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  • 1. Organization chart: Manufacturing Operation Chief ExecutiveOperation FactoryManager Manager Production Planning Tester, & Control verifierProduction Material Maintenance Research & Manager Manger & Engineering Design Sample, Jig & QC, Tally QC, Inventory Tooling Tools maker APO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 1
  • 2. Material management Function- Collect, analize and dessiminate information about material utilisation- Preparing the required materials- Determine the current stock level & its value- Ensure the materials is safe in keeping / storageAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 2
  • 3. Materials controller Head of department, business owners Managers Executives / officers Supervisors Clerks Organisation chart Duties and responsibilityAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 3
  • 4. Requirement to become material controller Have knowledge about the materials under their supervision Given authority as material controller Have full responsibility of the goods under his care Has facilities to safe keeping the goods Have good knowledge about material management Document: stock book, inventory card etc.APO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 4
  • 5. Requirement to become material controller (cont.) Material management:  Planning the requirement  Purchasing  Receiving Membuat, melapor dan  Storage menyimpan rekod:  Maintenence  jenis bahan  Inventory  Kuantiti  Releasing for processing  nilai  DisposingAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 5
  • 6. Requirement to become material controller (cont.) Material tendency to wear, damage, faulty & depreciate Mixing recipe Compatibility of materials to product manufactured Rate of utilisationAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 6
  • 7. Materials properties Physical properties:  Type Mechanical properties:  Maintenance  Size  Storage  Grade  Density, chemical content etc.  Quality  Quantity  Value of materials  Material usesAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 7
  • 8. Documentation Material specifications: name, model, physical properties Quantity: utilization rate – daily, weekly, monthly Suppliers: name, address, telephone, products supplied, terms and prices Purchasing document: L.O. (purchase order), delivery notes (D.O.), invoicesAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 8
  • 9. Documentations (cont.) Receiving: goods Inventory received notes  Quantity  Name  Quality  Model Production  Grade, quality (refer to  Material request form specifications)  Quantity - Stock card Maintenance  Mechanical  PreventiveAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 9
  • 10. Raw material management Unit: Kg., liter, ton, pieces, unit, packing, rolls, drums etc. Safe keeping and safety of materials Reports to superior officers & frequency Not leaking information to competitors Applying system: Location, storage methods, replenish Knowing stock levels and utilization rateAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 10
  • 11. Responsibility of Material Controllers1. Material inspection:  Before delivery (at suppliers warehouse); 2nd party audit  Ability of suppliers: to supply on time, delivery  Right information in documentations: purchasing, delivery notes, invoice  Quality supplied according to specifications  Quality is checked  Recording the classification changes (if any & allowed) APO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 11
  • 12. Responsibility of material controllers2. Rejects materials which doesn’t meet specifications  Materials used to make the goods  Materials quality  Quantity  Expiry date  Non approve buyers / black listed  Disapprove brand and modelAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 12
  • 13. Responsibility of material controllers3. Storing the materials:  Material classifications: type & physical properties  Safety levels; material depreciation, dangerous items  Able to determine current stocks and additional items  Taggings on materials, packages  RecordingAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 13
  • 14. Responsibility of material controllers4. Conduct maintenance  Materials inspection  Ensure the materials is in good condition and able to function properly  Conduct maintenance appropriatly, i.e. change the packaging, change the tag, initiate the chemical reactions (glue / finishing materials), eliminate saturated components, oiling, block the undesired chemical reactions  Separate the expired & unfunctional itemsAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 14
