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For impact culture code
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For impact culture code


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Company Organization are ecosystems with real people in them. The culture that permeates a company should not be an afterthought in any Organization process. It is a preview of the experience that …

Company Organization are ecosystems with real people in them. The culture that permeates a company should not be an afterthought in any Organization process. It is a preview of the experience that should not be ignored.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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  • 3. INMAN Holding is a ‘’business platform’’, not a way of doing things And we don’t believe that we should define ourself in the negative.
  • 4. Instead, we exist to create IMPACT Hence, this is our for-impact culture.
  • 5. In everything we do we believe in prooving it’s possible to deliver high-quality, cost-effective products & services to world’s class Customers
  • 6. Prooving possibility requires REMARCABLE results. .
  • 7. The driving force behind our for-impact culture is to get REMARCABLE results for our Customers
  • 9. We want to build the best global industrial organiztion in the world
  • 10. People & Results. that’s what makes a great organization people love and invest in. To do that, we need a culture where remarkable people produce remarkable results
  • 11. INMAN’s FOR-IMPACT CULTURE CODE 1. We put our customer first. 2. We embrace challenge with grit. 3. We treat efficiency as a moral must. 4. We think big. 5. We built simple. 6. We challenge conventional thinking. 7. We realize great design creates dignity. 8. We are trasparent until it hurts. 9. We balance professional intensity with personal support. 10. We belive everithing is impossible, until it isn’t
  • 12. We put our Customer first
  • 13. Our 1st rule : SOLVE FOR THE CUSTOMER
  • 14. In every Customer, we aim to see the possibilities we see in what we believe.
  • 15. The opportunity of our Customers are far more important then our own egos Favor the Customer’s interest above the team’s Favor the Team’s interest above your own
  • 17. If building effective systems were easy, everyone would do it. We do this work PRECISELY because it is labelled as ‘’impossible’’ by many.
  • 18. We expect failure and tremendous degrees of adversity. GRIT is what we deploi to get remarkable results anyway.
  • 19. We seek out peple with grit because we are building a FORMIDABLE team.
  • 20. We treat efficiency as a moral must.
  • 21. It’s everyone’s job to turn time into resources and possibility for our Customers.
  • 22. We are obsessed with using simple tools to shrink the time we spend on ‘’work about work’’. There is a CRITICAL and constant push towards making our individuals and team workflows as efficient as possible.
  • 23. We think big.
  • 24. Thousands Customers around the world sre in the need of world class products & services. Like lions, we can’t afford to hunt mice
  • 25. Instead, we set goals that are big enough to matter and small enough to achieve
  • 26. We build simple.
  • 27. That’s really hard to do Our goal is to minimize complexity as we grow.
  • 28. We challenge conventional thinking.
  • 29. Most conventional ‘’wisdom’’ says the company can’t get high-quality / low-cost product & services.
  • 30. When confonted with that wisdom we shoul always ask Is this the beginning of a conversation about getting a new opportunity or the end of one ? -FB
  • 31. When challenging convention : Don’t be angry Don’t be arrogant DO demand data to justify conventional wisdom.
  • 32. If data doesn’t exist, solve for the Customer and prove possibility with data. It is our job to solve for CUSTOMER and win debates with data; not create enemies based on opinion.
  • 33. We realize great design chreates dignity
  • 34. Everithing we build from a factory to a business card, has a real implication for the Dignity of our Customer and the effectiveness of our impact.
  • 35. Great design isn’t a luxury; it’s a powerful and real priority in everything we do.
  • 36. We are transparent until it hurts.
  • 37. At the core, we believe in transparency because it is an accountability guarantee against our own human failties.
  • 38. We believe it’s most important to be Transparent about our impact, data, finances and failures.
  • 39. We balance professional intensity with personal support.
  • 40. Solving Customer’s challenging problems requires intense commitment. We are supportive AND intense. When push comes to shove, we are intense.
  • 41. We only select leades who are ‘’givers’’; people who are always looking to ad value to their teammate’s life, inside and outside of work. Yet our leaders constantly remind themselves to be professionally uncompromise and personally supportive.
  • 42. We believe everythyng is impossible, until it isn’t.
  • 43. We go to work everyday determined to create a ‘’better world’’; to expand human’s belief about what’s possible.
  • 44. We believe in a hard-edged hope; one create when possibility is earned trough execution against all odds.
  • 45. Our job is to prove possibility. TKS fb