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This is the new version of the internship-uk magazine.

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Nr mag, january3

  1. 1. New Romney Magazine – Monday, 31th of January 2011Welcome to the new year!Its grey and its cold – oh yes January is definitely here! But before we all get depressed,lighten up, cause it also means that there is only 5 months until Summer. January is themonth of new years resolutions (lose weight, party more, stop smoking etc.). Its the time forforgetting the problems of 2010, and starting fresh. Here in New Romney it’s also time tostart fresh; many interns have left, and new ones are arriving the next couple of weeks. Thisalso means that the NR Mag has received a whole new set of editors; we will do our best tofulfil the job as good as the former ones.To celebrate the new year, the New Romney magazine, and the editors, we will add somenew things to the magazine. We will try to make this magazine the best ever, as a rumoursays that this year will be the last (the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world in2012)!!!. Don’t worry, we believe that it is a false prediction, but in case we are wrong,avoid the classical happy new year speech; good health, lots of money and success. Be moreoriginal and live as if this year was the last; go skydiving, learn to ride a horse, visit adifferent country. Do whatever makes you happy!!! This is our resolution for the new year,plus to start learning a foreign language, visiting a different country and meeting new peopleof different nationalities. We think it’s a good start, don’t you? The rest we will figure outlater... But most importantly, have fun and enjoy what the future brings.So to start out the year in a proper manner, welcome to the first New Romney magazine of2011.... A new year filled with fun experiences, mind expanding challenges, and luck.
  2. 2. The first night out of the year......To start out the year in a proper manner, thegirls (and our lovely Swiss, Sven) made a visitto the local pub so the new and “old” internscould get to know each other outside theLittlestone office. All nicely dressed up, andready for English beer the group made its wayto “The Ship”. In occasion of the big event,Filippa and Edita (the only ones who weren’tnewbies) had chosen to wear matching bright turquoise shirts, so no newbies would get lostin the pub... When entering the pub it was quite quickly noticed that the average age in New Romney is around 40 or 50. In spite of the age difference, it did not take long before the gang was partying. This was noticed by the DJ, who commented if a new bunch of exchange students had arrived. While some chilled and talked on the sofa, others were going crazy to the music on the dance-floor!After some beer and drinks, it was time to go back home, as a new day at work was waitingnext day. Feeling all hot and sweaty (from thedancing), and having a bit sore feet (poor Alessia)the group walked back to the houses. In total a goodnight.
  3. 3. Staff Presentation:What are your main hobbies/interests in life?Well I like learning new languages, meeting new people, travelling, and learning newthings. At the moment I try to learn Russian and Spanish and to improve English as well.And I also like my food, I eat far too much, so I must go to the gym. And I go. To Marshacademy. It’s really cool. I recommend:)In general I like almost everything. I like different kinds of music, different people,different cultures :)Where are you from and what makes your country and city worth visiting?I am from Lithuania. I was born, grew up and studied in Kaunas. What makes my countryand city worth visiting. Well... everything. We have Baltic sea, lakes, rivers, lots of forests,we have good food, cheap beer, rich cultural and historical heritage (castles, museums, oldbuildings, churches). It’s a small country. Sometimes we call it a land of brothers in law :) itmeans that everyone knows everyone. The distances between cities are short. It takes 1 hourby train or car from my city to reach the capital, 3 hours to go to Baltic sea, half an hour torun away from the city to enjoy some rural areas. It’s nice in winter. We have lots of snow.It’s beautiful in spring. It’s amazing in summer. During summer people usually go to Balticsea resorts or to the lakes, enjoying rural tourism. It becomes a bit rainy in autumn, butautumn is the best time for picking mushrooms. It’s great fun:)My city is divided into two parts: Old Town and New Town. Old town boasts Town Hall,Church, cosy pubs, charming small streets with various shops. New Town enjoys the mainstreet called Laisves aleja (alley of Liberty), where all the main shops, restaurants, some telsare located. We have several museums of art, Museum of War, even Museum of Devils, thatare really worth visiting.In fact even though it’s a small country, there are so many things to see, really interestingthings, that I haven’t yet seen myself... :) I haven’t mentioned breathtaking sand dunes,seaport, the Zoo, various parks, and we also have Ryanair. Now I want to go home:)What are you studying and what are your future plans?