  • 15. Responsibility of material controllers5. Implementing inventory / audit  Count the quantity  Compare the inventory and stock card figure  Search the cause of difference, if any  Justify the quantity differences  Ensure the right quantity  Inventory / stock reports  Stock valuesAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 15
  • 16. Responsibility of material controllers6. Giving out the materials  Who can receive the materials  Approval in writing  Have needs & according to production schedule  Preparing the required materials, refer to specifications  Exact quantity  Documentation: Material request forms,APO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 16
  • 17. Factory management and manufacturing facillities Raw materials Machines and manufacturing facilities Building and compound VehiclesAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 17
  • 18. Materials classification: physical properties1. Main raw materials: timber & panel items2. Processing materials: sand paper & glue3. Dangerous materials: thinner, oil, finishings4. Hardware: screw, hinges, connectors, accsessories5. Packaging: fabrics, boxes, foam, strap etc.6. Workers: first-aid, mask, earplug, glove, measuring tape, caliper7. Machines: tooling and spare partsAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 18
  • 19. Storage places for raw materials Materials is not store at one place Grouped to physical properties Place to be used, processing place Safety structureAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 19
  • 20. Materials: Green sawn timber Air-dried sawn timber; anisotropic Grade: 1. Prime 2. Select 3. Standard 4. Sound 5. Serviceable 6. Utility Stacking: a. Species b. Size c. Sticker Cement flooring, even CoveredAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 20
  • 21. Timber calculations Sawn timber sample:1 cu. ft. = 0.0283186 M3 2.25” x 3.5” x 8’, 125 pieces Calculate in tonage?1 ton = 50cu.ft.= 1.41584 M3 (l x t x p)/(12 x 12 x 50) x pcs1 M3 = 0.7063 ton = 2.25 x 3.5 x 8 /(7200)x 125 = 1.09375 ton APO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 21
  • 22. Calculation M3 Example:t” x l” x p” x pcs. = ft.3 1.75” x 3.75” x 48” ada 312 pcs.1728 1.75 x 3.75 x 48 x 312 = 56.8749 ft3ft.3 = M3 172835.31 56.8749 ft.3 =1.610733 M3Notes: 35.311728 = 12 x 12 x 12 56.8749 ft.3 = 1.1375 ton35.31 = 50 50 1.41584 APO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 22
  • 23. Materials: Kiln-dried timber Moisture content: _ % MC Equilibrium moisture content, EMC: 12 – 13 % Stacking: closed stack (no stickers) Bundled: same specie & sizes, same lengthwise, applied wax/paint at ends, wraped in plastics, same distance of support, 4’ Covered area, cemented, even & have wallsAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 23
  • 24. Materials: dressed timber Cut and planned to final size Desired MC% Bundled: same specie, same size & wrapped Storage area: covered, cemented, even & in building Far from cold / heat: climate changes caused timber to defects Ukuran: M3APO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 24
  • 25. APO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 25
  • 26. APO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 26
  • 27. APO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 27
  • 28. Bahan: mouldings Kayu berprofil Contoh: frame, splint, skirting, jamb etc. Bundled: sama spesis, sama profil, sama saiz, dibungkus plastik, ikat. Susun dalam crate Ukuran: ft. run, mrAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 28
  • 29. Bahan: komponen perabot Contoh: turnings, kaki, tops dll. Berbagai bentuk, saiz dan warna Finished & unfinished Disusun, dibungkus & diletak ditempat teduh Jangan simpan > 4 bulan (kayu); akan hilang ketepatan saiz, profilAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 29
  • 30. Bahan: papan panel Papan lapis Binaan: lapisan venir berperekat disusun ira berselang seli dalam bilangan ganjil Perekat: urea formaldehyde (MR – moisture resistance) & phenol formaldehyde (WBP – water boiling proof) Gred: face – back; AA, BB, CC Value added: laminated face – tego film Susunan: jenis perekat, gred, saiz, dibungkus, kawasan teduh Kayu penggalas: sama saiz, jarak 2’, 6” dari hujungAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 30
  • 31. Bahan: papan panel lain Fiberboard (MDF, HDF) Chipboard Softboard Particleboard- Binaan: habuk/serbuk/serpai kayu, berbagai saiz, digaul dengan perekat- Ukuran: ketumpatan, saiz (4’x8’,6’x8’,3’x6’)- Gred: mengikut pelepasan formaldehyde; E0, E1, E2, E3- Susunan: mengikut jenis, saiz, gred, kawasan teduh, dibungkus plastik- Kayu pengalas: sama saiz, jarak 2’APO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 31
