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The diary of events outside the formal conference venue for Rio=20 June 2012

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Diaryofeventsweb may 25

  1. 1. Running ‘Round Rio+20 Draft Diary as of 22 MayIf we have ommitted your event, or you see your event and wish to make anamendment (including naming your prominent speakers), please contact: Elena Denaro (edenaro@stakeholderforum.org)
  2. 2. Welcome to Rio! This diary of events was compiled by Stakeholder Forum. TheAnd welcome to ‘Running ‘Round Rio+20’! Think of this information was principally sourced from the official Rio+20Diary as a pocket-guide to all the unofficial side events hap- website (www.uncsd2012.org) but also from various otherpening in Rio de Janeiro this June outside RioCentro. initiative specific websites.There is so much going on around Rio+20 that it’s hard enou- For this, we would like to give a special thanks to the UNCSDgh even just to coordinate getting from one event to the next Secretariat.- so Stakeholder Forum decided to try and help you makesense of it all. In this booklet you will find all the unofficialevents (those that are happening outside RioCentro). Forevery event, we’ve tried to get a hold of the date, time, venueand a blurb of what each event will consist of (although thereare still a few TBC, so please bear with us!).But this booklet is far more that just a mere Diary - if youflip to the end you’ll find a list relevant exhibitions, a list ofuseful resources and publications, a photobook of the MajorGroup Representatives, and a Photobook of our StakeholderForum staff who’ll be with you in Rio. (This draft is currenlya work in progress, so a lot of this will be missing at this sta-ge unfortunately! But it will be up soon!)Remember to check out the Official Side Events on theUNSCD website! (http://www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/mee-tings_sidevents.html)You can find an electronic version of this booklet at: http://www.stakeholderforum.org/fileadmin/files/diaryofevent-sweb.pdf if you want to try and be papersmart!
  3. 3. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT The World Youth Congress (WYC) is a biennial gathering of young activists from all over the world who are focused on expanding the role of youth in sustainable development. TheMon 4 - Wed 6th World Youth WYC is not just a conference, It is a festival, a fun and mufti- Sitio das Pedras Peace Child International wycrio2012.org13 June Congress faceted series of training courses, an advocacy exercise for youth-led development, a hands-on series of action projects with local people and many other things besides. To see the programme visit: http://wycrio2012.org/?page_id=66 World Environment Day is an annual event that is aimed at being the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for WorldTue 5 June TBC UNEP positive environmental action. The 2012 theme for World www.hqweb.unep.org/wed Environement Day Environment Day is Green Economy: Does it include you? and is hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Launch of UNEP The 5th edition, GEO-5, will be launched in time for Rio+20. Global GEO-5 has been developed by qualified teams of scientists around the world and covers important environmental issuesTue 5 June Environment TBC UNEP such as atmosphere, biodiversity, land, and other challenges www.unep.org/geo/ Outlook (GEO-5) in the earth system. It identifies regional priorities, and Report suggests global responses for moving towards sustainability The aims of the “World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities” (WSSD-U-2012) are: 1. to provide universities across the world with an opportunity to display and present their works relating to education for Research and Transfer www.haw- sustainable development at university level; World Symposium Centre “Applications of 2. to foster the exchange of information, ideas and experiences hamburg.de/en/ftz- on Sustainable Life Sciences”, Hamburg acquired in the execution of projects, from successful initiatives als/veranstaltungen/world-Tue 5 - Wed 6 University of Applied Development at TBC and good practice; symposium-on-sustainable-June Sciences, London 3. to discuss methodological approaches and projects which development-at- Universities Metropolitan University. aim to integrate the topic of sustainable development in the universities-wssd-u- (WSSD-U-2012) Support from: RCE curriculum of universities; Hamburg and Region. 2012.html 4. to network the participants and provide a platform so they can explore possibilities for cooperation; 5. to document and disseminate the wealth of experiences available today.