  4. 4. I am studying business administration. And I have lots of plans. Would take too much spaceto name them all:)Tell me something we didnt know about you?I don’t know. Depends on what you know already:)Which qualities are you looking for in people around you?I like open-minded, non-judgemental, easy going, funny, friendly, just good people;)What did this internship bring to you?First of all I met some really, really nice people that I definitely can call Friends.Of course I gained hands on-work experience.In addition, I learned to cook, to work in a team:) I am more organised now than I wasbefore:)And people here are so smart. You can learn something new every day. And with every newperson you meet you just gain something and it helps to grow as a person, to get to knowyourself better.
  5. 5. Europe’s stars in music:When you walk around in the office building, you often hear people singing in manydifferent languages while they are working. We therefore thought that it would beinteresting to ask around in the office about which artists are “big” in Europe right now.Below we have listed some of the stars in music, lets take a look!Italy:Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome the first STAR on the list! A famous lady from Italy bythe name of Laura Pausini, a 36 year-old singer and song -writer from Solarolo. She singsin the five languages; Italian, Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. Her music genre isPOP, POP rock, and latin pop. Some of her most popular songs are “E ritorno da te”,“Vivimi”, and “Invece no”. Laura has won several awards for her music, e.g. for “BestSelling Italian Artist” in the “World Music Awards”, “Best Female POP Vocal Album” in“The Latin Grammy Awards”, and “Best Latin POP Album” in the “Grammy Awards”.My favourite song: “Primavera Anticipada” feat. James Blunt
  6. 6. Denmark:Moving on to the country of long-legged, blue eyed and blond girls we present Medina(her real name is Andrea Fuentealba Valbak). Medina is 28 years old, and from Aarhus,Jutland. She is a mix of Danish and Chilean, and has specialized in R&B. Her debut single“Kun for mig” (You and I) spent 52 weeks on the Danish music charts. Medina has sincethen become more and more popular, and was announced one of the most successful Danishsingers and song-writers of 2010. She started out singing in Danish, but has recently startedsinging in English as well. She has won awards at the Danish Music Awards, and TheEuropean Music Awards. Her most recent release (in Denmark) is the song “Addiction”.My favourite song: “Addiction”England:Continuing to the UK, there is one band that pops up! A band that made girls scream likecrazy, and men envy them. A band that broke up, and then ten years later got back togetherand succeeded in doing it. Oh yeah, I am talking about Take That!!! The band consists ofGary Barlow, Jason Orange, Howard Donald, Mark Owen, and Robbie Williams. The bandsbreakthrough single was “It only Takes a Minute Girl”, and after a couple of hit singles theband released its first album “Take That and Party”, and after that they became extremelypopular in Europe and Asia. By 1995 the band experienced some internal problems: RobbieWilliam’s drug abuse made the other members complain, and he was in the end thrown outof the band. A year later in 1996, the rest of the band decided to stop. In 2005, the four
