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  • 1. Bell Work 1 CREATIVE WRITE 20 MINUTES 2 Quick-write 3 Literary Analysis: Parody 4 The True Story of the Three Little Pigs p 440 5 Identifying Cause and Effect 6 Genre: identify Funny Sentences ( Chart ) 7 Groups 8 Homework
  • 2. Quick write: Two sides of every coin.  Write about a time when you read or heard two sides of a story in real life, a book, or a movie.  How did the versions differ? Write a brief summary of each side.  Then explain why you think there were two sides of a story.
  • 3. Parody Making fun of … 
  • 4. Literary Analysis:  Sometimes books, movies or songs are so good or interesting that they just beg to be copied. The copies are called parodies.
  • 5. Parodies  Literature: “Don QuiJote de La Mancha” by Miguel de Cervantes.  Film: “The Great Dictator” by Charlie Chaplin and more recently Shrek.  Music: Weird Al Yankovic
  • 6. The True Story of The Three Little Pigs.  Page 440
  • 7. Characteristics of parodies…  Humorously imitates another work.  Uses part of the original in a new way.  Uses exaggeration.
  • 8. Line Numbers Funny Sentence 10-11 “If cheeseburgers were cute, folks would probably think you are also a big, bad wolf.”
  • 9. Parody  A parody pokes fun at what is imitating by using the same style or concept in a new and humorous way. Often, the purpose of a parody is to show a view of the original work.
  • 10. Remember that parodies…  1.Humorously imitate another work.  2.Use part of the original in a new way.  3.Use exaggeration.
  • 11. Wolf easily blows house down Effect Pig builds straw house Effect Cause Indentify Cause and Effect House falls down on pig
  • 12. Groups ADV?GIFT  Brainstorm tales that feature a wolf as one of the characters, such as LRRH, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, etc. What role did the wolf play in these tales? What does the Wolf represent?  Make a Cluster diagram of these qualities symbolized by the wolf.   Remember there are two sides to every story. The Daily Pig reports only one side. Create headlines that might tell the wolf’s side in a newspaper sympathetic to him. Share these headlines.
  • 13. Brainstorm: What roles does the Wolf play in these tales? What does the wolf represent? The Wolf
  • 14. Groups Regular/ESOL  Comprehension questionsp. 447 1-7 REGULAR  Cause and Effect Chain   According to the Wolf, what causes the death of the first pig? Create a cause and effect chain that shows the series of events.