Porsche Cayenne Case Study


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Porsche Cayenne Case Study

  1. 1. PORSCHE MIM Team
  2. 2. The Team Viviana Bustillo Aruca Marketing Analyst Nina Chan Social Media Strategist Fabienne Hamberg Research Director 2 Alex Chen Marketing Consultant Filippo Decotto Chief Marketing Officer Mohmmad Almad Head of Accounts PORSCHE MIM Team
  3. 3. The cayenne club 3 PORSCHE MIM Team
  4. 4. Image credibility Pricing strategy Go-To-Market strategy Three areas Of concern Confidential + proprietary 4 PORSCHE
  5. 5. - Educate and involve community - Provide test drives and opinion polls - Create events for friends and family What we would Have done 5 PORSCHE Image credibility MIM Team
  6. 6. Pricing strategy - Good initial pricing strategy - Entering the SUV and not sports car market What we would Have done 6 PORSCHE Image credibility MIM Team
  7. 7. Pricing strategy What we would Have done - Identify the market - Give a clear view of the Porsche intentions 7 PORSCHE Image credibility Go-To-Market strategy MIM Team
  8. 8. The evolution 8 PORSCHE Ten years of growth: - Three more cars in the portfolio - The Cayenne become faster and cheaper - The community has lately embraced Cayenne - A success in 2011 – 2012 - The introduction of the hybrid model MIM Team
  9. 9. - Color Styler - Porsche Family Tree - Porsche Spotting Game - Making the most of YouTube - Using the Facebook Wall to share exclusive content The social aspect What’s already there 9 PORSCHE MIM Team
  10. 10. The social aspect What we would implement 10 PORSCHE - Create exclusive community for Cayenne drivers - Create community app for Porsche - Social media contest on Instagram MIM Team
  11. 11. Pricing 11 PORSCHE Why we believe the introduction of the V6 was the wrong decision. What we would have done differently How we would have defended the introduction of Cayenne MIM Team
  12. 12. The green revolution MIM Team 12 PORSCHE - The hybrid world - The competition - The Electric Chance, keeping the exclusivity
  13. 13. Cayenne Marketing case study PORSCHE