  7. 7. members Mark Owen, Gary Barlow, Howard Donalds, and Jason Orange decided to re-establish Take That. They released the album “Beautiful World”, which entered the UKalbum chart at no. 1, and they have since then received much success in the music world.Latest news from the band is that Robbie Williams from July 15 th, 2010 will be joining theband again, as well as a new tour in 2011.My favourite song: “Relight my Fire”Lithuania:Continuing to Lithuania, we encounter Andrius Mamontovas, a 43 year-old singer, actorand song-writer. He is a former member of the band Foje; one of the most popular bands ofthat time; they released approximately 14 albums, and won many awards. In 1997, Andriusdecided to leave the band to start a solo career. As a solo artist he has gained a lot ofsuccess, and the number of awards won are a proof of this. He has in total received 15Bravo awards, which is the Lithuanian version of the grammy. Among other things he hasreleased the albums Geltona Zalia raudona, Mono Arba Stereo, and Tyla. Andrius Mamontohelped create the band LT United, which participated in the 2006 Eurovision song Contest.The group ended up at a sixth place.My favourite song: “Marso Kanjonai”
  8. 8. Spain:We talked to Liseth about Spain and she told about David Bisbal !!! Attention everybodybecause David Bisbal is a serious competitor for the guys in the office (girls this singer isdelicious for the eyes)David Bisbal Ferré was born in Almeria, southern Spain on June 5, 1979. He is a LatinGrammy winning Spanish pop singer. He was first known when he became the runner up onthe interactive reality television show Operation “Triunfo” which was produced by TJ Hall.He has since released four studio albums, all of which topped the Spanish Album Chart. Inaddition he has recorded a number of live albums. He has toured throughout Europe andLatin America and is now considered to be on the verge of an international career.My favourite song: Buleria
  9. 9. Portugal:It is a great pleasure that I have discovered Rui Veloso because his songs are very beautifuland relaxing.Rui Manuel Gaudêncio Veloso, commonly known as Rui Veloso was born on 30 July 1957in Lisbon. He is a Portuguese rock singer and musician (also called the "father ofPortuguese rock"). This composer had a great impact on the Portuguese music scene withthe record Ar de Rock in April 1980.Songs such as Chico Fininho and A Rapariguinha do Shopping were instant classics in the1980s. His lyrics, normally written by Carlos Te, are strongly influenced by the Portoculture. He is an unconditional lover of the blues, and has played with B B. King severaltimes. He became one of the most productive and renowned Portuguese musicians, as hisdiscography clearly shows today.My favourite song: Nunca me esqueci de ti.France:In France a popular singer right now is Christophe Mae and I will not lie to you he is reallycute.Christophe Maé was born on October 16, 1975 in Carpentrase, Vaucluse. He is a Frenchpop singer. Maé learned to play the violin at age 6, and later began playing the guitar and
  10. 10. harmonica at age 16, after he was immobilised from a chronic illness. He states that this wasthe time when he became inspired by Stevie Wonder. In 2005 he rose to fame by playing therole of Monsieur in the musical "Le Roi Soleil"Maés first album was entitled Sa Danse Donne, and was released in 2002-2003. This albumis not considered his first studio album. He released his first studio album, Mon paradis onMarch 19, 2007, which included the singles "On sattache", "Parce quon sait jamais" and"Ça fait mal". His fourth single is "Belle Demoiselle". Mon Paradis was Frances secondbest-selling album of 2007. Maé opened for Seal at the Grand Rex in Paris and for Cher atthe Zénith de Paris, both in 2004. In 2010, Maés second studio album, On trace la route,was released. It has sold more than 600,000 units to date.My favourite song; j’ai vue la vieFinland:Don t worry boys !! Because this Finnish performer is a girl, and a really beautiful one.Jenni Vartiainen was born March 20, 1983 in Kuopio. she is a Finnish singer, who rose tofame after winning Popstars along with two other girls (a reality show competition inFinland in 2002). The trio together formed a band called “Gimmel” and released two albumsbefore breaking up in October 2004. After the split Vartiainen started a solo career.Vartiainens first single Tunnoton was released in April 2007 and the debut album Ihmistenedessä was released in September 2007. This later led to singles, such as Ihmisten edessä,
