74.000 mqBUDGET 63.000.000 €PARTNERS Claudia Brunelli, Alberto Clerici, Vincenzo Cuozzo, Luigi Martinelli
  44. 44. external viewconstruction modular system
  45. 45. FLOATING PAVILLON //Lecco / 2011INNOVATIon HUB
  46. 46. CLIENT Faculty of Engineering, Milan Polytechnic UniversityPROGRAM Floating Pavillion, Lecco Innovation HubSIZE 120 mqBUDGET 250.000 €NOV 11-MAY 12 preliminary projectPARTNERS Politecnico di Milano, Ing.Andrea Ratti, Ing. Aldo Gatti, StudioTrePiattaforma galleggiante: progetto preliminareCONCEPT
  48. 48. LEVI’S SHOWROOM //Milan / 2008concept
  49. 49. CLIENT LEVI STRAUSS & CO.PROGRAM competition by invitation for the new showroom: winning projectSIZE 550 sqmBUDGET 450.000 €MAR-NOV 08 concept, preliminary projectDESIGN TEAM M. Brambilla, R. Leva, F.Nava, F. BianchiCONSULTANTS Riccardo Cotroneo Ingegnere, Guido Bianchi LDW, Mari Conidi Architetto, Studio Tre
  50. 50. store internal viewvisual merchandising showcase
  51. 51. OFF GRID MODULE //Palau / 2010COMPETITION
  52. 52. CLIENT Regione Autonoma della SardegnaPROGRAM competition “coastal architectural projects for seaside facilities” winning projectSIZE 5 sqm - 500 sqmBUDGET 200.000 €CONSULTANTS StudioTre,Ori & Bonetti, LDW, Metra, Cover-One, Solar Gallura,ENCO1st Prize
  53. 53. prototype
  54. 54. ALA //Milan / 2009FONTANAARTE led lamp
  55. 55. CLIENT FontanaArtePROGRAM interior led lampSIZE Din A4 29,7x21x2 cmCONSULTANTS B. Amato, FontanaArte
  56. 56. sketches
  57. 57. RESEARCH /
  58. 58. Design Workshop Tsinghua University 2011CLIENT Tsinghua University and Design Faculty, Milan Polytechnic UniversityPROGRAM tutor of the workshop on furniture for nomadic architecturePARTNERS Silvia Piardi
  59. 59. Master in Sustainable Architecture 2010-2011CLIENT IED, European Institute of DesignPROGRAM tutor for the workshop homeAlberto Menozzi e Chiara Rizzi
  60. 60. CV /
  61. 61. Filippo TaidelliBorn in Italy in 1972, Filippo Taidelli graduated from Mi-lan’s Politecnico in ’99 with a dissertation in Sustaina-ble Design which he researched and developed at E.T.S.A.Min Madrid under the tutorship of Ábalos&Herreros.He furthered the experimentation and practice in envi-ronmentally sensitive design at Mario Cucinella Architectsin Bologna in the role of lead architect from 2000 to 2005.In 2005, he opened the studio Filippo Taidelli Architettoin Milan.Since 2007, Filippo Taidelli is a professor of InteriorDesign in Design Faculty at Milano‘s Politecnico.Since 2005 he is a Visiting Professor at Scuola Politec-nica di Design in the Master’s course of Interior Design;since 2010 he teaches in the Sustainable Architecture Ma-ster at IED Torino. In 2011 he was also tutor in the wor-kshop on furniture for nomadic architecture at TsinghuaUniversity,Beijing.
  62. 62. AWARDSRome, June 2012 1st prizeZenale building renovation project wins the First Prize inthe competition: “BioArchitecture Award 2011” by IN/ARCH.Perugia, May 2012Zenale building renovation project obtain a mention in thecompetition: ”Best architecture projects realized in Italyin the last 5 years” by IN/ARCH ANCE Umbria.Monza, December 2011The Eco House project in Curno obtain a mention in Sustai-nable Architecture awards by the Architect’s Register ofMonza e BrianzaMilan, September 2011 1st prizeZenale Building renovation wins the First Prize in Un-der 40 Competition, new architectural proposal, RenovationSection, 3rd edition.Santa Teresa di Gallura (OT), December 2010 2nd prizeThe restoration project of a traditional rustic structurein Val Di Mela near Olbia in Sardegna wins second place inthe competition for architectural solutions in Sardinia.Palau (OT), December 2010 1st prizeOff-grid modular structures wins the first prize in theinternational competition “Coastal Architectural Projects– Design projects for seaside facilities”. Competitioncommissioned by the Region of Sardegna, ITMilano, June 2010Zenale Building is one of the Winners of the World Archi-tecture Awards 20+10+X 7th Cycle.Bologna, October 2009. 1st prizeThe ecohouse project in Curno (Bg) by FTA and Oneofficewins the first prize in the ‘concrete’ category.Milano, December 2008. 1st prizeFTA proposal wins the first prize for the competition byinvitation for of Levi’s Italians Showroom.Milano, March 2008. 1st prizeThe project for a new Sports Center for F.C.International,wins the “NEXT ENERGY AWARD 2008 Towards efficiency andrenewable energy”. Organized by “Mostra convegno Expo-comfort-Next Energy.1stprize Coastal Architectural Projects20101st Prize
  63. 63. PUBLICATIONSMilano: Le Nuove Architetture, Skira, June 2012Brick’12, Callawey, May 2012Casaviva N 459, Decembre 2011, “ An emotional green renovation”Paysage N 25, December 2011, “Nomad off grid module”Casaviva N 455, August 2011, “Between Rocks, a step by the sea“Italia Oggi N 105, May 2011, “In the beach to get tan”Costruire in laterizio N 140, April 2011, “Zenale Building Re-novation”Archetipo N 50, January 2011,“Coastal Architectural Projectsfor seaside facilities”Progetti e Concorsi N°1, January 2011, “Coastal ArchitectureProject”Progetti e Concorsi N°49/50, December 2010, “Italian construc-tions 2010, our top 15”Progetti e Concorsi N°44, November 2010, “La carica dei trenten-ni alla sfida del mercato”“Mansarde a doppia altezza”, by G. Mottura, ”Doubled-height at-tic”, edited by Maggioli EditoriProgetti e Concorsi N°28, July 2010, “Contemporary Trasforma-tion”Costruttori N°4, December 2009, “An advanced system”Corriere della Sera 27th October, 2009, “Social Housing at Saie2009”.L’Espresso 29th October, 2009, “Italy grows green”.Il Sole 24 ore 26-31th October, 2009, “Saie, on show more than100 ideas”.New materials and enterprises, “Wall Lamp Ala”, catalogue of theexibition organized by Material ConneXion at Triennale di MilanoAL December 2008, “Architects ed Energy-towards SustainableDesign”Ottagono October 2008, “Innovation in respect of environment” September 08 2008, “Energetic research - FilippoTaidelli wins the Next Energy Award 2008”Progetti e Concorsi N°49/50, December 2010, “Italian construc-tions 2010, our top 15”Arketipo N°38, November 2009, “Saie Selection Award 2009. Lowcost & low energy sustainable housing”
  65. 65.