  4. 4. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT The overall aim of the Youth Blast is to empower young people to effectively participate through the MGCY in its engagement with Rio+20 and its processes. Within this, there are three areas of focus: (i) Build capacity amongst young people to effectively participate in the formal and informal Youth Blast – processes of Rio+20; (ii) Strategise for MGCY engagementThurs 7 - Tue Major Group for Children in the official process of Rio+20; and (iii) Plan for a post- uncsdchildrenyouth.org/rio Conference of TBC12 June and Youth Major Group Rio+20 agenda that incorporates the implementation of the 20/youth-blast/ Youth for Rio +20 outcomes of Rio+20 The event will be divided into two sections; Brazilian Days (7-9 June) aimed at supporting and strengthening the host country youth movement, and International Days (10-12 June) aimed at bringing together Brazilian and International Youth to prepare for Rio+20. This independently organised TEDxRio event will unite thinkers of diverse areas of knowledge in order to understand andMon 11 - Tue Forte de TEDxRio+20 TEDxRio+20 analyze HUMAN POWER, a force with great capacity to en.tedxrio20.com/12 June Copacabana destroy, maintain, and above all, to construct a new planet and a new way of life. II Trade Union Workers & Trade Unions Issues to be discussed from a labour justice perspective are www.sustainlabour.org/notTue 11 - Thurs Assembly on Major Group, ITUC and TBC climate change, chemicals, natural resources (i.e. water, energy, icia.php?lang=EN&idnotici13 June Labour and Sustainlabour (support food), and collective bargaining on environment. a=376 from UNEP and others) Environment Forum on Science, Technology and PontificalMon 11 - Fri International Council for Interdisciplinary scientific discussions, and dialogues between www.icsu.org/rio20/scienc Innovation for Catholic scientists, policy-makers, Major Groups and other stakeholders e-and-technology-forum15 June Science Sustainable University Development The objectives of the forum will be: Forum on Social 4 main partners: Roberto • to give visibility/showcase entrepreneurs and how they Maurinho FoundationMon 11 - Fri Entrepreneurship Copacabana impact on the new economy (RMF), City Hall, Sao andrea.margit@frm.org.br22 June (tbc) and the New Fort Paulo Business Federation, • to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to show projects to social investors and provide a space for debate around the Economy Rio Business Federation. new economy
  5. 5. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT oikos invites business and economics students (Bachelor to PhD) from around the world to take part in the Student Reporter Student Reporter coaching programme and live blogging at the Rio+20 UNTue 12 - Wed www.studentreporter.org/ coaching TBC Oikos Summit in Rio-Brazil. The programme includes a full fledged23 June training programme including social media expert coaches, apply-for-rio20 programme experienced programme alumni assistance, and an international project lead. Urban Nature is a conference series focusing on Urban Biodiversity and Food Security. The International Urban ICLEI Urban Researchers’ Symposium on local sustainability will beTue 12 - Thurs Belo Horizonte, worldcongress2012.iclei.org/ur Nature ICLEI integrated into the main congress program, providing ban-nature.html14 June Brazil opportunities for participants to interact directly with Conference researchers to jointly identify research needs and to share interesting local case study examples. Global and This workshop will focus on the production of sustainable Regional Research consumption and production (SCP) research, as well as its on Sustainable communication and application in practice. It will bring this Global Research Forum on research together through review papers from variousWed 13 - Fri Consumption and TBC Sustainable Consumption perspectives, make it available to practitioners and the wider grfscp.wordpress.com15 June Production: and Production public, including participants at the UN Conference on Achievements, Sustainable Development (UNCSD, or Rio+20), and promote Challenges, and support for new research based on practitioners’ research Dialogues needs. The workshop is by invitation only. 3rd PreparatoryWed 13 - Fri Committee RioCentro UNCSD www.uncsd2012.org/15 June Meeting SD-Learning is a capacity building event consisting of multiple www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/indWed 13 - Fri courses on crucial aspects of sustainable development. The SD-learning TBC UNCSD ex.php?page=view&type=13&22 June courses aim at providing participants with practical knowledge nr=472&menu=46 and hands-on training from experts around the world. Transboundary The event will focus on recognizing those countries that have Waters, ClimateThurs 14 June TBC WWF (and others TBC) recently ratified the UN Watercourses Convention and those Meg.Patterson@wwfus.org Change and Good that are making commitments to ratify by the end of the year. Governance The Global Forum PRME Official platform for management-related Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to inform the proceedings and outcomesThur 14 - Fri for Responsible Secretariat of www.unprme.org/global- Windsor Barra Hotel of two conferences - the Global Compact Rio+20 Corporate15 June Management the UN Global forum/index.php Sustainability Forum and the historic global UN Conference on Education Compact Office Sustainable Development - Rio+20.