  11. 11. Toinen, Mustaa kahvia, and Malja, of which Ihmisten edessä was the largest hit. Sellingover 33,000 albums, which is a lot in Finland, her debut album went on to reach platinumstatus.Her second album Seili, released in March 2010, sold triple platinum and was the bestselling album of 2010 in Finland. Three singles were released from Seili: En haluu kuollatänä yönä, Nettiin, and Missä Muruseni On.My favourite song: Ihmisten edessä
  12. 12. Event:Boaz “Thank You Party” aka salsa eveningAs darkness and stillness fell upon the small town of New Romney, there was one placewhere the mood was high and people were ready for some good fun. Oh yeah, Foreshorewas definitely the place to be. In dedication of it being Boaz last party in New Romney, wedecided to spice up the party a little with a salsa night. Also, in this way, we could pretendfor one night that we were all in a warm place...To fully complete the salsa night, it had toinclude salsa dancing. Our ownSpanish/Argentinian “chica”, Liseth was incharge of the salsa lessons. So wheneverybody had arrived in their party outfits,“la fiesta” could begin. Under strictinstructions from the teacher, and a verymotivated crowd, the steps were learned inminutes. As it was Boaz “Thank You” party, there was a bit of a nostalgic feeling in the air, as it was the last chance to party with him. Despite of that the party was going strong to the good rhythm of the music. The party went on till early in the morning, where half of the party mysteriously disappeared. Luckily they were found after a shortsearch around the house (before becoming too worried, everybody was found in goodhealth, which was a good thing as none of us could remember the number of the police).
  13. 13. So as the morning was approaching, the only few survivors left were Raquel, Adam, Filipa,and Sofia. All the others had gone to bed.... It was time for some rest, leaving the clean-upfor the next morning. So as the quietness fell over the Foreshore house, it was apparent thatForeshore does something to people (as Dino himself has said) cause it was a cool night.
  14. 14. Departures:Boaz: On January 28th, 2011 Boaz left us, to go back to Holland. He will be missed by everybody in the office, especially his “marketing wife” Elsa. We hope that he had a good trip home (with his mom and dad;)), and doesn’t get lost in the “Red Lights District”.Newbies:Anniina:Start date: 10/01/2011End date: 10/04/2011Department: MarketingHobbies: Anniina comes from Finland, she is a discreet girls withblonde hair and blue eyes. You can find her in the marketingdepartment behind her computer, but the rest of the time she prefers toread a book, or listen to music. Also she likes sports, and to exerciseon her bike, a “healthy mind in a healthy body”.Secret/something we didn’t know about you: she likes embroidery,yes, I know this girl is very surprising!
  15. 15. Quentin:Start date: 10/01/2011End date: 25/02/2011Department: IT Hobbies: Quentin works in the IT department. His first love is his computer, but he also likes a lot of sports; golf, tennis and skim board (sport practised on the water). You cannot overlook him, because that boy smiles all the time, speaks very loudly and he has a very special laugh. Secret/something we did not know: Make no mistake,inside the surfer boy is a real sensitive boys who likes to take care of himself and listen to“girl” music.Elsa:Start date: 10/01/2011End date: 31/03/2011Department: MarketingHobbies: she is French and works in themarketing department. Elsa likes to party, and sheis always cheerful. She came to New Romney tomeet new people and improve her English. Shehas practised boxing since she was 8 years; andsports activities are very important to her.Secret/something we don’t know about you:she has a passion for “guy” sports, such as rugby, soccer and video games like PES (a soccervideo game).