  • 32. Bahan: pelapik muka Formica, Maica Aica High pressure laminate (HPL); Post forming, soft forming- Backing: kertas, plastik, venir- Perekat: contact glue- Susunan: mengikut jenis, saiz, dibungkus- Suhu: terkawal; < 24°CAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 32
  • 33. Bahan: kertas pasir Jenis: granit, kaca, silica Gred: paling kasar (00), halus (480) Backing: kertas, kain, plastik Perekat: contact glue, protein Kegunaan: mempelas, kemasiapan Bentuk: mengikut mesin; sheet, wide belt, disc, long belt Simpanan: bilik hawa panas (30°C -35°C; guna lampu 15 watt) Susunan: kepingan (disusun), gulungan (digantung)APO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 33
  • 34. Bahan: perekat Water-based, oil-based PVAC, urea formaldehyde, contact glue, glukosa, hot melt glue, protein, super glue etc. Hardener, retarder Shelve life: sebelum campur hardener Pot life: selepas campur hardener Standard guna: kelikatan (viscosity) Bekas: bersih, tiada benda asing, bekas khas, kuantiti standard i.e. 20kg, 18L Bilik: suhu sejuk < 20°C; superglue (peti sejuk)APO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 34
  • 35. Bahan: minyak Kenderaan: petrol, diesel, cylinder, coolant, transmission Mesin: grease, hydraulic Gred: SAE (kelikatan) Ukuran: liter Bekas khas: kedap udara, tiada benda asing, jauh dari bangunan awam Bilik sejuk (< 18°C), bawah tanahAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 35
  • 36. Bahan: kemasiapan Nitro cellulose (NC), acid catalyzed (AC), poly urethane (PU), cat, varnish, minyak Ukuran kekuatan: resin content, solid content Kualiti: hardness, durability, kilauan Bahan lebur: thinner, air; retarder Shelf life; pot life Mudah terbakar, terpeluap Bekas khas: kedap udara, jauh dari bangunan awam Suhu simpanan: sejuk (< 28°C)APO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 36
  • 37. Bahan: pengikat Skru, paku, bolt & nut, staples, minifix Spesifikasi: panjang, diameter, bentuk kepala, bahagian pemutar, bentuk hujung, saduran, warna Rosak: karat, berubah warna Bungkus: plastik, spesifikasi, kuantiti mudah Bekas: kotak Stor utamaAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 37
  • 38. Bahan: penyambung Hinges, connector, catches Spesifikasi: tempat kegunaan, saiz, model #, warna Rosak: karat, gagal berfungsi dengan elok Bungkus: mengikut model, plastik, kuantiti mudah Bekas: kotak Stor utamaAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 38
  • 39. Bahan: aksessori perabot Tombol laci/pintu, kunci, drawer slide, toe kick, stopper Spesifikasi: kegunaan, saiz, warna, model Rosak: lusuh, karat, gagal berfungsi Bungkus: mengikut model, kuantiti mudah Bekas: kotak Stor utamaAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 39
  • 40. Bahan: aksessori berasaskan plastik Screw caps, slides, adjuster, padding Spesifikasi: saiz, warna, model Bungkus: plastik, kuantiti mudah Suhu: kurang dari suhu bilik (< 28°C) Bekas: kotak Stor utamaAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 40
  • 41. Bahan: fabrik & kulit Kain Bahan: kapas, polyester, wool etc. Mengikut bentuk tenunan Spesifikasi: bahan asas, warna, lebar, ketahanan, model Bungkus: gulung (roll), baring, kayu / kodi Kulit Stor: kering, suhu > 28°CAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 41
  • 42. Bahan: pembungkusan Kotak, PU foam, plastik wrapper, strap Assembly instruction sheet, write up Kotak di pipihkan, ikat Dibungkus, bahan tidak jadi lusuh Stor: kering, suhu > 32°CAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 42
  • 43. Bahan: keselamatan pekerja Dusk mask, ear plug, gloves, safety shoes Pakaian seragam, apron Dibungkus plastik diikat dalam kuantiti mudah Stor utama, keringAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 43
  • 44. Bahan: alatan pengukuran Measuring tapes, veneer caliper, gauges, moisture meter Simpan kering Stor utamaAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 44
  • 45. Bahan: tools Alatan tangan: screw driver, pliers, spanner, tukul besi, wrenches Simpan: kuantiti mudah Stor utamaAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 45
  • 46. Bahan: mesin tooling Knives blade, profile knives, circular saw, band saw, drill bits, router bits Disusun atas rak, kotak panel Mudah karat Senggaraan: sapu minyak Stor mesinAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 46
  • 47. Bahan: senggaraan Kunci: peti kunci Tangga Alatan elektrik: mentol, volt meter, wire Stor sengaraanAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 47