  6. 6. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT The Congress will deal with the pressing issues facing urban areas in this unpredictable era of change. It will bring ICLEI Members, partners, global strategists, academics and NGOs together. Participants will learn from inspirational speakers andThurs 14 - ICLEI World Belo Horizonte, www.iclei.org/worldcongress2 ICLEI real-life city cases about cutting-edge integrated solutionsMon 18 June Congress 2012 Brazil 012 to the challenges we face. Closely linked to the UN Rio+20 conference, the ICLEI World Congress 2012 will chart the way forward for local governments and their partners to a more sustainable and prosperous future. The Rio Conventions Pavilion at Rio+20 is a collaborative Rio Conventions (UNFCCC, outreach activity. It aims to promote and strengthen UNCCD and CBD), the synergies between the Rio Conventions at implementationThurs 14 - Fri Rio Conventions Global Environment Athlete’s Park levels by providing a coordinated platform for awareness- www.riopavilion.org/rio/22 June Pavilion at Rio+20 Facility (GEF), and 25 raising and information-sharing about the linkages in other international, science, policy and practice between biodiversity, climate national and local partners change and combating desertification/land degradation. Sponsor: GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation). Organisers: WECF (Women in Europe for a Common Future), Women Rio+20 UNEP, the Network of Five awards of 1,000 USD each will be presented at a festiveThurs 14 - Fri Good Practice Women Ministers and ceremony during the UN Rio+20 summit 20 – 22 June 2012, in www.wecf.eu/english/articles/2 RioCentro Brazil. Members of the Network of Women Ministers and Leaders 012/05/award-rioplus20.php22 June Award ceremony Leaders of the Environment and the for the Environment (NWMLE) will present the awards. in Rio de Janeiro Women’s Major Group core members VAM, WEDO, ENERGIA, DAWN and Global Forest Coalition. Forum Empresarial Forum aims to discuss issues of Green Economy and Social www.forumriomais20.com.br/iFri 15 June RIO+20 (Brazilian Planetário da Fórum Empresarial Governance with companies, local governments and civil ndex.php/quem-somos/forum-10:00 - 17:00 Business Forum Gávea Rio+20 society. empresarial-rio20 RIO+20)
  7. 7. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT Impacts of Plastics on the www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/indFri 15 June Environment and The health impact of plastics on women and children around TBC Voices of African Mothers ex.php?page=view&type=13&13:15 - 14:45 the Health of the globe nr=670&menu=46 Women and Children This side event will consist of a presentation of the working AICESIS side AICESIS and the BrazilianFri 15 June TBC group report and a debate between AICESIS members and event CDES many high-level guests. Peoples’ Meetings As part of the Peoples’ Summit, there will be a plenary onFri 15 - Sat 16 on Ecological Debt, Aterro do Brazilian Civil Society Reparations of Ecological Debt, and a Meeting of Peoples cupuladospovos.org.br/en/June Climate Change, Flamengo Facilitating committee Affected by Climate Change. In parallel there will be a Third International Meeting of Peoples Affected by Vale and Vale The Summit will seek to place national legislation, natural http://www.globeinternational.iFri 15 - Sun World Summit of TBC GLOBE international capital and scrutiny at the heart of implementing the Rio nfo/world-summit-of-17 June Legislatures agenda legislators/ World Meeting of Jardin International Centre ofFri 15 - Sun Comparative Presentation of all gaps in environmental law and proposals Environmental Botanique de www.cidce.org17 June Environmental Law for new commitments and new environmental law conventions Lawyers Rio de Janeiro (C.I.D.C.E.) 3rd International Urban The symposium will be integrated into the main congressFri 15 - Sun Belo Horizonte, program, providing opportunities for participants to interact http://worldcongress2012.iclei. Researchers’ ICLEI org/researchers-symposium/17 June Brazil directly with researchers to jointly identify research needs Symposium on and to share interesting local case study examples. local sustainability Rio+20 Corporate SustainabilityFri 15 - Mon Forum: Innovation Windsor Barra United Nations Global The forum’s objective is to bring greater scale and quality to www.compact4rio.org18 June and Collaboration Hotel Compact corporate sustainability practices for the Future We Want
  8. 8. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT To meet the challenges of the systemic crisis, the People’s Summit will not only be a great event. It is part of a historical process of accumulation and convergence of local, regional and People’s Summit global struggles, that have anti-capitalist, classist, anti-racist, anti-patriarchal and anti-homophobic political frames.Fri 15 - Sat 23 for Social and Aterro do Brazilian Civil Society We want to transform Rio+20 in a moment of opportunity to cupuladospovos.org.br/en/June Environmental Flamengo Facilitating committee address the serious problems that humanity is facing and Justice demonstrate the political power of organized people. ”Come reinvent the world” is our call and our invitation for the participation of the organizations and social movements in Brazil and in the world. Through the development of four different subject panels, the forum will foster a space for respectful discussion and debate Responsible Mining about how to do mining responsibly in megadiverse countries. www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/indSat 16 June in Megadiverse RioCentro Major Groups The subject panels proposed here will cover issues of regional ex.php?page=view&type=13&09:00 - 18:00 sustainability, environmental standards for the mining nr=676&menu=46 Countries industry, economic linkages to bind sustainable development, and policy for responsible mining The Oceans Day at Rio+20 will bring together high-level The Oceans Day at representatives from governments, international organizations, Rio+20: nongovernmental organizations, industry, and the science community to: 1. Provide perspectives on the ocean outcomesSat 16 June Advancing Oceans Rio Conventions www.globaloceans.org/content Global Ocean Forum of the Rio+20 Conference; 2. Showcase major funded10:00 - 19:00 and Coasts at Pavillion /rio20 initiatives to spur action on oceans, coasts, and small island Rio+20 and developing States in the post-Rio+20 world; and 3. Consider the Beyond opportunities and challenges for implementation of the “oceans package” emanating from the Rio+20 Conference. World Summit on www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/indSat 16 June Green Tourism Planetarium of TBC ex.php?page=view&type=13&11:00 - 15:00 and Creative Rio de Janeiro nr=890&menu=46 Economy Clube de This one-day seminar will provide practitioners, policy-makers Seminar on Engenharia UNESCO, World and decision-makers involved in the planning, operation Federation of EngineeringSat 16 June Sustainable Av. Rio Branco Organizations & the World and management of communities the opportunity to learn Communities 124 – 20º floor world-leading best practices towards achieving a sustainable Bank community.