  16. 16. Sven:Start date: 15/01/2011End date: 31/07/2011Department: Marketing Hobbies: this boy is straight from Switzerland anddreams of working in fashion. He is an accomplished athlete; practices tennis, soccer andfitness. He loves going on long rides on his motorbike, hoping that the ladies will think he’sa real man!Secret/something we don’t know about you: you are now thinking, oooh this man is greatand strong, and fears nothing. unfortunately, he has a secret. This man is scared of dogs andcame to internship-uk to overcome his phobia, is he going to win... this is the question???.Liseth:Start date: 10/1/2011End date: 10/7/2011Department: MarketingHobbies: Apart from loving her work at internship-uk, Lisethenjoys listening to music, surf the internet, meet with her friends,read books (she has unfortunately left her books at home), and shealso enjoys drinking “mate” with her family (Argentiniantradition).Secret/something we don’t know about you: She likes to talk a lot. She has a lot ofpatience and optimism is for her the guide of every day. She loves her family, they are very
  17. 17. close! She likes to tidy the house, amazing?:) Oh, and she would like to learn Chinese.Alessia:Start date: 10/1/2011End date: 10/4/2011Department: Marketing Hobbies: Alessia enjoys going to the gym, going out with her friends, listening and dancing to music, and reading books. Secret/something we don’t know about you: She has a double personality; She can be very serious and smart, and the next second an airhead.Sofia:Start date: 10/1/2011End date: 10/6/2011Department: PRHobbies: I don’t really have specific hobbies, but I havealways liked languages, travelling, meeting new people,playing the piano, and going out with my friends.Secret/something we don’t know about you: I have aspecial relationship to diet-coke. When some people smoke a cigarette, I drink a coke. Youcould probably say that I am a bit of a coke-aholic.
  18. 18. John:Start date: 20/1/2011End date: 20/4/2011Department: IT Hobbies: I like sailing, and playing basketball, also I like hanging out with my friends, and watching movies at the cinema. Lastly, I like surfing on the internet. Secret/something we don’t know about you: I have two dogs and I love them very much.
  19. 19. Staff presentation:Where are you from and what makes your country and city worth visitingI’m from Portugal and I live in a city called Santa Maria da Feira in the North . What makesmy city worth visiting? Well the weather is nice and we have a lot of events during summerand plus that we have beaches that you can reach in just 15 min by car. But to be honest thiscity doesn’t mean too much to me. For me my city is Peniche it’sa small place surrounded by ocean. I have lived there 4 years ofmy life and it was one of the best times of my life...Why? It’s truethat the people are a bit narrow minded but I have learned somany different things there, I really grew up there..not in age butas a person. This is for me one of the best places for vacations too. In this city you aresurrounded by beautiful beaches, you can choose which one you prefer. You can surf, diveand try more activities related to the sea. There, we also have one island called Berlengasthat is a natural island. It is a great experience but a bit tiring because of the weather.... it isreally hot there!!!So now you guys know that Portugal have really good places to visit (and it is not just girlswith hair...Julien!!!! we like to go to the beaches almost naked..remember?! So no hairs ;) ).What are your main hobbies/interests in life? Hummm... I like to swim but the truth is that I’m a bit lazy to make sports, but will change that this month I will start going to the gym (I will Boaz, it is true!!!!). I like to watch comic movies and romantic movies and during the last one I cried like a baby.. well at least when Raquel doesn’t scares me :)..she yells at me sometimes like a girl from exorcist.. can you imagine? :) But the thing that I like the most is sleep and wake up on Sundays and just stay in my cosy bed doing nothing :)...ok, ok I really like toEAT!!! as Edita says we are emotional eaters ;)
  20. 20. Ah I remember now.. I really really like to listen romantic music and then annoy Raquel :)with my songs and my singing...prepare yourself Ilse you will come to Windsor!!! ;)What are you studying and what are your future plans?I’ve already finished my degree in Marketing for Tourism. My future plans are simple: Get ajob that I like, find the Prince Charming or the right frog that I can turn to a prince :)(workshop about communication skills helped me here :) ), and then the last plan but themost important one:BE HAPPY!!!!Tell me something we didnt know about you?I don’t know ;) what you guys don’t know about me?? humm...I’m afraid to come homealone with Raquel :) seriously the house makes a lot weird noises!!!! :) maybe we aren’talone