  • 48. Mesin kecil Jig saw, hand router, hand trimmer, drill, screw driver dll.: elektrik & air powered Diberi nombor rujukan unik bagi setiap satu Nama pengguna dicatitkan mengikut tarikh & waktu Disimpan dalam setor alat Dipasang mata & diuji sebelum dan selepas dikeluarkan dari setorAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 48
  • 49. Peralatan semburan Kemasiapan: spray gun, hos, pump, tangki dll. Perekatan: spray gun, hos dll. Dibersihkan selepas digunakan Diberi nombor rujukan unik Disimpan di setor semburan Rekodkan nama penggunaAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 49
  • 50. Mesin tetap X-cut saw, rip saw, moulder, panel saw, router, drill, sander, air compressor etc. Bekalan elektrik betul & pendawaian selamat Alat keselamatan & tooling terkawal Terlindung dari cuaca yang melampau Mesin diikat dilantai rata dengan kukuh Diberi nombor rujukan unik Ada jadual senggaraan Nama operator / senggaraAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 50
  • 51. Peralatan kilang Dust extractor, silo, piping, spray booth, conveyor, hoist, work bench, perabot dll. Ditempatkan / melalui kawasan yang selamat. Ditanda dengan kod warna Diperiksa / dibersihkan secara berjadualAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 51
  • 52. Kenderaan & handling equipment Pallet truck, forklift, roller conveyor, lori, van, kereta dll. Disimpan ditempat yang dikhaskan Disenggara mengikut jadual Operator yang dibenarkan sahajaAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 52
  • 53. Bangunan & kawasan Bangunan, pondok, tempat letak kenderaan, pagar, parit, tangki kumbahan, taman, pintu, tingkap, tangga dll. Tiada yang tersumbat, kotor, tidak terjaga Tiada tempat pembiakan Menugaskan anggota khusus untuk menjaga kawasan dan bangunan Harta benda selamat & terkawalAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 53
  • 54. TQM: Concept - TPM 5 S’s of Good Housekeeping  1) Seiri - disposal of unnecessary things  2) Seiton - make sure that things are in the current place  3) Seiso - clean up, sweep & polish  4) Seiketsu - keep things clean - repeat 1,2 & 3  5) Shitsuke - disciplineAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 54
  • 55. TQM: Concept - TPM 5 C’s of Good Housekeeping 1) Clean out - determine what is necessary & unnecessary & dispose of the latter 2) Configure - provide a convenient, safe & orderly place for everything & keep it there 3) Clean & check - monitor the condition of the area during cleaning 4) Conformity - develop the habit of routinely maintaining cleanliness 5) Custom & practice - train people in the disciplines of the 5C’sAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 55
  • 56. 5 S (Bahasa Malaysia) Sisih Susun Sapu Selia / Seragam Sentiasa amalAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 56
  • 57. TQM: Concept - TPM Ciri organisasi TPM  Menyatukan bahagian senggaraan & pengeluaran  Pasukan kecil terdiri dari operator / penyenggara  Latihan menjadikan ‘operators feel like owners’  Tabiat baik membentuk: Pembersihan menjadi pemeriksaan Pembersihan menampakan kepincangan Kepincangan diperbaiki Pembaikan berterusan untuk peralatan dan suasanaAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 57
  • 58. TQM: Konsep - TPM Step 1 (what does the company require?) Step 5 Step 2(educate people (is everythingabout the rules) in order?) Step 4 Step 3 (keep clean) (clean up)APO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 58
  • 59. TQM: Konsep - TPM Sasaran TPM  Memaksimakan keberkesanan peralatan  Membentuk sistem PM disepanjang hayat peralatan tersebut  Dilaksanakan di semua bahagian  Melibatkan semua pekerja  Mempromosikan PM melalui pengurusan motivasi – aktiviti kumpulan kecilAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 59
  • 60. TQM: Konsep - TPM 5 aktiviti pembangunan TPM: 1) Menghapuskan 6 punca kerugian utama (slide berikut) untuk memanjang hayat peralatan. 2) Program senggaraan yang bebas 3) Program senggaraan terancang 4) Meningkatkan kemahiran anggota operasi & senggaraan 5) Program pengurusan peralatan asasAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 60
  • 61. TQM: Konsep - TPM Fokus TPM keatas 6 punca utama kerugian peralatan 1) Peralatan tidak berfungsi 2) Set-up & adjustment time 3) idling & minor stoppages 4) Mengurankan kelajuan 5) Kecacatan proses 6) Mengurangkan hasil perolehan Kumpulan kecil yang bebas fokus kepada 6 punca utama kerugianAPO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 61
  • 62. Kita tangguhkan dulu.APO TES Bangladesh Furniture Manufacturing 62