  9. 9. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT A restricted event with 20–30 participants will bring together Field excursion: some of the worlds leading chefs and various thought-leaders to www.eea.europa.eu/about- European EnvironmentSat 16 June Returning to our TBC Agency explore ways of protecting biodiversity, while preserving us/what/public- roots and developing flavours and culinary methods for a new events/returning-to-our-roots type of cuisine. Fair ideas: Pontifíca Fair ideas will open up a space for researchers and iied.org/governance/key-Sat 16 - Sun practitioners working for a greener, fairer world to add issues/strategic-planning/fair- Solutions for a Universidade IIED ideas-solutions-for-17 June important knowledge, experience and momentum to the sustainable planet Católica official summit sustainable-planet Indigenous Peoples Global www.tebtebba.org/index.php/cSat 16 - Mon Conference on Indigenous Peoples Global ontent/207-ip-global- TBC18 June Sustainable, Self- Steering Committee conference-and-pavilion-in- Determined rio20 Development Top representatives from civil society, including private sector, NGOs, scientific community, among other major groups, will Sustainable convene to engage in an open and action-oriented debate onSat 16 - Tue Development UNCSD, Brazilian key topics related to sustainable development. There will be no www.rio20.gov.br/events/dialo RioCentro gos-da-sustentabilidade19 June Dialogues with Government participation of Governments or UN agencies. The recommendations emanating from the Dialogues will be Civil Society conveyed directly to the Heads of State and Government present at the Summit. ISEE 2012 Conference - Ecological Windsor ISEE 2012 will address UNCSD themes as well as other keySat 16 - Tue Economics and Guanabara ISEE debates within ecological economics and environmental www.isee2012.org/19 June Rio+20: policy Palace Hotel Challenges and Contributions for a Green Economy Local and regional This special event will gather representatives from local, sub- www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/indSun 17 June authorities day for national, national and international levels to discuss existing TBC Major Groups ex.php?page=view&type=13&09:00 - 18:00 a sustainable initiatives and possible collaboration between the different nr=601&menu=46 levels of governance to ensure a sustainable development. development 2012 World Day to The 2012 celebration of World Day to Combat Desertification will www.unccd.int/en/media- focus on the theme "Healthy soil sustains your life: LET’SSun 17 June Combat Various UNCCD Secretariat GO LAND-DEGRADATION NEUTRAL". The global observance center/Pages/CalendarDetail. Desertification aspx?calID=24 is planned to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  10. 10. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT Sustainable living A full-day event starting with a symposium for around 150 event: Symposium www.eea.europa.eu/about- participants in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro with an agenda spanning European Environment us/what/public-Sun 17 June on Sustaining Leblon Agency biodiversity, agriculture, sustainable production and events/sustaining-ourselves-in- ourselves in the consumption, resource efficiency, resilience and socio- the-future-symposium economic issues related to youth. future Ocean in Google GFDD will host a special presentation entitled “Tour of the DR” Earth as an which will highlight the Mission Blue program and how the Environmental Ocean in Google Earth tool is being effectively used to raise www.globalfoundationdd.org/gSun 17 June T-9 RioCentro GFDD fdd/fulltext.asp?t=a&id=8308 Educational Tool: awareness and provide information on coastal and marine sources using the example of the DR as a model for the The Dominican Caribbean and Latin American Region Perspective Peoples Rio+20 A march for the future and other activities will take place in Marches, Opening Brazilian Civil SocietySun 17 June Various various communities around Rio de Janeiro. Events are also cupuladospovos.org.br/en/ March of the Facilitating committee planned in other parts of the world. Peoples SummitSun 17 June National SD Rio Pavilion, nrg4SD14:00-19:00 Councils Athletes’ Park Buildings contribute on average to about 45% of cities’ carbon emissions. The building-sector is one of the least cost low- hanging fruit of emissions mitigation opportunities. Innovative finance policies have been implemented in cities throughout the Innovative world and are yielding significant results. This panel discussion Espaço Arena will feature experts with global perspectives of green buildingSun 17 June Financing for da Barra (ARN- USGBC & more policy and finance mechanisms. Through presentations and15:00-17:00 Green Building at targeted discussion, our speakers will explain the city-wide 3) the City-Level Clean Development Mechanism Programme of Activities currently under pilot in Amman, Jordan, the world’s first building- sector emissions trading scheme successfully underway in Tokyo, as well as select examples of the nearly 500 LEED Green Building policies in U.S. states, counties and cities. Palacio de From 13 to 15 June; the nrg4SD Secretariat will take part in the Guanabara, last UN preparatory meeting for the UN Rio +20 Conference. Immediately after that and before the Conference itself, nrg4SDSun 17 - Mon nrg4SD General Government nrg4SD will convene its annual statutory meetings - Steering Committee18 June Assembly Palace of the and General Assembly - hold sessions of its working groups and State of Rio de celebrate its 10th anniversary after its creation at the UN World Janeiro Summit of Johannesburg in 2002.
