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Fashion & Design Channel (Live iDTV) - Lifestyle and ecommerce TV - 1 fashion serial and 4 fashion shows
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Fashion & Design Channel (Live iDTV) - Lifestyle and ecommerce TV - 1 fashion serial and 4 fashion shows


Fashion & Design Channel (Live iDTV) - Lifestyle and ecommerce TV - 1 fashion serial and 4 fashion shows

Fashion & Design Channel (Live iDTV) - Lifestyle and ecommerce TV - 1 fashion serial and 4 fashion shows

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  • 1. Achieve 51.232 hits a day and 18.7m hits a year per area producing 1 ongoing serial and 4 themed shows per week processing 491 purchases and bookings per day and location integrating lifestyle and ecommerce TV channels Internet TVA tour of business plan features
  • 2. (Content shown is figurative)Live Webcasting eL ePay eB
  • 3. Chatting RoomeL ePay eB
  • 4. Video on DemandeL ePay eB
  • 5. (Content shown is figurative) eL ePay eBIntegrated Applications:
  • 6. lifestyle and ecommerce TV channelsInnovation in ecommerce and media
  • 7. reality shows and direct online salesMedia productions supporting ecommerce
  • 8. Functions and Features
  • 9. Functions and Features
  • 10. Functions and Features
  • 11. Functions and Features
  • 12. Functions and Features
  • 13. Functions and Features
  • 14. Features
  • 15. Channel Users-viewers, Content and Locations 3m to 15m users Worldwide 1m to 6m users in Asia & Africa 1.8m to 8m users in Europe & America 200.000 to 1m users in UK & Spain
  • 16. Channel Users-viewers Occupation students and professionals User level social media and internet savvy Access from home, mobile phones and work Activity use entertainment and marketing User type consumers and businesses
  • 17. Channel Content Live Shows and Events Live Fashion and Designers Live Users and Social Media Live Club and Social Games
  • 18. Channel Content In-house programmed feeding system. Users content, video and home media productions. Business customers content and media productions. Fashion and design low-cost media productions.
  • 19. Channel Content In-house programmed feeding system: Video/Live feeding and RSS from sites, channels, youtube, etc. Users shared content: Content, video and home-made media productions. (In-house and users home production)
  • 20. Channel Content Business customers low-cost media productions:  In-house marketing productions.  Live events streaming.  Real-time shows production. Live iDTV low-cost media productions:  PR and publicity for business customers.  Live events streaming and video shows.  Ongoing serial programs and shows.  Realityshows focused on lifestyle activities. (Reality shows focused on lifestyle and business activities)
  • 21. Live serials and shows worldwide, mainly promoting brands Live shows from fashion gurus Live shows from best designers Live fashion weeks worldwide Live shows at best showrooms
  • 22. Live serials and shows worldwide, mainly promoting brands Live shows from fashion gurusShow Description:A portrait of differentiated fashion trends presented byfashion gurus (models, designers, journalists, etc). Goingthrough the time to the present, profiling trends origin,formation, scope, impact, influence and contribution.
  • 23. Live serials and shows worldwide, mainly promoting brands Live shows from best designersShow Description:Profiling of designers (established and new ones) focusing ondifferent styles and regions. A view of fashion designers in theworld from vintage to nowadays by episodes including catwalkspromoting new designers, models, fashion professionals andfirms (partnering agencies and freelancers).
  • 24. Live serials and shows worldwide, mainly promoting brands Live fashion weeks worldwideShow Description:Exclusives, follow ups and insights into the fashion weeksshows, back-stages and preparation (organization) of all themost important fashion weeks in the world. Chronologicallycoinciding with the closest fashion week events webcasting liveand doing interviews (shows focused on fashion weeks).
  • 25. Live serials and shows worldwide, mainly promoting brands Live shows at best showroomsShow Description:Live shows at selected showrooms organizing live events forseasonal presentations, PR and promotions. Including in-house designers hosting, catwalks, samples distribution andinteractive social games focused on fashion sales promos.