in Windsor and we didn’t know.... Raquel we need a bodyguard...good idea, ah? :)This time for real, I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!! :)..already knew this? LOLok, ok the true I have three boobs :) (Edita told me this joke! I laugh for hours..)more...hummm...I studied art in High School, I wanted to study design and I was in the University of Arts,sculpture course. Better now?Which qualities are you looking for in people around you?Well this is easy.. funny people because even when I’m sad they always can make me smileand laugh (thank you Edita for being such a PMA person!!), people who cares about theothers, nice people... ok, now the other way.. Which are the things that I don’t like in peoplearound me? I don’t like when people tell me “you should be like this!”, we are all differentso we must accept this. Some of us are shy, some are weird ;) (just kidding), some of us arejust perverts like Boaz ;) (kidding again or maybe not) but I don’t think that we are perfectto tell the others what they should do or be. But sometimes it happens, I used to do the same
  21. 21. myself.. how many times we told someone I would like you to be more of this or more ofthat?Some tips: People don’t change!!! if they don’t want to change themselves, you can’tchange them even with the best communication skills it’s hard.What did this internship bring to you?So many things...Well I make a list:– I saw and touched snow for the first time– I could get out of Portugal for the first time for a long term (so good!)– I flew for the first time (it’s boring!)– I met so many different people– My English is better now– Now I know how to make a website.. well at least change something that I want to– I’ve learnt some words in French, Italian– I know more about other countriesThis internship helped me a lot giving me the chance to improve myself as a person and alsoas a marketeer. I’ve learnt a lot here, and as I said before not just about work but also aboutlife and others cultures. It was one of the best things that I did in my life!! Thank you all!!!And THANK YOU Raquel and Isabel ;)
  22. 22. Guess the feet:In occasion of the new year, we have made a little shoe game! We have stalked some of theinterns and photographed their shoes. It is now your task to figure out which shoes belongsto which person. You will find the answers at the end of the NR Mag. Well, lets start thegame... (You will find the answers at the end of the magazine).The first pair of feet is from a person in the marketing office. Who is it??? The next pair of feet is from another marketing person, who is the person?
  23. 23. Are these the feet of a man or awoman???? We can only say that thisperson is a crazy French. We bet you can’t figure this one out. He is tall and from marketing. Who is it?The last pair of feet belongs to a very sweet lady inmarketing. She is one of the newbies, who is she?
  24. 24. How to make oneself at home in New Romney?An internship in England is an incredible opportunity to improve your English, but can alsobe a little stressful. Just before my arrival in New Romney I had 1 million questions runningthrough my head: are the people there nice? is the work difficult? How should I dress? will Isucceed in learning English? When I got the question “Are you ready to go to England?” Iwas honestly not sure about what answer I should give.... I am sure, that I am not the onlyone to think like that, In fact I am quite sure of it. Therefore we have decided to give you the7 rules of how to make oneself at home in New Romney. – Rule number one: Forget all your prejudices and get ready to meet people very different from you (in personality and culture). – Number two: Look at the definition of the word sharing and caring, because in New Romney it is everything. – Third rules: Participate in the daily cooking, it is handy if you later on get a big family! – Number four: Keep an open mind because you learn a lot from others. – Rule five: Spend the evenings with your friends, play pool, watch movies, go to the ship, or party in Foreshore House, in that way you will never feel alone. – Sixth rules: Especially, don’t worry about getting bored at work or after work. – Number seven: PMA (positive mental attitude), this rules is paramount, remember to be positive all the time!!If you live by these few rules, you will survive in New Romney, it’s easy, dont worry.Your internship in New Romney will be a wonderful experience (of course somtimes it’sdifficult because you speak in a foreign language). But in the end, it is most important tofeel good. But in the end, I must admit, there are some things for which you unfortunatelycan never be prepared for, and that is to say "good bye" when everything is over!
  25. 25. Answers to the “Feet Game”:Picture 1: EditaPicture 2: SvenPicture 3: ElsaPicture 4: BoazPicture 5: Alessia
  26. 26. Written byElsa & Sofia