  11. 11. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT A Capacity Building activity/Strategic Discussion for young leaders two days prior Rio +20 for a maximum of 25 participants from outside of Rio de Janeiro. World YMCA Goals: (i) To prepare young leaders for a meaningful www.ymca.int/newsroom/latesSun 17 - Tue Sustanible participation at Rio+20; (ii) To share knowledge about some of t-news/our-ymca-is-not- TBC Wolrd Alliance YMCA19 June Development the current initiatives undertaken by YMCAs around the world sending-delegates-to-rio-20- Dialogue and previews of YMCA global initiatives, with special focus on what-can-i-do/ YMCA green initiatives; (iii) To provide inputs in how the YMCA could engage more in Sustainable Development issues, link and mobilize young people around the world. The World Congress will bring together Attorneys-General, Chief World Congress on Prosecutors, Auditors-General, Chief Justices, Senior Judges, Justice, and other legal practitioners from around the world. TheSun 17 - Wed Governance and purpose is to foster a common vision and principles among www.unep.org/DELC/worldcon TBC UNEP20 June Law for key stakeholders on how to transform discussions into gress/about.asp action, and how to use justice, law and governance to Environmental promote sustainable development through the outcomes of Sustainability Rio+20 and beyond.Mon 18 June UCLG Executive www.cities- TBC UCLG09:00 - 18:00 Bureau localgovernments.org/ Beyond Rio+20: A AEGEE, Global Shapers This event will discuss future scenarios both in terms of Global Youth Community, Euforia, priorities for the movement (e.g. SDGs, youthMon 18 June T4, RioCentro Green Young Economy, unemployment, education) and form (through the Major Groups Movement for11:30 - 13.00 (capacity 216) Road to Rio+20, Major or an independent alliance). Feedback will be sought from other Sustainable Group for Children & stakeholders, whose partnership will be fundamental in making Development Youth, UNFPA a long-term youth movement flourish, for a sustainable future. Forests: The Heart role of forests and industry in fostering local livelihoods at Ribalta, Rio de www.fao.org/forestry/trade/76Mon 18 June of a Green FAO, ICFPA, BRACELPA the resource base and enabling product transitions to low- 571/en/ Janeiro carbon bio-economy among consumers. Economy
  12. 12. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT Agriculture and Do you believe in the importance of investing in an integrated Rural Development landscape approach that improves agricultural productivity Day at Rio+20: Sul America and rural livelihoods, while also addressing threats to forests, CGIAR, FAO, GFAR and water, and biodiversity? Then make plans to attend or followMon 18 June Lessons in Convention others online Agriculture and Rural Development Day at Rio+20. The www.agricultureday.org/ Sustainable Center purpose of the 4th Agriculture and Rural Development Day is to Landscapes and ensure that the vision for a sustainable green economy includes Livelihoods clear steps for building a sustainable food system. Students Speak Up for the Polar Regions aims to educate international decision-makers on the emerging challenges of sustainable development in the polar regions. This event will feature speakers from the Students on Alumni Delegation. Members of this international youth delegation are united by the rare privilege of having visited the Arctic and Antarctica. During this event, delegates will share first-hand experiences of visiting the poles to explore the importance of these regions to the Students Speak Up Students on Ice Alumni global environment. Nine key sustainable developmentMon 18 June Delegation to Rio + We challenges facing the polar regions will be addressed, and For The Polar T-4 RioCentro www.soidelegation.com19:30 - 21:00 Canada Initiative & APECS implementable solutions will be highlighted. Ultimately, the Regions Brazil (Co-organisers) connection between polar regions and Rio+20 will be made, clearly answering how Rio+20 can address polar challenges. The second half of the side event is a multi-stakeholder panel on "Polar Sustainable Development: Required Leadership and Solutions for the Next Decade" with notable experts from polar science, policy, and governance. This event aims to catalyze national delegations and civil society to commit to the sustainable development and protection of the Arctic and Antarctica. As part of the People’s Summit, there will be self-organizedMon 18 - Tue Peoples Permanent Aterro do Brazilian Civil Society activities and the first two days of a People’s Permanent cupuladospovos.org.br/en/19 June Assembly Flamengo Facilitating committee Assembly, which will reconvene on 21-22 June.
