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Vengeance opening sequence2 Vengeance opening sequence2 Presentation Transcript

  • By Fiona Grafen
  • The opening sequence opens with a dark screen and thedieagetic music begins to play in the background. This soundthat is playing sound like a high electronic electric bass guitarand a percussion instrument as well. After a while of thosetwo instruments playing together the electric guitar joins in aswell. Around 0.24 seconds the action begins.
  • The dark screen then changes to having the title of the thefilm pop up quickly with a red filter effect. This red filtereffect could be interpreted by the audience that there isgoing to be some sort of scary thing happening soon andthis is just the build up towards it.
  • The camera cuts to the camera shot of the camera looking upangle on the fence still using the red filter effect on it. To give thefeel of danger or if something bad is going to be happening soon.
  • The camera then cuts to a mid shot of the fence in the redfilter effect. In this shot the company name are shown thathelp present this film.
  • How the camera got from the last shot to this shot is that the cameratracked across the fence towards the houses and pass some houses at afast passé. This makes the audience think that the is a view of what aperson can see when he is looking out side a car or on a skate board. Thereason why we think this is because it is too smooth the camera tracking tobe a bike or running but yet it is a fast passé smooth tracking that makesus think that this fast transport must be something that involves littlemoving .
  • The camera cuts to a play set which the camera is tracking around it.The dieagetic music is still being played at a fast passé whilst this isall going on. So far the audience have seen 3 different environments.This makes the audience wonder where this opening sequence isleading them to.
  • The camera cuts to a layered shot of two shots playing together atonce to either show the audience what is on both sides of the roador to give a hint that they are going to visit someones grave orworse kill someone.
  • As you can see in this shot the two shots that have been layeredtogether are the mid shot of a grave stone and the mid shot of thefences being tracked through again. The audience could be thinkingthat maybe the person has gone the wrong way and gone back .However this could also show the audience that this is what theperson is looking at around them.
  • The camera cuts to a black screen with titles of another company thathave helped present this film. This shot has still stuck with the redfeeling only instead of the red filter it has a black backdrop and redwriting.
  • The camera cuts to the same back drop but with adifferent font writing which either has a sentence goingvertically across the page. What it says on the page couldprobably be either the name of the film or a name of oneof the people who worked on this film or an actor oractress or either another presenter.
  • The camera cuts to a show of two people having a fight. Thered lines that come between the last shot and this shot begin tofade out as the action becomes more tense. This is a mid shotthat the two boys who are fighting are in a mid shot.
  • The camera goes back to a black screen when the titles appear up again.This time the titles are telling the audience that this is a Robert B RabbitFilm. From seeing that the audience can tell either who made it or whatkind of film it is. In the dieagetic music you can hear a voice.
  • The camera cuts to a long distance shot of a road with cars driving past intothe distance. This could give of the feeling of neglecting or it could make theaudience think that the camera is waiting for someone to appear.
  • The camera cuts to a mid shot of some road signs showing different placesand pointing in different directions. This could be making the audiencethink that the person is lost and confused about where they are going.
  • The camera cuts to the camera looking through the door and up thestairs.and the camera tracks upwards The audience could be thinking thateither the person has found where he needed to go or that he is here to askfor directions and is looking for someone.
  • The camera cuts to a long shot of a car park. The audience are probablythink that the person is looking around for their car . This could also showthat the camera is hidden behind the pillar wall either watching someoneor waiting for a person.
  • The camera cuts to a mid shot of a phone box that is outside a persons house.The audience are probably thinking is this person waiting for someone tocome out of the house or is this person going to make a phone call?
  • The camera cuts to a shot of the two windows on the house and thecamera angle is looking up. The audience might be thinking who ishe waiting for outside the window?
  • Camera cuts to a person running across the field and over this fence.The camera angle is a long shot and this makes the audience wonderwhat is he actually running away from? This also makes the audiencethink that the camera is watching this person and following thereevery move.
  • The camera cuts to a long shot of an empty car park with onlyone car inside. This makes the audience feel alone and wonderwho the camera is waiting for there?
  • The camera cuts to a shot of the car on the road on its own. Thismakes the audience wonder weather we are now at someone housewaiting for them to come out of their home.
  • The title of the film re-appears on the black backdrop the redwriting makes the words stand out and seem more striking.
  • The camera cuts to a looking up angle of what looks like a spriral typeof stair case. This makes the audience wonder who is the cameralooking for because we have not seen anyones identity yet all theaudience feel right now is the feeling of being alone.
  • The camera cuts to a dog barking at the camera. This camerashot is a big close up. This makes the audience think that theperson has been seen by the dogs owner and since he is on theirproperty he is barking telling him to get away.
  • Camera cuts to a faded shot that fades out and into focus. Thereason why the director has probably decided to do this ismaybe to show that the guy is waking up to somewhere elseor he has been caught and the people who are sitting in thefocus are waiting for him to wake up?
  • Camera cuts back to the title screen of what the film is called andin the back ground is a faded dial meter which you normally seeon cars.
  • The camera cuts to a still shot of two people creeping away fromthe camera in solute so this hides there identity and you the onlything you can see about them is there body shape.
  • The camera cuts back to the titles and the black backgroundand starts showing the cast and crew who are starring in thisfilm.
  • The camera fades out the black so you can see a wind screen anda person sitting in a car. The titles of the people are still beingshown during this.
  • The camera cuts back to the black back drop and the titlesstill appearing through it and the vertical writing as well.
  • The camera cuts back to the two people fighting each other. Thecamera angle is looking down on them.
  • The camera cuts back to the black backdrop of it and thewriting showing through and the other jobs to do withthis film and who did them are being shown.
  • The camera cuts to a big close up of a fence. Where the camerastarts to track along the side of it.
  • The camera cuts to the back ground of the house where they arebeing tracked along as well as the titles are being played by.
  • The camera cuts to a sign which says “Road Closed” and thecamera moves towards the sign. This makes the audience worriedthat the person could be driving into a dangerous zone.
  • The camera cuts to two swings blowing in the wind in a mid shotand the writing playing over it showing the last person who is thewriter and the director.