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Plegable Final

  1. 1. Felipe Osorio Ospina Medicine Student 2012
  2. 2. Science news line(Feb. 11,2012)
  3. 3. Blocking DNA repair enzyme couldeventually lead to cancer therapy.Science news line (Feb. 11,2012) They solved the structure of a DNA repair enzyme called PNKP. It could one day be used to develop new therapies that target certain typesTaken of of cancers
  4. 4. Blocking DNA repair enzyme couldeventually lead to cancer therapy.Science news line (Feb. 11,2012) Damaging DNA in cancer cells is a useful way to kill them blocking PNKP from doing its repair work in cancer cells as a possible new cancer therapy. Taken of
  5. 5. Blocking DNA repair enzyme couldeventually lead to cancer therapy.Science news line (Feb. 11,2012) The holy grail of cancer therapy is to find drugs that we could give to people that would sensitize their tumours to these therapies, one of the ideas is thatTaken of we could specifically inhibit this PNKP enzyme.
  6. 6. A different way to attack cancer´s cells is a great opportunity to obtain a succesful treatment andreduce secundary effects, like obtains with chemotherapy. I think if it can be used fordifferents cancer´s types it will be the way to solve this patology.
  7. 7. Targeting enzymes responsible for catalysing the formation of bonds to repair of DNA, DNA ligases, allows the ever- growing health concern of multi-drug resistant bacteriaTaken of
  8. 8.  Humans only have the DNA ligases that utilise ATP. NAD+-dependent ligase is indispensable in several bacterial, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Escherichia coli, making them Taken of attractive drug targets. mycobacterium-tuberculosis/usually-mycobacterium- tuberculosis.php
  9. 9. Finally developing new small molecule compounds that are able to distinguish between ATP- and NAD+- dependent ligases, is important for engineering molecules with increased levels of specificity.Taken of
  10. 10. The identification of drug targets is very important to improve de efficiency oftuberculosis therapy and other disseases. Also it brinds the oporttunity to attack differents moleculars targets and avoid the antibiotic resistance.
  11. 11. The investigation ininfected cells give anew opporttunity fortreatment and more eficciency of them in mutated cells. Taken of /2010/06/algo-sobre-la-investigacion-social-y.html
  12. 12.  The comprehension of the structure in some virus, give us the tools to attack the drugsTaken of resistance.
  13. 13. The replication and thedamage reparation are essencial procces to the conservation ofDNA, so damage in the structure could be reparated or modified Taken ofto attack the virus and habitos-de-personas-felices microorganisms providing to people quality life.
  14. 14. Bibliography• Martínez Sánchez LM, Vargas Grisales N, Toro Montoya AE, Pamplona Sierra AP, Quevedo Orrego E. Biología molecular. 6. ed. Medellín: UPB. Fac. de Medicina; 2011. Newton J. A new generation of tuberculosis drugs. Royal Society of Chemestry; 2012. Blocking DNA repair enzyme could eventually lead to cancer therapy. Science news line; 2012
  15. 15. THANKS!