  13. 13. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT Two intensive workshops on sustainable cities. The workshops’ agenda will draw upon the expertise from the United Nations—including the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), the United Nations Human Settlements UNITAR New York Programme (UN-HABITAT) and the United Nations Environment Office collaborates Programme (UNEP)—as well as top IBM Smarter Cities subject with IBM in Rio to matter experts. The workshops will be especially important for city leaders, regional planners, economic development www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/indMon 18 - Tue enhance UNITAR (New York Office), TBC professionals, finance administrators and national ex.php?page=view&type=13&19 June knowledge and IMB government leaders that are focused on ensuring the nr=913&menu=46 expertise in economic, social, and environmental sustainability of their urban forging sustainable centers. cities Please note that participation requires a priori liaising with the UNITAR New York Office by 10 June, and only those participants who have pre-registered can attend (nyo@unitar.org, Tel (212) 963-9683). Attendance at each event will be capped at 40 participants. The Rio+20 Global Town Hall will be an inviting and open setting where local leaders, the conference delegates, international organizations, and business can meet up and discuss the urban future. What does the world need to look like in 2030 and how can urban areas become part of the solution to realize this? The Rio+20 Global Town Hall will offer a rich program of presentations, debates, seminars, and performances. The mainMon 18 - Fri Rio+20 Global local2012.iclei.org/iclei-and-rio- Athletes Park ICLEI goal will be to highlight the experience and capacities of local 20/rio-20-global-town-hall/22 June Town Hall governments and work towards their utilization in the post Rio+20 global sustainable development framework. The Rio+20 Global Town Hall will also serve as a communicative space where actors from different sectors and levels can interact and join forces. Only people who have pre-registered to the conference (deadline 12 May) will be able to access it (http://local2012.iclei.org/pre-registration/) high-profile platform for the interaction between businessTue 19 June BASD Business Windsor Barra basd2012.org/564/basd-2012- BASD 2012 leaders and policy-makers with the theme: “Achieving08:00 - 20:00 Day Hotel business-day/ Scale”
  14. 14. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT Aiming for a Food Rome-based Agencies fighting hunger and malnutrition, reducing poverty and www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/indTue 19 June Secure Future: Sheraton Rio (FAO, IFAD, WFP and enhancing the resilience and sustainability of production ex.php?page=view&type=13&09:00 - 19:00 Think Global, Act Hotel & Resort Bioversity International) systems and people’s livelihoods nr=843&menu=46 Local The World Summit will bring together subnational governments for around the Globe committed to sustainable development, which will demonstrate how they are making sustainable development happen on the ground in close partnership with all other levels of government and the private sector. The World World Summit of State of Rio de Janeiro, Summit will launch a global declaration of commitments for www.nrg4sd.org/news/save- nrg4SD, The Climate the green economy in the context of sustainable developmentTue 19 June Federated States Athletes Park Group and Regions- and poverty eradication at subnational level, under which date-world-summit-states-and- and Regions regions-2012 United/FOGAR signatories will commit to specific targets and initiatives within the economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainable development. The World Summit and the coalition are open to any Federated States, Regions, Provinces and other subnational governments committed to sustainable development in their respective territories. Choosing Our UNEP, Stakeholder Forum, On June 19th, governments, civil society groups, and Future: Open and Fundação EEA, World Resource intergovernmental organizations will meet to assess progress Institute, Access and advance proposals to move Principle 10 into its next Participatory Getulio Vargas, www.accessinitiative.org/chooTue 19 June Initiative, Unitar, generation of reforms. Workshops will give citizens and their sefuture Sustainable Praia de Inspection Panel, REC, governments the opportunities to share innovations and Development Botafogo, 190 FGV, World Future Council, challenges as they identify next steps in citizen engagement Governance INECE, Article 19 in decision-making Rio+Social promises to be one of the most important gatherings of technology, social media and global leaders United Nations in the history of South America. This global conversation,Tue 19 June Rio+Social TBC Foundation, Mashable, focusing on topics related to #SocialGood and how new rioplussocial.com.br/en/ and 92nd Street Y. media can help foster positive solutions to the world’s biggest problems, comes at a time when the world gathers to discuss issues that affect us all.
  15. 15. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT A groundbreaking collaborative workshop, that will offer teams of university students from around the world the opportunity to idea-share and collaborate on how to tackle sustainability issues on their campuses. Student teams are www.environmentalgovernanc Global Climate invited to submit proposals for ambitious-yet-achievable Yale University, Fundação e.org/event/2012/03/yale- Fundação campus-based projects. Two or three student representativesTue 19 June Coalition Student Getulio Vargas, University partners-with-fundacao-getulio- Getulio Vargas of Massachusetts Boston from selected projects will then be invited to attend a half-day vargas-and-umass-boston-for- Workshop workshop in Rio, during which the students will engage in peer- rio-2012-event/ review and receive feedback from practitioners and officials attending Rio+20. Students will subsequently share ideas and best practices throughout the process of implementing their projects on a web-based forum provided by Yale This Roundtable is based on the recognition that forests have been largely excluded from most of the key discussions in the preparations for Rio+20, despite making important contributions toward solving many sustainable development challenges. The event aims to ensure that forests remain high on the Forests: The 8th agenda in 2012. Participants will discuss new research findings, Royal Tulip Center for International www.cifor.org/events/rio20/8th-Tue 19 June Roundtable at remaining knowledge gaps and the policy implications for roundtable-registration.html Hotel Forestry Research (CIFOR) integrating forests into the solutions to several key challenges to Rio+20 progress toward a green economy, namely: energy, water, climate, food and income. CIFOR is a member of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). Seats are LIMITED, so please Register online via the website UNDP/UN Water / UN-Tue 19 June Water Day TBC Habitat/UNEP/CBD/DESA/ tbc UNW-DPAC The World Business and Development Awards (WBDA) are the first global business awards to recognize the crucial role of the private sector, large and small, in implementing the millennium goals. The spirit of the Awards lies in the pursuit of World Business innovative and productive core business practices to and Development sustainable development which help make the societies whereTue 19 June Awards in support they operate better places to live and better places to work. TBC ICC/IBLF/UNDP(evening) of the Millennium The 2012 Awards will be given explicitly to companies delivering inclusive business models: sustainable, Development commercially-viable business initiatives that expand access for Goals low-income people to goods and services, or improve their livelihoods by engagement in value chains as direct employees, suppliers or distributors, while also generating sales and profit growth.