  • 26. Live serials and shows worldwide, mainly promoting brands Live serial introducing highlights of the 4 fashion showsShow Description:An introduction of the 4 fashion shows focused onexhibitions, works and highlights of trends, designers,weeks and showrooms shows. Exploring geographicalareas, cultures and styles including industry situation andrealities.
  • 27. Channel Locations Starting-Up: London and Madrid Growth: Berlin, Paris, Milan, NY, LA, Miami, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Mexico DF, Moscow and others Expansion: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Delhi, Mumbai, Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Bangkok, Singapore and Dubai
  • 28. Business Planning Internet TVWithin a fast working pace in a60-month period it projects to Business Strategy:generate £3.65m by direct Fast Growth & High Returnsonline sales, franchising andlicensing.It aims to reach 15m users andconsumers within 21 countries Financials:establishing operational bases 5Year Results & Ratiosin main cities.
  • 29. Fast Growth and High ReturnOur fast growth and high returnbusiness strategy aims to develop a Flash Salesconsiderable number of businessopportunities.We will develop revenue streams Fastcreating business models partnering Daily Growth & Directestablished firms (JV and M&A) and Deals High Warehouseon our own. ReturnBusinesses as Flash Sales, DailyDeals, Direct Warehouse, DesignerRequest, eTailor, Auto Design and Designer Requestother fashion business models.
  • 30. Live Business Models and Trade Marks Flash Sales Auto Direct Design Warehouse Fashion & Design Brands Daily eTailor Deals Designer Request
  • 31. Business Development Targets Users, consumers and main business customers: Model a 15m users and consumers base with an average expenditure of £19,4 per month and £233,3 per year. Develop a main business customer base of 137 B2B firms, focusing mainly on SME distributors within targeted areas, and establish a final B2C business customer matrix of 5.000 firms.
  • 32. Business Development Targets Costumer revenues, growth and market share: Provide an average revenue for main B2B business costumers of £44.444 per month, £533.333 per year, and for final B2C business customers of £8.333 a month, £100.000 a year. Support continuous growth of main business customers (distributors) to reach a B2B market of £102m integrating and developing their online B2C business clients achieving a total final market of £700m.
  • 33. Business Development Targets Transactions and distribution: Process in year 5 3.762.493 transactions with an average charge from 0.25% (payments) to 5% (distribution) operating and distributing in 21 areas (EMEA, America and Asia):  Year 1 – 187.022 transactions operating in 2 areas: UK and Spain.  Year 2 – 358.613 transactions operating in 6 areas: Europe and America.  Year 3 – 793.651 transactions operating in 12 areas: EMEA and America.  Year 4 – 2.131.099 transactions operating in 21 areas: EMEA, America and Asia.
  • 34. Business Development Targets Communication and Media: Achieve in year 5 1.075.872 hits per day, 392.7m hits per year and 10‰ hit efficiency (10 hit-into-click conversions out of 1000) producing 1 ongoing serial and 4 themed shows:  Year 1 - 102.464 hits per day, 37.40m hits per year and 5‰ hit efficiency.  Year 2 - 171.934 hits per day, 62.76m hits per year and 6‰ hit efficiency.  Year 3 - 326.158 hits per day, 119.05m hits per year and 7‰ hit efficiency.  Year 4 - 729.829 hits per day, 266.39m hits per year and 8‰ hit efficiency.
  • 35. Starting-up Spain - Madrid UK - London
  • 36. Growth South America Russia • Buenos Aires Australia • Moscow • Sao Paulo • Sidney • Mexico DF North America • NY • LAEurope • Miami• Berlin• Paris• Milan
  • 37. Expansion Others in Asia Japan • Bangkok • Singapore Middle East • Tokyo • Yokohama • Dubai • Osaka India • Emirates • Delhi • MumbaiChina• Beijing• Shanghai
  • 38. Financial Highlights First 2Years Starting-up stage: In Year 1 revenue of £181.714 with losses of £57.143. In Year 2 revenue of £348.571 reaching break-even.
  • 39. Financial HighlightsYear 3 and 4 Growth stage: In Year 3 £771.429 revenue with £179.643 profit (EBIDTA) entering new markets in Europe, USA and South America. In Year 4 £2.07m revenue and £582.500 profit (EBIDTA) developing operations intensively in new markets and exploiting existing ones.
  • 40. Financial HighlightsYear 5 Expansion stage: In Year 5 £3.66m revenue and £1.23m profit (EBIDTA) expanding to China and Indian markets.
  • 41. Integrating the artsof technology and media Creating the future of ecommerce