The folsom Prison Gang


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Information about The Folsom Prison Gang, a Johnny Cash tribute band located in North Carolina that is available for Nationwide bookings.

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The folsom Prison Gang

  1. 1. The Folsom Prison Gang
  2. 2. America’s Leading Johnny Cash Tribute BandThe Folsom Prison Gang has been performing since 2007 and have performed all over the East Coast and South East. They have a solid reputation of delivering solid entertainment that exceeds all audience expectations.
  3. 3. Facts about the Johnny Cash and his music…•He recorded more than 1,500 songs•Had a career that lasted almost 50 years•Has sold more records in the US than The Beatles.•He has placed 48 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 Pop charts (about the same number as the Rolling Stonesand the Beach Boys.)•The only person to be inducted into the Country Music, Rock-n-Roll, and Song Writers Hall of Fame.•His name and music is enjoyed by a significant majority of the population regardless of age, race, income orgeneral musical taste (e.g. country, rock-n-roll, hip-hop, etc…). Everyone loves the music Johnny Cash. Ask thenext 10 people you meet and 8-9 of them will confirm this.
  4. 4. Facts about The Folsom Prison Gang…•The band is not an impersonation act. It is a tribute show to The Man in Black that tastefully honors his music.•Most songs are close reproductions to the originals although they are “pepped” up a little. Some liberties aretaken on a few songs where they are done “Folsom Prison Gang Style…”•The band consists of six musicians.•Shows are a near non-stop barrage of music as most songs roll right into the next one.•The band has performed from Florida to New York, and a hundred points in between.•Released a CD in 2011 titled “Cash Only” featuring 10 of the bands favorite Johnny Cash songs that theyrecorded (and licensed) in their own style.•Performances are family safe and often involve the kids in the act.• A perfect act for festivals, fairs, corporate events or theater type venues.
  5. 5. Available for Nationwide Bookings!Visit for more information including song samples, videos, photos and contact information. The Folsom Prison Gang is a Johnny Cash Tribute Band.
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