  16. 16. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT Oceans at Rio+20: Toward tentative: P3-A, International Coastal and This side event will address perspectives of States, UN-agenciesTue 19 June Ocean Organization, and civil society on the Rio+20 oceans outcome and Miriam Balgos: Implementation of RioCentro mbalgos@udel.edu19:30 - 21:00 Secretariat of the Global voluntary commitments on oceans, and will report on the the Rio Ocean (capacity 100) Ocean Forum outcomes of The Oceans Day at Rio+20 (June 16) Commitments The Forum is envisaged as an inclusive, multi-stakeholder www.unwomen.org/wp- Women Leaders and interactive Forum. It will reaffirm the criticality of gender content/uploads/2012/03/Rio+Tue 19 June - Forum: Multi- TBC UN Women equality and women’s empowerment in the achievement of 20-Thurs 21 June sustainable development in its three dimensions: economic, WomensLeadershipForum_en stakeholder event social and environmental protection .pdf IndigenousTue 19 - Fri Peoples Pavilion Indigenous Peoples Global Victoria Tauli-Corpuz TBC (vicky@tebtebba.org)22 June on Sustainable Steering Committee Development The event will present and discuss a number of initiatives that support the Rio+20 ocean targets leading to the sustainable One Planet, One use of the ocean. The side event will be structured around three Ocean: Knowing inter--connected themes: (i) Knowledge for an improved our Ocean, UNESCO and its management of the Ocean; (ii) Protection of the natural and www.unesco.org/new/en/naturWed 20 June Intergovernmental cultural heritage of the ocean and coasts and the essential Protecting our T-9 RioCentro al-sciences/ioc-oceans/priority-09:00 - 10:30 Oceanographic services they provide to society; (iii) Empowerment of ocean areas/rio-20-ocean/ Marine Treasures, Commission citizens and society. Empowering Panel speakers include: Irina Bokova, (Director General, Ocean Citizens UNESCO), Michel Jarraud, (Secretary General, World Meteorological OrganizaSon - WMO), Etienne Bourgois, (President of Tara Expeditions). The Sustainia consortium will hold a high-level event to launch Sustainia100 Copacabana “Sustainia100” – a catalogue of sustainability bestWed 20 June Sustainia www.sustainia.me/ Launch Event Palace Hotel practices. During this event, the Sustainia100 catalogue of solutions will be presented to decision makers. Government of Rio de Janeiro The World Green World Climate business, finance and government forum during the high-Wed 20 June Pavilion, worldgreensummit.org/ Summit Ltd and Climate Action level segment of the Rio+20 conference Olympics Athlete’s Park
  17. 17. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT This is an International Day of Mobilization. Actions will take place on the local, regional, national and global level. Major Vila do demonstrations in Rio de Janeiro, in several cities of Brazil Day of Global Brazilian Civil SocietyWed 20 June Autódromo and in the world, will express the peoples’ struggle against Action for Rio+20 Facilitating committee the commoditisation of nature and in defence of the (starting point) commons. The march in Rio will leave from the community Vila do Autódromo, a symbol of resistance. EEA side event: This side event will showcase examples of European progress www.eea.europa.eu/about- Sharing in the global sharing of environmental information. It will us/what/public-events/eea-at- European Environment also explain Europes Shared Environmental InformationWed 20 June environmental TBC Agency System (SEIS) and its principles and foundations. The global the-rio-20-conference/eea- information in side-event-sharing- promotion of access to information was a key element of environmental action Principle 10 of the 1992 Rio Declaration. The event will focus on the topic of sustainability reporting as a tool to advance a Green and Responsible Economy. Denmark, South The Danish Prime Minister and the South African Minister of Africa and Brazil Environment will testify that this is common and successful show the way: Stakeholder Forum (lead) practice in their countries. Achim Steiner will picture the broader Corporate Social context. & GFI, The Government of The objective of the event will be to profile i) the role ofWed 20 June Responsibility and the Kingdom of Denmark Anna Beutling: RioCentro business and ensure accountability of the corporate sector, ii) Beutling@globalreporting.org17:00 - 18:30 Sustainability and The Government of the importance of corporate sustainability reporting in the Republic of South Reporting create a sustainable development policies, iii) the role of governments Africa (co-hosts) Green Economy as regulators with special emphasis on Denmark presenting and Sustainable the results of its sustainability reporting policy and the South African approach and iv) the strong multi-stakeholder Development collaboration among the different Rio+20 actors (Governments, CSOs and Private Sector). United NationsWed 20 - Fri Conference on UNCSD Secretariat e- RioCentro UNCSD mail:uncsd2012@un.org22 June Sustainable Development The Forum will consist of highly dynamic and interactive www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/indWed 20 - Fri Partnerships sessions to highlight the significant contributions of T-3 RioCentro TBC ex.php?page=view&type=13&22 June Forum at Rio+20 partnerships to the implementation of sustainable nr=908&menu=46 development.
  18. 18. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT A Global Power Shift will happen as we occupy and reclaim our future. One world is dying, and another is being born - lets tend to both of them with compassion. We, the 99% of people, are now connecting, collaborating and participating through a global movement. We are Occupying and Innovating to define TheWed 20 - Fri Occupy Earth Future We Want. A global maker fare will provide space for TBC Occupy
Spring occupytheearth.net/22 June Summit presenting sustainability concepts. This year our Earth Summit coincides with the United Nations Rio+20 conference, and our voices will be heard globally. The 2nd reenactment of Mock Rio+20 will also take place in real time with the UN Rio event - we provide open source real time polling, voting and collaboration. Environmental Side event focuses on the messages of public sector auditors derived throughout years of work of Supreme AuditThurs 21 June auditing for better Room T-9 INTOSAI
 www.environmental- Institutions about the factors hindering the progress of09:00 environmental RioCentro Environmental
Audi>ng auditing.org, info@wgea.org national governments in their quest towards achieving solid governance performance in sustainable development. The culmination of the Women Leaders’ Forum will be a Summit of women Heads of State and Government to be held on 21 www.unwomen.org/wp- Women Leaders June 2012. The Leaders are expected to make a “Call to content/uploads/2012/03/Rio+Thurs 21 June Forum: High-Level TBC UN Women Action” to elevate women’s vital contribution to realizing 20- Summit sustainable development as well as benefit from it. Their WomensLeadershipForum_en agency, leadership, voice and participation is crucial to this call .pdf and must therefore be fostered. Plasticity will cover a variety of topics that touch on all aspects of the Plastics lifecycle from manufacture to recycling. Organisers: The Ocean This one-day forum will be a unique, action and solutions Recovery Alliance, oriented event, with both public and private sectors, focused Republic of Everyone, on the opportunities that are presenting themselves in the world Applied Brilliance & of plastic and its role as a secondary raw material. Plasticity will Jockey Club - Metodo explore the innovations and solutions that leaders in their Plasticity Forum Complexo Supporting partners: respective industries and communities are undertaking to UNEP, Clinton Foundation, ensure that plastic and used material is treated as aThurs 21 June for the Rio Earth Victoria. Rua Google, NRDC, Business resource, therefore minimising its impacts on our shared www.plasticityforum.com Summit Mário Ribeiro, for the Environment / global ecosystem.The intended outcome of the Forum is to 410 - Lagoa B4E, Earth Watch, Hub create a community of stakeholders, innovators and idea Culture, MBA Polymers, generators that can help shape the future direction of Plastics Industry plastic use and re-use. Development Center of We expect key plastics decision-makers, influencers and Taiwan, VISY innovators, leaders and global decision-makers from the corporate, NGO and government sectors, who have a vested interest in plastics, to be interested in attending the event.
  19. 19. DATE TITLE VENUE ORGANISERS THEMES WEBSITE/CONTACT As part of the Peoples Summit, the People’s PermanentThurs 21 - Fri Peoples Permanent Aterro do Brazilian Civil Society Assembly reconvenes. There will also be several other self- cupuladospovos.org.br/en/22 June Assembly Flamengo Facilitating committee organized activities on the side. What Happens on How do we take the agreements of Rio+20 forward, both at Kirsty Schneeberger:Fri 22 June Athlete’s Park Stakeholder Forum kirstys@stakeholderforum.org Monday? the national and international level? Peoples Press This press conference in the end of the Rio+20 Summit will echo Brazilian Civil SocietyFri 22 June Conference on TBC Facilitating committee of the peoples’ voices and opinions on the outcomes of the cupuladospovos.org.br/en/ Rio+20 UN conference and the way forward. International Corporate The 2012 ICGN Annual Conference will take place 25 -27 June in Governance Network the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the Hotel Sofitel RioMon 25 - Wed 2012 ICGN Annual Hotel Sofitel, (ICGN), hosted by de Janeiro Copacabana. This conference is hosted by the www.icgn.org/27 June Conference Copacabana Brazilian Institute of Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC). To register Corporate Governance for this conference go to registration page (www.icgn.org/annual- (IBGC) conference-info?view=Events)
  20. 20. Publications “Climate Change and Energy Insecurity” Edited by Felix Dodds, Richard Sherman and Andrew Highman.